Canada Vehicle Traffic Count

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Canada Vehicle Traffic Count (Part 1)

Two companies in Canada that count vehicle traffic in a location are Urban Aspects and Orange Traffic. There are a number of companies in Canada that count vehicle traffic in a location. However, many of these companies only offer complex systems that are in no way easy to install. The following two companies offer solutions that have a simple setup process and support systems. The pricing for these products is not available online and the companies will have to be contacted for quotes.


  • Urban Aspects Inc offers traffic solutions for roads, highways, and bridges. They have products from across the globe that address issues such a road safety and moving traffic.
  • Their technology is aimed at road safety, and they supply a range of monitoring equipment and smart signs.
  • They work with clients in urban planning and road work safety zones. The company is based in Canada which is its primary area of operation but it has projects around the world.
  • The target customers for Urban Aspects Inc are municipalities, urban planners, large scale developers and oil companies utilizing the technology to manage petrol forecourt traffic.
  • Urban Aspects has a range of solutions and unlike other companies within this industry, they offer details of their solution packages. Two of the options stand out as cost-effective and simple to install.
  • Urban Aspects Inc recommends contacting them for advice on selecting which product would be best suited to any need. It also offers a useful live chat feature.

SDR Traffic

  • The system uses a microwave sensor to measure traffic on one or two-lane roads.
  • Their system has easy setup due to their self-calibrating SDR and simple instigation, which does not interrupt the flow of traffic.
  • Online traffic monitoring can be done through a smartphone and on-board GPRS wireless communication enables users to access the data remotely.
  • The SDR Traffic system is designed to use small amounts of power and can work off a solar power option, meaning it can be powered all year without interruption.
  • The unit comes the standard SDR Traffic configuration for car and truck recognition and SDR Traffic+, which identifies vans and bicycles.
  • The system can measure vehicle speed, number of vehicles traveling per traffic lane, percentage of truck traffic, and how many bicycles are riding in bike lanes.

eTube Traffic

  • A low-cost option, valuable for its simplicity. This type of product is one of the most popular of its kind.
  • The system can be installed in only a few minutes on top of the road surface. Unlike the SDR Traffic, this system does interrupt the flow of traffic during the installation process.
  • Each time a vehicle axle passes over it, it transmits a radio signal to the receiver station.
  • The receiver station receives and stores data from a distance of up to 50 miles.
  • Through on-board GPRS wireless communication, the information can be accessed remotely.
  • Due to its design, the eTube Traffic system uses small amounts of power and can be powered 365 days a year using its solar power option.


  • Orange Traffic is a Canadian company that focuses on traffic fluidity and road safety.
  • The company works in a range of areas such as LED signs, permanent or portable counting system, school zones, reserved lane management, no parking zones, ideal intersection, pedestrian crossing, smart work zones, and prepare to stop technology.
  • As Canada’s largest manufacturer of LED traffic signs, LED signs are their primary focus. However, they have a considerable focus on permanent or portable counting systems as well.
  • The target customers for Orange Traffic are municipalities, urban planners, and large scale developers.
  • Orange Traffic primarily offers separate components to be assembled to suit the user's needs, but they do offer two assembled units that are aimed at easy to install traffic counting.
  • Orange Traffic recommends contacting them for advice on what product is best suited to the desired application, which will help them determine appropriate pricing information.

Portable SmartSensor HD Radar

  • This high-definition radar accurately measures and classifies vehicles.
  • The Portable SmartSensor HD Radar also features a lane detection mode, which measures the volume of traffic in each direction.
  • The portable system is protected in a weather-proof case that contains the battery, protective equipment, and accessories required for a quick installation.
  • Additionally, it is a non-intrusive vehicle detection system.
  • The system can measure the volume of traffic by the direction of movement and vehicle classification, occupation rate, average spacing and interval between vehicles, average speed, speed by category, and speed of the 85th percentile.

Solar-Powered Counting Cabinet


We began our research by looking for relevant Canadian companies that count vehicle traffic in a certain location. We looked through press releases, news articles, technology blogs, and websites, as well as sources that feature information about infrastructure technologies. Throughout our search, it became clear that our preliminary research had identified some of the most relevant companies in this segment. The others identified were aimed at large infrastructure projects and not those that focus their systems on the understanding of general vehicle traffic within a certain location or those with an easy solution to implement their features. While we found variations on the products offered, their systems work on similar principles, which were complex and not user-friendly. For example, several companies use sophisticated cameras and connected systems, but their product was not easy to install. Most companies operating in this area focus on customers contacting them or completing quote requests to provide specific information. This means there is limited in-depth technical information as the majority of the descriptions are at the top-level and refer readers to contact them for advice and information.

That said, we found two companies that offer individual systems that are not specifically designed to work across an urban network. They were Urban Aspects and Orange Traffic. These companies were also the only two to provide detailed information on the systems they offer. All other companies provide a general overview of what they do without a description of their product offerings, target customer, the type of details they capture, or how the data is captured and transmitted. That said, neither Urban Aspects nor Orange Traffic provides any indication of their pricing online. However, this information is obtainable if a customer were to call and ask about pricing directly.
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Canada Vehicle Traffic Count (Part 2)

Two companies in Canada that count traffic in a location are ATS Traffic and Urban Aspects Inc. ATS Traffic services Western Canada while Urban Aspects Inc provides services nationwide.


  • ATS Traffic can combine products from leading industry brands including Houston Radar, Global Traffic Technologies, TRAFx, DataCollect, Smartmicro, and Trafficware into a custom system that integrates with Ver-Mac message boards to transmit any information that is gathered.
  • ATS Traffic provides installation of equipment at the site.
  • These integrated products work with ATS Traffic in the following ways:

Global Traffic Technologies:

  • Helps emergency vehicles through areas safely
  • Uses its Canoga Traffic System to detect speed, class of car, and vehicle count


  • Provides electronic equipment and software design to reduce travel times


  • 3D Object detection (bicycles and vehicles)
  • Counts vehicles
  • Red light and speed cameras


  • Collects, analyzes, and shares traffic information such as vehicle counts, speeds, and classification
  • Specializes in remote areas


  • ATS Traffic uses JamLogic, the online interface offered by Ver-Mac to access information for counting, speed detection, classification, and height detection.
  • Data is accessible at all times through a wireless modem, which provides a connection to the trailer and the sensor.
  • Apart from JamLogic, data can only be downloaded through other proprietary software, using a wireless modem as well, thereby providing security for data.



  • ATS Traffic has a presence in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and targets the following customers.
  • Road builders, road maintenance contractors, P3s, and general contractors
  • Municipalities: Schools, parks and recreation, municipal parking, transit, public works, emergency services
  • Industrial: Oil and gas, railroads, utility companies
  • Public Property: Airports, hotels, stadiums, public facilities, retail
  • Property Development: Residential, commercial, land development


  • Products used include:

Smart Traffic Counter: eTube Traffic

  • It is a wireless detection system: self-powered with pressure sensors that are installed on the road surface.
  • Transmits radio signals to receiver station (data collection box) for up to 15 sensors simultaneously
  • eTube sensors and station can cover 50 miles (line of sight) with wireless communication
  • Uses GPRS wireless to access data remotely (24/7)
  • Low power with solar keeps sensors operational 365 days a year.

Smart Traffic Counter: SDR Traffic

  • Geared for two-lane/direction roads
  • Classifies vehicles (cars, trucks, bicycles)
  • Self-calibrating
  • Built-in microwave radar
  • Online monitoring
  • GPRS wireless to access data
  • Low power solar option
  • Installed by Urban Aspects



  • For data collection, Urban Aspect uses myTrafficData, a web-based application reporting, and data management software offered by Data Collect Traffic Systems GmbH.



From Part 01
  • "Urban Aspect Inc. specialises in innovative Intelligent Traffic Solutions for roads, highways, and bridges. We source products from all around the globe to bring Canada the latest and most up to date traffic safety technology available."
  • "The high-performance traffic data classifier for two lane/direction roads."
  • "eTube traffic – The low cost axle detection technology used in various applications."
  • "Even more importantly, we listen to our customers and take pride in presenting possible solutions to any challenges presented."
  • "For over 20 years, Orange Traffic has been successful thanks to the efforts it invests in designing and implementing groundbreaking solutions."
  • "In today’s world, access to information is a necessity no matter the field. To continue to innovate, move forward and constantly develop existing technologies, data collection is crucial to any operation. Always on the lookout for the latest technologies, Orange Traffic has the perfect solution to give you a head start on the competition."
  • "Orange Traffic has designed a portable version of Wavetronix’s SmartSensor HD radar. Enclosed in a sturdy case, the device provides highly effective, non-intrusive vehicle detection."
  • "Orange Traffic has designed a portable version of Wavetronix’s SmartSensor HD radar. Enclosed in a sturdy case, the device provides highly effective, non-intrusive vehicle detection."
  • "Counting and sorting systems are more and more widely used to collect precious statistical data on road traffic. However, for material or economic reasons, it is not always possible to connect them to the electrical power and communication infrastructure."
  • "Counting and sorting systems are more and more widely used to collect precious statistical data on road traffic. However, for material or economic reasons, it is not always possible to connect them to the electrical power and communication infrastructure."
From Part 02
  • "Traffic detection systems can sense, count, and send messages to people in motion. We created the Traffic Detection solution to help you understand who’s accessing certain areas and respond to those users."
  • "Our data collection products can gather and store real-time information about time-of-day activity like driver speed, traffic congestion, and queue formation."
  • "eTube traffic – The low cost axle detection technology used in various applications."
  • "SDR traffic – The high-performance traffic data classifier for two lane/direction roads."