Camfil APC Competitor Advertising

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Camfil APC Competitor Advertising

Competitors of Camfil APC offer industrial dust collectors to compete with Camfil's products. Two of the primary competitors are Imperial Systems' CMAXX Dust Collector and RoboVent Dust Collectors. Both companies use social media and digital advertisements, with occasional use of more traditional marketing as well.

Imperial Systems' CMAXX Dust Collector

  • The CMAXX dust and fume collector boasts an additional 10% filter media compared to the models offered by other companies.
  • Advertisement venues include Imperial's website, Facebook, the company YouTube channel, retail websites, and booths and printed flyers at FabTech Expos. The CMAXX has been featured in product articles by Powder & Bulk Solids and Hermance Machine Company.
  • Imperial Systems keeps the CMAXX dust collector marketing current using Facebook and YouTube. The most recent YouTube ad for the CMAXX dust collector was published in January 2020, and Imperial's Facebook page advertised the product March 11, 2020.
  • The CMAXX dust collector has been featured at booth displays at the FabTch Expo multiple years, such as 2014 and 2019, including an additional printed summary of the product in the Expo flyers.
  • Printed methods of marketing are older, with articles in Powder & Bulk Solids in 2013, Cision PR Newswire in 2015, and the CMAXX brochure in 2017.
  • Examples of advertisements are available in the following links: YouTube, Facebook FabTech flyers, retail websites, and articles.
  • Advertisements for the CMAXX Dust Collector focus on the product's durability, steel and welded construction, and maximum cleaning power, and overall value and long warranty in comparison to similar products.
  • Additional messages from advertisements include the product's ability to improve safety, health, and quality of life of users and those around it, weather-resistant design, and likens the product to ancient structures that have remained intact over the "test of time".

RoboVent Dust Collectors

  • RoboVent dust collectors are built on the company's motto that clean air is a passion.
  • Advertisements are found on the company YouTube channel, industry websites, Facebook, and multiple FabTech Expo appearances. Advertisements for the actual dust collector were found on only one retail website outside of RoboVent's site, though parts for the dust collectors are advertised on other retail sites.
  • Printed articles to advertise RoboVent have focused on technology innovation as the products are updated (2020), in addition to "green" technology usage (2016).
  • RoboVent is advertising technology-based advancements for current products, such as the redesigned dust collector including robotic technology, announced in 2019.
  • The Facebook page has a post saying "We're baack!" with the date 11.1.19 noted, posted on October 25, 2019. However, there have been no additional posts on the Facebook site since this post. The most recent YouTube video from RoboVent regarding dust collectors was in 2017, though they continue to post videos regarding the air quality mission of the company, as recently as March 12, 2020. The most recent FabTech appearance was 2018, though they are expected to present again in 2020.
  • Examples of advertisements and articles are available in the following links: YouTube — dust collector, YouTube — air quality, Facebook, Powder&Bulk Solids, carbon footprint article, The Fabricator article, and the innovation article.
  • Primary focus points from RoboVent dust collector advertising focus on space-saving design, ease of use and maintenance, touchscreen control option, clean operation, and working on multiple types of dust.
  • Messages from RoboVent advertising include the minimal carbon footprint compared to similar products, keeping up with technology and innovation, keeping air quality safer, and ease of use.