BWW Consumer Engagement, Part 3

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Gathering Together: Mexico

In Mexico, families are important and they influence both public and private life. Additionally, families usually have and attend various ceremonies, rituals and festivals, regardless of one’s age. Some of these ceremonies include lavish weddings, posadas, and quinceaneras. Mexican ceremonies feature a lot of food, live music, and colorful celebrations. However, we could not find details on the most common places where people gather. Below is a methodology that we used to find this information.


We started the search by searching for precompiled information on people gatherings in Mexico. However, since we could not find precompiled information on the subject, we adopted several strategies. The first strategy was to check for information from local media and magazines such as Re Vista C2 and Mex Connect. Our objective was to identify the most common gathering locations. However, this strategy was not as successful as these resources focused only on traditions and provided a general overview of fiestas and carnivals.

The second strategy was to check for information in websites and encyclopedias that are dedicated to traditions and culture such as Live Sciences and Cultural Atlas. However, most of the details available were a general overview of traditions and culture relating to the Mexican community, with little focus on the common locations of these events.

The final strategy was to check for statistics relating to each segment of gathering places. The segments of gathering places include plazas, parks, museums, theaters, churches, street fairs, and carnivals. In this case, we looked at credible sources that provide statistical information such as Pew Research and Statista. However, this search strategy was also unsuccessful.

Our conclusion is that information on the most common locations differs because most celebrations are seasonal, which will influence the exact location of the gathering.


Family is an important element in the Mexican society, and family ties influence both the public and private life of an individual. Additionally, Mexican families have frequent celebrations, ceremonies, and rituals which bring together various members, given that these events are attended by everyone from children, teenagers, adults to the elderly.


There are various common family gatherings in Mexico. Some of these include:
  • Regular family meetings whereby members visit each other for weekly lunch, dinner or brunch. These types of meetings are very common in Mexico and are held in homes.
  • Quinceanera: This is a celebration to mark the 15th birthday of girls in the family. The celebrations usually involve a special mass in church, and later there is a reception in a ballroom or reception hall.
  • Lavish wedding ceremonies: Mexican wedding ceremonies are lavish and rich in history and tradition. Some of these traditions including honoring family and friends with sponsorship roles, promising to take care of each other and welcoming each other. They also involve a church ceremony, followed by receptions in reception halls or ballrooms.


Various religious festivities are observed as part of Mexican traditions. Examples of these include:
  • Pre-Lenten Carnival
  • Easter
  • Christmas holidays (Las Posadas—lasting from December 16 to Christmas Eve, December 24)
  • Pilgrimages/Fiestas of December 12
  • Day of the Dead
  • Patron saints festivals.

Holidays in Mexico are celebrated in various locations:

  • On December 12th, there is a fiesta and pilgrimages in the name of Virgin of Guadalupe. Celebrations are usually held at the main cathedral built in her honor or temples and churches across the country dedicated to her.
  • Festival of patron saints: Families will often travel for celebrations in towns that host annual celebrations with peregrinations for their patron saints.
  • Pre-Lenten Carnival: Families will often gather in venues of carnivals.
  • Posadas: These are held in schools and people’s homes and neighborhoods.
  • Day of the Dead: These festivities are held in the respective homes of people, since they are a family affair.


Mexicans are highly active in street parties that feature live music, lots of food, and colorful decorations. Such street parties are organized for Mexican holidays such as Independence Day. Large crowds are also present during fairs on days before and after a patron saint's birthday. In plazas across Mexico, there are mariachis that are always waiting to be hired.

Some of the major venues for cultural and art events include museums and universities. Most families or groups of friends also prefer to spend their evenings watching television at home. Examples of popular shows include musical variety shows, sports events, movies, game shows and telenovelas. The most watched sport is football (soccer), which is loved by a majority of Mexicans. Additionally, most of them also play the game on weekends in sports clubs where swimming, tennis, and hockey are also played. Amusement and theme parks in Mexico are some of the most visited in Latin America, with 2.61 million visitors in 2017.

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Gathering Together: Philippines

80% to 90% of Filipinos are Catholic and several million people take part in religious festivals and ceremonies in the country every year. The country has a strong passion for basketball with many games played on street corners in several cities in the country. Karaoke is also popular in the country due to Filipino's love for singing.


We started our research by searching through travel websites, travel blogs and cultural websites to determine the most popular gatherings in the Philippines. This search was successful and we were able to determine the most popular social activities in the Philippines.

Further searches through reputable media sites provided information into the approximate number of people who actively watch basketball in the country. Basketball, being the most popular sport in the country. We were also able to determine the percentage of religious people in the country, as well as the approximate number of people who take part in religious festivals.

Our search also provided us with additional findings into popular activities in homes and restaurants and other meeting places in the country, However, these facts were not accompanied by hard data and we relied on qualitative data to summarize these findings.


The Philippines has the third largest Catholic population of any country in the world. 80 to 90 percent of Filipinos are Catholic and they put great importance into religious ceremonies. Catholicism in the Philippines is largely influenced by the locals' indigenous cultures, beliefs, and practices. Therefore, they have their own unique festivals and religious ceremonies.

The country has the longest Christmas celebrations in the world often running from mid-December through to the end of the first week of January. They have Midnight Masses known as Simbang Gabi that lead to up to a big Christmas Eve feast at midnight and ultimately to Christmas. These gatherings are usually a period for big family dinners and a time for singing and caroling.

Other Catholic festivals in the city include Black Nazarene, where a procession of people marches on the streets to Quiapo. Several million Filipinos are known to take part in the processions. Other celebrations include Ati- Atihan which is similar to Mardi gras. The ceremony is also celebrated in January and usually ends in a big parade from the Kaliba Cathedral to Pastrana Park.

The Sinulog Festival, Dinagyang Festival, Panagbenga Festival, Moriones Festival, and Masskara Festivals are a few other festivals that have parades and street parties where the community can celebrate important Catholic and cultural ceremonies in the country.


Basketball is the most important sport in the Philippines. Anywhere you'll go in the city, it'll not be hard to spot a basketball court. The sport is also nurtured in schools, from Primary schools all the way to the college level. Basketball is also played in the poorer neighborhoods and areas in the Philippines due to the fact that it is generally an inexpensive sport to play.

The country also has a pro basketball Association, the first of its kind outside the United States. According to Nike, the country is the third largest basketball market apart from the United States and China and it unites people of various social classes in the country.

Data shows that the Philippines Basketball Association games have a reach of approximately 72%. This means that approximately 53.4 million people watch a few minutes of the games.


Singing is an important part of Filipino culture. It is not uncommon for families to sing to their guests. Singing is a very normal pastime in their culture. Many recreational establishments have Karaoke machines of various kinds. Karaoke machines can be found in gaming centers, nightclubs, and bars.

18th birthday celebrations

Filipinos take great pride in their children's coming of age parties. This is especially true for young women. A large party is typically thrown for the birthday girl and she chooses an entourage of 18 friends to accompany her, she can also have multi-sets of 18. The party is often very formal and official traditional or formal western attire is worn.

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Gathering Together: Vietnam

While there is no quantitative data that would enable us to determine the top reasons why people in Vietnam gather together, and where they congregate, we have used the available qualitative analyses to provide key insights: family and friends in Vietnam come together to celebrate festivals, play games, sing karaoke, and watch the world go by. Rural communities invent pastime activities using available resources. Below is an explanation of our methodology as well as an overview of our useful findings.


To provide an overview of why and where people in Vietnam gather together, we began our research by searching through travel resources such as travel websites, blogs, and analytics sites. While our research produced insights on why and where Vietnamese families, friends, and communities gather together, there was no available hard data to back up the assertions.

We then searched through local, regional, and international media resources in the hope that statistics from research on the popularity of the identified activities have been published. We also searched through statistics sites such as Statista as well as research resources such as Mintel. However, there was no quantitative data that shows how many Vietnamese people gather socially or how often they do so.

Third, we tried to search through the public domain for statistics on the popularity of the identified reasons (activities) that Vietnamese people gather for. We had identified various activities such as festivals, karaoke, and movies as some of the most popular reasons for gathering together in Vietnam but our search did not provide any statistics on the number/percentage of Vietnamese people who participate or their venues of choice. This could be because adequate research has not yet been conducted on the subject.

We have, therefore, only provided a qualitative analysis of why and where people in Vietnam gather together. Notably, while there are many reasons why people in Vietnam gather together, we have only provided the things that bring family and friends (and not strangers) together.

Useful Findings


Festivals are among the top recreation activities that bring people together in Vietnam. Tet Nguyen Dan (the Vietnamese New Year) is the biggest festival in the country and is it celebrated in late January or the first week of February. To the Vietnamese, Tet holds as much importance as New Year, Christmas, 4th July, and Easter combined in the United States. Festivals are usually a time for bonding with family and friends at home.


Karaoke is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Vietnam. There are three types of karaoke in the country: all-female and all-male karaoke similar to girls' night out and boys' night out in Western culture, respectively; and co-ed karaoke that combines both genders. Vietnamese friends gather in karaoke bars or palors for karaoke nights.

"Bird Watching" and Catching Up

"Bird watching" in Vietnam refers to watching other people going about their daily life. It is a popular pastime among teenagers and adults who sit in cafes and watch passersby. On weekends or in the evenings, Vietnamese in urban areas like going to parks to stroll or chat/catch up with friends.


Vietnamese friends meet up in designated areas to play a variety of games and sports including "Vietnamese Bamboo Jacks," soccer, and volleyball. Also, Vietnamese friends like drinking coffee in cafes while chatting and playing cards or other games.

Community Amusements

Community-wide amusements are popular among country/rural communities in Thailand. Lack of entertainment amenities drive them to be resourceful and they use whatever they have to create their own entertainment. For example, communities in areas with elephants hold elephant-back racing competitions and those near large water bodies may hold bamboo boat races.
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Gathering Together: Saudi Arabia

In reference to our findings, some of the reasons for the gathering of people in Saudi Arabia include religious events such as Ramadan and the Hajj pilgrimage and sports events such as the Saudi Professional League, the King's Cup, and the World Cup. Further details of our findings and research methodology follows below.


We started our research for different events and activities that are reasons for people to gather in Saudi Arabia using government source such as the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the General Authority for Statistics, media sources such as the New York Times, CNN, Africa News, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera and Time, and industry sources such as World Nomads, StepFeed, LawInSports and the Culture Trip. Our aim was to find reports or articles that contained information on the different reasons for the gathering of people in Saudi Arabia. With this strategy, we first found out that Saudi Arabia is governed strictly by Islamic laws that made public gatherings and events, especially those that promotes mixed-gender activities, very rare. In addition, we also found some of the usual reasons of gathering of people in Saudi Arabia i.e. religious events and sporting events.
Lastly, we researched for hard data that we could use to support our findings using intelligence and research sources such as Nielsen Reports and Pew Research, government source such as the General Authority for Statistics and industry source such as LawInSports. With this strategy, we found reports that contained hard data that we used to support our findings.





Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims all over the world including the Muslims in Saudi Arabia. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset because it is a time to observe spiritual discipline. Additionally, Ramadan is also a time of celebration, joy, and happiness for Muslims where they get to spend time with their loved ones.

During Ramadan, families gather together to break their day long fasts at sunset with a light meal that is known as iftar. When Ramadan ends, Muslims in countries such as Saudi Arabia celebrate a three-day Festival of the Breaking of the Fast which is commonly known as Eid al-Fitr. This festival is considered the Muslim version of Christmas where families and friends congregate for big meals and exchange of presents.

Ramadan is usually observed by Muslims in their houses where they spend time with their families. Muslims also gather in mosques during this period to perform their evening prayers and some Muslims offer the iftar meal to their fellow worshipers in mosques so that they can break fast at sunset.
In Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries, Eid al-Fitr is mostly celebrated at home, at the homes of friends, and in mosques.


Ramadan is observed every year by approximately 1.6 billion Muslims around the world and according to a report by Pew Research Center, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has more than 30 million inhabitants and 93% of the inhabitants are Muslims.



The Hajj pilgrimage is another major Islamic event where Muslims in Saudi Arabia and around the world gather together in Mecca to perform the pilgrimage which is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim who is physically and financially capable strives to make the journey to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their life so that they can go on the Hajj pilgrimage.

Muslims pilgrims from Saudi Arabia and around the world gather annually in Mina Valley in the outskirts of Mecca to start Hajj and make their way to the holy city of Mecca in Saudia Arabia for the 6-day pilgrimage.


According to the KSA General Authority for Statistics, in 2018, around 2.37 million pilgrims journeyed towards Mecca. Of this number, around 0.61 million pilgrims were Saudi Arabians and around 1.76 million were pilgrims from foreign countries around the world. Additionally, according to official figures, about 54 million pilgrims have attended the Hajj pilgrimage over the last 25 years.




According to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the United States, soccer is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia. Because of its popularity, the sport attracts Saudis of all ages who have become avid viewers and fans.
The Saudi Professional League is very popular among Saudis and families and friends usually gather to cheer for their favorite teams both on TV and in stadiums. Saudi Arabian soccer fans also gather together during the Saudi soccer league championship games called the King's cup and global soccer events like the World Cup competitions to cheer their respective teams.
During soccer matches, friends, families, and fans gather together to cheer for their favorite teams in the Saudi Professional League and to cheer for the Saudi Arabian national soccer team. People gather at various places that include soccer stadiums, cafes, hotel lounges, and at their homes to cheer for their teams as they play.


According to a Nielsen report, 74% of the Saudi Arabian population is interested in soccer as a spectator sport and 29% of the citizens play the game at least once per week.
According to LawInSport, soccer is the largest spectator sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where teams in the Saudi Professional League boast an average stadium capacity of around 33,273 people and an average stadium attendance of 5,726 people during the 2017-2018 season.
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Gathering Together: India

Indians stick together and can never be mistaken to be anti-social. They love gathering outside their houses and talking together for hours and traveling long distances to some hill location with their whole families filled in a van.


We started the research by seeking for precompiled information on people gatherings in India and statistical data behind their gatherings. However, since we could not find precompiled information on the subject, we adopted several strategies. The first strategy was to check for information from local media and magazines such as and the Indian idiot. Our objective was to identify the most common gathering locations India together with statistical data. However, this strategy gave information about why and where people in India gather together. Unfortunately, we could not find hard data to back up our findings.

The second strategy was to check for additional information on common gathering places and statistical data backing up the data. We aimed to review websites and encyclopedias that are dedicated to traditions and culture such as Live Sciences and Cultural Atlas. However, most of the details available were a general overview of traditions and culture relating to the Indian community, with little focus on the common locations of events and any relevant hard data to back up findings.

The final strategy was to looked at credible sources that provide statistical information such as Pew Research and Statista for any statistical data relating to why and where people in India gather together. However, this search strategy was also unsuccessful. We could only find information regarding the growth of live events in India and no information on the statistics.


Family gatherings are of significant importance to Indian society. Indians stick together and can never be mistaken to be anti-social. They love gathering outside their houses and talking together for hours and traveling long distances to some hill location with their whole families filled in a van.

COMMON Reasons why Families in India GATHER together

There are various common family gatherings in India. Some of these include:

  • MARRIAGE CELEBRATIONS: Indian wedding ceremonies are lavish and rich in history and tradition. Indian weddings start with the Pre Wedding Ceremonies engagement ceremonies, Mehendi ceremonies, and post-wedding ceremonies.

Some top cultural festivals in India why people come together include;

  • Makar Sankranti & Pongal
  • Holi
  • Easter
  • Maha Shivratri
  • Eid-al-Fitr (Ramadan)
  • Janmasthami
  • Durga Puja/Dussehra
  • Deepawali
  • Buddha Purnima
  • Losar Festiva
  • Hornbill Festival
  • Durga Puja
  • Thrissur Pooram Kerala
  • Konark Festival
  • Kila Raipur Sports Festival
  • Ladakh Festival

Some sporting events in India where people come together to watch include;

  • Equestrian Sports
  • Polo
  • Golf
  • Derby
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Formula One

where people in India gather and congregate.

Indians gather in different places for purposes of festival celebrations, weddings, sports and to interact with each other. Some places Indians gather include;

  • "On the day of Holi, people gather in open areas and apply dry and wet colors of multiple hues to each other."
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Buffalo Wild Wings: Mexico

Buffalo Wild Wings' restaurants in Mexico are commonly found either near major freeways or busy city roads. They are usually inside large shopping malls; in the same building as (or across the street from) US brands like Starbucks, Sears, IHOP, Carl's Jr, and Zara. They target younger adults (millennials) of the middle and upper class by installing virtual reality equipment in multiple restaurants. The restaurant chain's unique selling proposition is its dedication to introducing new things and creating innovative experiences.


We began by searching for BWW's restaurant locations in Mexico and examining the surroundings via Google Maps to determine their typical locations and understand what else is around them and therefore whom they're potentially appealing to based on location. After comparing 26 restaurant locations and their surroundings, we were able to calculate the most common brands and landmarks around them. For each location, we listed the brands that appeared in proximity of the restaurants (leaving out the ones that appeared only once e.g. Walmart, AT&T, Little Caesars, and other restaurants), counted them separately and divided each by the total number of locations to get the approximate percentage of businesses that appeared most commonly in proximity.



Based on an analysis of 26 BWW restaurant locations in Mexico, BWW restaurants in Mexico are commonly found either near major freeways or busy city roads (avenues). They are also often found inside large shopping malls. If found inside a shopping mall, a BWW restaurant will likely be in the same building as (or across the street from) US brands like Starbucks, Sears, IHOP, Carl's Jr, and Zara, and less likely to be close to Walmart and AT&T stores.

BWW restaurants outside shopping malls will often be found near American restaurants like IHOP and Carl's Jr, and less commonly near Little Caesars, Wendy's, Subway, and Chili's. They are often found near various car dealers and occasionally close to gas stations. Also, BWW restaurants in Mexico are typically located near at least one hotel, commonly Holiday Inn.

Most Common Locations:
Restaurants located next to a freeway: 17/26 = approximately 0.65 = 65%
Restaurants located inside shopping malls: 12/26 = approximately 0.46 = 46%
Restaurants located near hotels: 11/26 = approximately 0.42 = 42%
Restaurants located near car dealers or repair shops: 9/26 = approximately 0.35 = 35%
Restaurants located near gas stations: 5/26 = approximately 0.19 = 19%

Most Common American Brands Nearby:
Restaurants with Starbucks in proximity: 6/26 = approximately 0.23 = 23%
Restaurants with Zara in proximity: 4/26 = approximately 0.15 = 15%
Restaurants with Sears in proximity: 3/26 = approximately 0.115 = 11.5%
Restaurants with Carl's Jr. in proximity: 3/26 = approximately 0.115 = 11.5%
Restaurants with Holiday Inn hotels in proximity: 3/26 =approximately 0.115 = 11.5%
Restaurants with IHOP in proximity: 2/26 = approximately 0.08 = 8%


BWW targets sports fans by installing video and audio equipment and streaming any live sports events. They also target younger adults (millennials) of the middle and upper class by installing virtual reality equipment in multiple restaurants and being innovative in general. BWW also targets a younger audience with investing in Xboxes and organizing gaming tournaments.


BWW restaurants in Mexico are equipped with extraordinary numbers of screens, and high-quality sound systems intended for sports fans and live sports streaming. In 2014, each restaurant had 50 screens on average for broadcasting sports, according to Alejandra Ruiz, head of advertising.

BWW's restaurants stand out from the crowd by equipping the restaurants with gaming equipment, and organizing gaming tournaments in its restaurants with prizes. The restaurant chain also stands out through the introduction of virtual reality to the restaurants. In general, the chain strives to introduce new things and to make innovative experiences.

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Buffalo Wild Wings: Philippines

The typical target audience for Buffalo Wild Wings is the younger sports enthusiasts that would not typically be able to afford the cost of streaming the live sporting events regularly. The company's emphasis is on creating a sport-inspired casual dining setting with a specialty in American bar food that includes a wide selection of beers.


Our research team first searched for notable marketing campaigns and annual reports regarding Buffalo Wild Wings that were specific to the Philippines. Here, we located the 2015 marketing plan. This was the most recent year publication that contained information related to the geographic region specified. Unfortunately, this report only contained information stating that Buffalo Wing Wings was expanding into the Philippines and that their first location was opened in December 2016. Our logic was that if we used the 2015 marketing plan, it is unlikely their marketing plan changed much since then. Even so, the strategy did not bear any fruit.
Our second research strategy was to conduct an exhaustive press search in hopes of finding BWW’s unique selling proposition in the Philippines. Our logic behind this was that since the purpose of a campaign is to increase consumer awareness for a particular product or of a specific business, media outlets would be ideal platforms to achieve such a goal. Our team conducted an exhaustive search of trusted media outlets in the Philippines such as the Phillippine Daily Inquirer, the Manila Times, the Manila Bulletin, and The Phillippine Star. Unfortunately, our efforts were fruitless. We then searched Zomato since it is a highly recognized restaurant search and discovery platform, offering service in 24 different countries. While we were able to locate all 4 of the company's locations in the Philippines, we did not find any information on BWW's unique selling position and target audience in the Philippines.
As a third strategy, we searched the company's social media platforms to include Instagram and Twitter. Our team felt that any of their marketing campaigns would be published on the company's social media websites. Our logic was that social media is one of the most popular platforms for digital marketing and helps companies reach millions of customers. It would be highly improbable for a company to launch a campaign and not include it on their social media platforms. We hoped that we could find campaigns would lead us to information regarding the companies target market and unique selling position, but again the results were limited to the continental United States.
Lastly, we expanded our search dates in hopes of finding additional information to include sources older than two years. Here, we were able to locate the target demographic and a brief detailing of the company's unique selling position in the US. In light of country-specific information, our team concluded that the target market and unique selling proposition might be similar to that in the United States. We used the same information as a proxy for the needed information on BWW unique selling position and target audience in the Philippines.


Buffalo Wild Wings is located in various places within the Philippines, mostly in high traffic areas such as malls and complexes including; in Estancia Mall on the ground floor, the ground floor of the Glorietta Complex, fourth floor of Uptown Place Mall, and in the Mall of Asia level one. As of December 25th, 2016, BWW had restaurants opening up various locations in the Philippines.


Buffalo Wild Wings' target audience is sports enthusiasts in the Philippines. Other audiences include local tourists and native visitors. As a casual dining restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings serves American bar food specializing in New York-style wings in a sports bar category in a sports atmosphere where there is live TV coverage of sporting events. BWW’s new marketing strategy is targeting millennials with advertising geared toward bringing in the younger clientele.


Buffalo Wild Wings aims to provide a stadium atmosphere while dining, allowing the guests to enjoy live sporting event of their choice on a flat screen TV. According to a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of BWW, the company, through its offerings, is targeting younger sports fans that support a specific sport or sports team and who have lower income that bars them from viewing their desired sports games. Some aspects of the new marketing strategy include a partnership with Draftkings, a brand that offers online betting and fantasy betting. Buffalo Wild Wings are offering prizes for the winners of these gambling options. To target the younger population, Buffalo Wild Wings is creating a $5 football menu to address the criticism they have received as being pricey. The same concerns have also been fronted by reviewers on Trip Advisor.

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Buffalo Wild Wings: Vietnam

BWW restaurants are typically located near shopping centers and other local eating establishments. Their main target audience is the urban millennial and their unique selling proposition is "the ultimate place to eat wings, grab a cold one and meet your friends to watch a game."


We began our search by looking at the BWW Vietnam website. We found all the locations of the restaurants in Vietnam on their page on Google Maps and zoomed in so that we could find where the chains are typically located and which establishments surround them. We then scoured the website for their unique selling proposition and brand position. Finally, we looked through Vietnamese industry articles and blogs in order to find the target audience for BWW.


BWW Wings are typically located near major roads, intersections and freeways. Many of their locations are also found near shopping centers, while two out of their six locations can be found in shopping malls. Buffalo Wild Wings are often found surrounded by other local restaurants and cafes and rarely found near popular international brands except in the case of Starbucks and The Pizza Company. Sometimes they are also found near cash points such as ATM cards and banks, most likely to give their customers easy access to cash.
Given their choice of locations, they are probably targeting places with heavy human traffic. They may also be targeting the local Vietnamese audience by surrounding themselves with local restaurants and avoiding competition from fellow American brands.


Their target market is "young urbanites" who are looking for a place to socialize or date. They target millenials by installing the latest gaming consoles such as Play Station, VR gaming systems and X box that they can enjoy with their friends. They also target sport fanatics by playing a large variety of sports on state-of-the-art equipment such as over 40 high resolution flat panel displays, coupled with a live sound system with great quality sound.


BWW's unique selling position is mainly towards sports fans. They market themselves as a sports bar for sports fans. They furnish their locations with huge screens for them to enjoy sports and market themselves as "the ultimate place to eat wings, grab a cold one and meet your friends to watch a game." They fully equip their restaurants for this by furnishing them with state-of-the-art video and audio entertainment and gaming facilities. BWW markets themselves as the ideal place to socialize, watch sports, or play video games while enjoying good food and a great selection of beers.

BWW also prides themselves in having a wide selection of 12 signature sauces for their chicken wings and five "mouthwatering" seasonings. Besides their great food, BWW is the first restaurant to design a special beer cup designed to keep beer fresher and cooler for longer.
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Buffalo Wild Wings: Saudi Arabia

We were able to find there are six BWW locations in Saudi Arabia. The typical area for those locations is on main streets, nearing shopping, tourist, and other dining areas. All seemed to be in high traffic areas near landmarks like airports, hospitals, and schools.


There are six BWW locations in Saudi Arabia. We will list each location and give a brief description of the area.


This location is in the general area of the Tala & Al Nakheel malls. There is also a cluster of apartment complexes as well as a school and a splash water park in the same vicinity. It is located near a Benihana and a Burger King, but the rest of the area doesn’t have any American brands. The area does seem to have everything for shopping, tourism, and entertainment.


This location is situated near the Kingdom hospital and the Burj Rafal Hotel. There is also another mall named Almakan that’s not too far, but this area seems to be in a more business-related area. There are places like the notary public, insurance office, a newspaper, and the Riyadh Shimal municipality.


This BWW is located inside of the King Salman Sasco Airport at a SASCO gas station. The airport is located near two international schools, one is American the other is German. There are other restaurants in the area, but they are located outside the airport grounds.


This location is off a highway in a shopping area in the vicinity of Saudi Airlines. There are multiple retailers like American Eagle Outfitters and Virgin Megastore. The area has banks as well, Alawwal bank and Saudi bank are the ones that are the closest.


This location is right in the middle of a high traffic area. There are multiple restaurants both American and Native in the area like McDonald's, Deal Burger, Duncan Donuts, and Shawarmer. Although the area has a hotel, the area is basically set up for dining, because there are many options.


This location is in a low traffic area. There are at least three mosques in the vicinity with a cluster of restaurants only a few blocks away. We also saw a hall and a high school that’s are not too far from this BWW.


Based on the locations of the BWW in Saudi Arabia and from the information identified above, it seems that they are appealing to areas that would be frequented by tourists and shopping areas. None of the BWW locations seemed to be near large residential areas but instead are situated near high traffic areas like near schools, hospitals and other parts that are usually frequented. It can be assumed that their target market is, in part, students, medical staff, and tourists.


After reviewing their Saudi Arabian website, there doesn’t seem to be any differences between the American and Saudi Arabian sites. We decided to dig deeper and review some marketing campaigns they have run there to help identify their unique selling propositions. They are still developing in the Saudi area; they are bringing over their initiatives that will increase traffic and grow average check. Some of these ideas include Blazin’ Rewards, takeout optimization, and fast break lunch.

They have individual Facebook pages for some Saudi locations, but the pages do not have any recent posts. We did find some current marketing propositions on their KSA Twitter account. Right now, they are posting about Ramadan, which would count as unique selling propositions since Ramadan is not adopted across the world.
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Buffalo Wild Wings: India

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) restaurants are typically located in shopping centers and around other local restaurants and cafes. Their primary target audience includes young professionals, urban millennials, and sports lovers, and their unique selling proposition is to set itself apart by being the first casual dining place in the city which combines fun with sports.


We began our research by looking at the Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) official Indian website where we discovered they have two locations in India, both situated in Hyderabad. Using Google Maps, we were able to pinpoint the locations of their chains, as well as the surrounding establishments. Lastly, we looked at news reports, blogs and articles from Inspire Brands, India-West, etc., to find BWW's unique selling proposition and brand position.


BWW has two locations in India located close to major roadways and highways (one in Jubilee Hills and the other at Gachibowli). The Gachibowli, Hyderabad location is situated in a shopping plaza and surrounded by local restaurants. Both restaurant setups are well-placed in urban city centers, neither of which is near a US brand.
Buffalo Wild Wings primarily target young city dwellers and professionals, millennials, and sports lovers in search of a popular place with a good sports atmosphere/feel. BWW meets this need by installing the latest gaming consoles such as a virtual reality gaming area, a unique lounge space, as well as multiple large-screen LED TVs and media screens that provide the feeling of being in a sports stadium. Their location around companies and office blocks is an added advantage for young professionals.
Buffalo Wild Wings distinguished itself by being the first casual dining place in Hyderabad to combine fun with sports. When going out with friends to see a game or for food and drinks, BWW provides excellent tasting menus and a sports atmosphere that makes for a great overall experience. Consumer preferences in India align with the types of dishes served at BWW, e.g., the basil grilled fish, grilled paneer skewers, and rice bowls. Also, the high-quality gaming facilities set up at the restaurants keep interested customers well engaged.

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  • "Indian families know how to stick together and they would go to lengths to make sure nobody dare accuse them of being anti-social. They’re social from level 1: which would be talking to people outside their houses for hours in night suits, to level max: travelling 700 kms to some hill station with their entire families stuffed in a van. Their gatherings almost always pan out in the same manner."
  • "Formula One also known as Formula 1 or F1 is a premier racing world championship held at the Buddh International Circuit in Uttar Pradesh. Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit spread across an area of 875 acres"
  • "Best destinations in India for a Hot Air Balloon Ride are Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka,Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and National Capital Region. The horse race held at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. "
  • "The horse race held at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. "
From Part 06
  • "On average, each branch has 50 screens to broadcast any sporting event. In addition to the HDTV projectors that we have, the installed sound simulates the atmosphere of a stadium and a tablet is passed to choose the ambient songs ", commented Alejandra Ruiz, in charge of Advertising of the chain. "
  • "In the same way, there will be a " Gaming Wall " area with 4 interconnected Xboxes with which you can carry out videogame tournaments and the new development of virtual reality for adults and children."
  • "Mexico City on December 14, 2017. Grupo HEMA opened the fourth branch of its Buffalo Wild Wings franchise in Mexico City, which will be located in the Paseo Interlomas commercial center and in which approximately 38 million pesos were invested, representing the group's most ambitious project in the country."
  • "With the new restaurant, they seek to attract middle and upper class millennials who no longer see traditional formats attractive, explained Mauricio Madero, director of restaurants at Grupo Hema. "
  • "Buffalo Wild Wings seeks to attract the millennials and enlists an investment of 120 million pesos in the opening of seven new branches that will include video games and virtual reality experiences."
  • "Grupo Hema's restaurant business, which began five years ago, registered double-digit increases in same-store sales (VMT), and this year they expect to grow 48% compared to 2017."
  • "We have some restaurants with virtual reality, such as Paseo Interlomas, as well as a Gaming Wall, with screens and PlayStation, "explained the businessman."
From Part 07
  • "We’re pleased to be working with a franchise partner in the Philippines who understands the needs and interests of this dynamic, evolving market, as well as our target guest, and shares our philosophy of bringing people together through great food and sports."
  • "There is a clear target segment that Buffalo Wild Wings look at which are youngsters who enjoy sports or support specific sports teams."
  • " In order to enhance their experience and to ensure that they get to dine and enjoy sporting events of their choice which they cannot afford to have on a regular basis at home, the restaurant has flat screen TVs and the subscription to premium cable channels."
  • "Buffalo Wild Wings tries to create the feel of being in a stadium and watching a sporting event live at a fraction of what a customer would need to pay for the real thing while also having food and drink. In order to do this, the restaurant lets customers watch the game of their choice on huge flat screen TV’s and tablets on the table in a seating that replicates a stadium."
  • " In one spot, an apparent millennial climbs onto a conference table during a business meeting, pushes aside a ceiling tile and shimmies his way out of the room as the participants are sharing “fun facts” about themselves as ice breakers (“My fun fact is that I still have my wisdom teeth,” beams one. “My name is Gary, and I have a dog that’s also named Gary,” volunteers another.) The next scene shows the escapee strutting into a Buffalo Wild Wings as if he were walking into a football stadium, with the crowd inside roaring a warm welcome."
  • "Several components of the new campaign pivot on Buffalo Wild Wings’ new partnership with DraftKings, an online betting service for fans of fantasy football. "
From Part 08
  • "Young urbanites who want to find a place to date, or simply to relax with their friends after a stressful working day, have yet another exciting new option – the B-Dubs sporty restaurant."