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Sports Enthusiasts Demographics, Panama

The most popular sports in Panama are baseball, football, boxing, and basketball. These sports allow promotional platforms because they are highly enjoyed by sports fans.

Helpful findings

  • According to Top End Sports, baseball, football, boxing, and basketball are the most popular sports in Panama.
  • The sports website with the largest audience on Facebook is Fepafut Panama with 220,117 fans.
  • According to SimilarWeb, TVMAX 9Deportes is the top sports website with 193,420 total visits and has 81.23% traffic in Panama.
  • According to Statistics Times, Panama has a population of 4,162,618 and has a sex ratio of 100.26 of men over women when it comes to fans that can support the country in the FIFA World Cup.
  • According to Lacasa Blay, baseball, football, and basketball are some sports that allow promotional platforms, as these sports are accepted greatly by sports fans.

Research Strategy

We could not find the demographics of male sports enthusiasts in Panama. Most results found in the domain are statistics and demographics of a specific country, and it could not suffice the needed information for the request.

We began the search by looking for demographics of male sports enthusiasts in Panama through the country's different website databases such as,, EveryCulture,, and others. However, none of these sources provided any data or information regarding the demographics of male sports enthusiasts in Panama. What we did find are all about food, economy, culture, and the history of Panamanians. There is still some sport information, but it only talked about the popular sports that the country has and the athletes from Panama.

We also tried looked into international research sites that contain detailed country statistics, charts, databases, and other demographic information. We looked into statistical sites such as Index Mind, Statistics Times, and The goal was to gather information that could provide data for the demographics of male sports enthusiasts in Panama. What we found from this search is the demographic profile of Panama, its geography and economy. However, we couldn't find demographics for its male sports enthusiasts.

We then decided to look for prominent sports websites in Panama and run them through SimilarWeb and Spyfu for demographic information. We found the top sports websites in Panama from, which has the largest database of magazines and newspapers on the internet, with listings for about 25,000 magazines, newspapers and top news sites from all over the world. We found that the top sports website in Panama is TVMAX 9Deportes. We then checked SimilarWeb to find demographic results from the site. We found the results of its total visits and the largest traffic from the website comes from Panama. We then also found statistics that have the largest audience of sports pages in Panama and data of sex ratio of fans that can support the country in the FIFA World Cup. However, it did not have enough data that could suffice the request.

Lastly, we decided to broaden the scope of the research and looked for the demographics of male sports fans in the continent of Central America. We looked through global research, studies, and databases such as, Nielsen Sports, CBS Sports, Global Sports Masters, Dear Sports Fans, and others. However, we did not find any information regarding the demographics of male sports enthusiasts in Central America. What we found were the perspectives of viewers or fans watching sports, and mostly they are about the updates of game events, scores, schedules, and team players. After the exhaustive search, we determined that there were no publicly available studies or researches about the demographics of male sports enthusiasts in Panama.
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Sports Enthusiasts Psychographics, Panama

While psychographic information about the male sport fans in Panama was limited, we wee able to identify that TVmax-9 is the most-visited sport website in the country. Based on that, we have been able to identify the fans' area of interests, social media following, and the types of websites they visit the most.

TVMAX 9 Deportes Audience

  • TVMAX-9 Deportes is considered as the top sport website in Panama according to AllYouCanRead.
  • SimilarWeb and Alexa also rank TVMAX 9 as the top sports website in the country.
  • TVmax-9 is considered as the best sports information website in Panama. It provides sports news, videos, photos, live results, and live broadcasts.
  • TVmax-9 has a 53% male audience.
Tvmax-9's audience is most likely to visit the following website categories:
  • News and Media
  • Arts and Entertainment especially TV movies
  • Other sports topics like sport gear shopping
  • Computers, Electronics and Technology
In terms of topics, they are most likely interested in the following:
  • News
  • Sports news
  • Social media
  • Football
  • Wikipedia
  • Internet
  • Community
  • Google searches
  • TV channels
  • Language
  • Online shopping
  • Live telecast
In terms of social traffic, audience mainly uses the following social media :
  • Facebook — 60.64%
  • Twitter — 26.68%
  • YouTube — 9.83%
  • Instagram — 1.80%

Sport Clubs in Panama

The sport clubs with the largest audience in Panama are:
  • Fepafut Panama
  • Árabe Unido
  • Tauro FC
  • C.D. Plaza Amador (Official)
  • Chorrillo FC

Facebook groups for Sport Fans in Panama

Facebook Sport Pages in Panama with the Largest Audience

Sport fans in the United States

  • Sports fans in the United States spent of over $10.5 million on tickets for live sporting events in 2017, an increase of 35% year-over-year.
  • 32% of fans reported noticing the brands that teams or athletes use or wear during games and events.
  • Sport fans in the United States spent over $6.2 million on sport cable TV packages in 2017, an increase of 13% year-over-year.
  • 36.4% believe that the sponsors of sporting events are critical to the success of sports.
  • 25% of fans reported following brands that sponsor their favorite teams or athletes on social media in 2017, an increase of 107% year-over-year.
  • 68% of fans agreed that sports can bring people together.
  • Most soccer fans "cheer for their favorite team no matter how they are doing (68%), are on the watch out for the results (66%), and say that the sport helps them escape the daily grind of work and life (61%)."
  • "Sporting events provide a social outlet, enable strange superstitions and rituals (players: 33%), and provide an outlet to indulge one’s competitive instincts while building a foundation of cooperation and partnership with others."

Research Strategy:

Initially, we looked for research papers, survey reports, academic papers from research databases such as Google Scholar, NCBI, Wiley, ResearchGate, SpringerLink, EY, Pew Research, Delloite, and Nielsen for studies that discussed the psychographics of male sports enthusiasts in Panama. Unfortunately, we mainly found research papers that discussed the health system of Panamanian athletes, growth of certain sports in Panama and its economic and social benefits.

We also looked at Facebook groups of sports enthusiasts or fans in Panama to be able to analyze their followers. We were able to find several Facebook pages and group but the members were listed. As most profiles were private, we could not gather any information about their psychographic profile.

Lastly, we used SimilarWeb to identify the most popular sport website in Panama. We were able to identify TVmax-9 as the most visited sport website in the country and used its official website and Similar web information to identify the gender distribution, the audience interests, and the social media habits of the fans.

For the spending habits, we looked at business websites such as Business Panama, Financial Times, Fortune among others to see any reports about the spending habits of male sports enthusiasts in Panama. These resources may contain articles the impact of buying or purchasing habits of male sports enthusiasts in Panama to business world. I also went to marketing websites such as Adage, Adweek to see any articles that may talked about how to reach the male sports enthusiasts in Panama. HOWEVER, I was not able to find one. What I found were articles of the general sports industry.
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Families Demographics: Panama

According to the United Nation's 2017 report, the average household size in Panama is 3.7 persons. 41% of surveyed households from SMI- Panama are under the age of 15 years while more than 50% is in the age range of 15-64.

FAMILY Demographic

According to United Nation, the household size and composition of Panama are as follows:
  • The average household size (number of members) is 3.7 persons.
  • The distribution of households by number of members were:
1 = 15%
2 to 3 = 37%
4 to 5 = 31%
6+ = 17%
  • Households with children or older persons
With children under the age of 15 = 53%
With members aged 60+ = 29%
With both children aged under 15 and members aged over 60 = 10%
  • Households with children under the age of 15
Average number of children under the age of 15 (number of children) = 2.0%
Two parents present = 68%
One parent present (mother) = 25%
One parent present (father)= 4%

Helpful findings:
  • According to SMI-Panama household census of the total 1,528 households surveyed in Panama:

AGE and sex

  • 41% of surveyed households are under the age of 15 years while more than half (50%) are in the age range (15-64), and the existing 9% is age 65 and above.
  • 14% of surveyed households reported having female children aged 5-9 years old while 15.3% reported having male children aged 5-9 years old.


  • 84% of surveyed households were homemakers, while 97% were employees.


  • 52.4% of surveyed households reported having primary educational attainment, while 28.6% have secondary educational attainment and 16% in high school.
  • According to UNICEF,
  • "Learning materials at home 2005-2012, Children's books, poorest 20%."
  • "Learning materials at home 2005-2012, Children's books, richest 20%."

Income LEVEL

According to UNICEF,
  • "Share of household income (%, 2007-2011*), poorest 40%"
  • "Share of household income (%, 2007-2011*), richest 20%"


Research Strategy:

We did not find specific demographic data such as age, gender, income level, race, employment, location, home ownership and level of education of the typical family in Panama overall. However, we have provided information from United Nations for the typical household size and composition, demographic data such as age, sex, employment and level of education from surveyed households in SMI-Panama census.

We implemented 3 strategies to find the data:
  • First, we searched for pre-compiled household census of Panama from government websites and global organizations. We searched through Presidencia.Gob, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censo as well as the United Nations and UNICEF among others. We were able to find latest 2017 demographic data for households in Panama from United Nation. The data presented from the United Nation were household composition such as average household size, distribution of households by number of members, households with children etc. However, we did not find specific household data such as age, gender, income level, race, employment, location, home ownership and level of education. We added these in our key findings above.
  • Second, we tried to look for data from third party sources such as IndexMundi that we could use to triangulate demographic data for families/households in Panama. However, most of the information found were general demographic data and not for households. Hence, we could not apply this strategy for demographic profile of the typical family.
  • Third, we broadened the scope of the research as to find proxy representation for the overall household in Panama. We searched for household census and surveys in Panama. We found 2018 household survey from SMI (Salud Mesoamérica Initiative (SMI)] Panama, that provides information such as age, sex, employment and level of education among the households surveyed. Since the information provided in the survey was just a proxy representation for the overall household in Panama, therefore we added this in our helpful findings above.
In conclusion, we are presenting this a partial client update. We researched government website and resources from Panama, but determined that these were outdated data. The latest national survey was from 2010 (National Population Census and VII Housing 2010). This included data on population structure and physical houses' characteristics. Therefore, we used updated third party data from the UN and international organization Salud Mesoamérica Initiative (SMI) to provide the most recent and comprehensive demographic data for the typical family in Panama. We have provided our key findings above.
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Family Psychographics: Panama

The typical Panamanian family is large and has extended family living in proximity. They value their relatives greatly and love watching baseball as a family. A detailed psychographic profile of the Panamanian family has been provided below.

psychographic profile of the typical PanamaNIAN FAMILY


  • Panamanian families are usually large, with several members of the extended family living nearby and even visiting each other frequently.
  • In a typical Panamanian family, the kids more often than not end up having to share a room.
  • In Panamanian families where both parents have full-day working jobs outside the home, the children, especially daughters, are usually expected to assist in running the house and do daily chores.
  • Marriages in the interiors are usually by common-law and those in urban areas are generally church weddings.
  • In the urban areas, families usually live in rented apartments and in the interiors, people have small homes.
  • Rice is the staple food and is eaten twice a day. Other meals that a typical Panamanian family eats include meat, beans, platanos (a starchy banana), tomatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Spicy food is seldom consumed.
  • The meals are usually accompanied by sweet-tasting cold fruit drinks known as chichas.
  • In urban areas, families eat both traditional and international food and typically dinner is the meal for which the family gathers in the evening.
  • In rural areas, the typical Panamanian has a big breakfast, the main meal at mid-day, and a small meal in the evening around 5 PM.


  • Baseball is hugely popular in Panama and families often gather together to watch games. The popularity of the sport can be attributed to the fact that many baseball players in Major League Baseball have been Panamanian.
  • In Panamanian families, most children are busy with their homework during the week, but on the weekends they typically go out to socialize and party.
  • Panamanian families engage in bird watching/ birding during their leisure time with the most popular seasons being December to April and the green season (May-Nov).
  • Panamanians also have hobbies like gardening, horseback riding, and fishing.
  • Panamanians like to travel together as a family and participate in family events like birthdays, Mother's Day and the like.

Spending habits

  • Shopping in Panama can be done using the local currency (Balboa) as well as the USD. Balboa is the coin currency while USD is the paper currency.
  • Typically, Panamanian families use the first and third Saturday of each month to shop. The Bocas del Toro, in Bocas Town's Central Park, is a popular market where the Bocas farmers sell their goods which include Panamanian food, produce, and handicrafts. Other popular markets are Boquete and Panama City.
  • When shopping for grocery, Panamanian families prefer supermarkets, hypermarkets, and independent food stores.
  • Panamanians are eating shopping for more convenient and healthy foods.


  • The traditional Panamanian families are patriarchal and the mother usually assumes the role of homemaker. When the mother works the grandmother watches the kids.
  • A typical Panamanian family usually exhibits a strong sense of togetherness and every member is warm and receptive towards the other.
  • Panamanian families greatly value their extended family and it is the most important social unit for them. They even labor hard to take care of their relatives and at times boast about the achievements of those they are related to.
  • In Panamanian families, the children usually continue to live with the family till the time they get married.
  • The kids respect parental authority and comply with the wishes of their parents.
  • Adult children are expected to take care of their aging parents even if they do not live with them.

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    Gathering Together: Panama

    People in Panama usually gather at family events such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas, occasional Sunday gatherings; religious events like that on Good Friday, church mass, other religious festivals; and entertainment, festivals, and fairs. There is no hard data pertaining to the gatherings available in the public domain. Below is a deep dive of the reasons why people gather in Panama.

    Why people in panama gather

    1. Family events

    • It is in the culture of Panama for married children to visit their parents every day and for extended families comprising grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins to routinely gather on Sundays, holidays, and birthdays.
    • According to La Verne M. Seales Soley in the book "Culture and Customs of Panama", as a majority of the population in Panama is Catholic, Panamanians celebrate Mother's Day on the same day as the Immaculate Concepcion. Mothers and grandmothers are visited by their children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, godchildren, and friends and receive gifts from them. For a lot of Panamanians, Mother's Day holds greater significance than Christmas.
    • On Christmas Eve, usually an elaborate dinner is prepared, and children are allowed to unwrap their gifts at midnight or later during Christmas Day. It is a day to relax watching children play and bond with friends and family.
    • Los quince anos (a girl's 15th birthday) is celebrated by the upper-middle and elite classes in Panama. It is among the grandest fiestas that a Panamanian family ever hosts.
    • Weddings, celebrations, and family gatherings are occasions for socializing for both the rich and poor equally. Those who have powerful relatives--nominal or real--do not show any hesitation to ask for their support.

    2. Religious events

    • Over 80% of the population in Panama is Roman Catholic and roughly three-in-four Roman Catholic's attend mass regularly.
    • Good Friday is one of the most important celebrations in Panama and is a public holiday. Panamanians typically enjoy a four-day Good Friday weekend with Easter also being a holiday.
    • Corpus Christi, a popular celebration in Panama takes place sometime between May and July in the town of La Villa de Los Santos. People do elaborate dances and wear colorful costumes symbolizing angels and devils.
    • Dances for religious events are usually performed in both the town and the churches.
    • Black Christ of Portobelo is another religious event in Panama that attracts several pilgrims, some of whom walk from Panama City. It is Portobelo’s largest festival.

    3. EnteRTAINMENT, festivals, and fairs

  • Dance and Music are very important in Panama. Concerts, festivals, and various other celebrations are part of weekly activities.
  • Annual music festivals like the Panama Jazz Festival, Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival, and Sobresaltos Dance Festival are hugely popular.
  • The Carnival of Panamá and Carnival of Las Tablas are very popular carnivals in Panama. The carnivals are celebrated for four consecutive days before Ash Wednesday, spanning Saturday to Tuesday.
  • Festival Nacional de Manito Ocueño, a folkloric festival that takes place in the second week of August, is the National Folk Festival of the Republic of Panamá.
  • On New Year's Day, there are midnight parades, celebrations, countdowns, and firework displays.
  • Martyrs' Day, a day of mourning in Panama, commemorates the anti-American riots in 1964 over the rights to the Panama Canal Zone. It is a public holiday.
  • Carnivals are done in streets where loud music, dancing, and good food are part of the celebrations.
  • Other festivals and fairs include the Festival de la Mejorana and Bocas Del Toro Sea Fair.
  • The most common locations for gatherings and THE PEOPLE involved

    • Religious events are commonly attended in churches by families and the community. Some celebrations may also take place in the town.
    • Festivals are commonly attended in the streets by the whole community.
    • For family events, people generally gather at home with family relatives and friends.

    Research Strategy:

    In order to fulfill this request, we began by looking for cultural studies of Panamanians. In addition, we also looked for articles pertaining to events and holidays in Panama. While we were able to find qualitative information about social activities, we found no hard data to substantiate it. We also identified a book on the culture and customs of Panama, but could only access the preview to the book. Next, we tried to look for surveys and interviews of Panamanians that would help us learn about how they gathered or celebrated events and their favorite social occasions; however, we found no such surveys. Additionally, we also looked for hard data in scholarly articles and local news websites but did not meet with any success. Following this, we tried to triangulate the required information by using demography-related statistics. We were able to find the percentage of the population in Panama that comprises Roman Catholics and the proportion of followers among them that attended mass regularly. This gave us an idea about the proportion of the population of Panama that participated in religious (Catholic) events. Other than that, we did not find any useful data that would help us substantiate our findings.

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    Buffalo Wild Wings: Panama

    The BWW restaurant in Panama is located near commercial buildings and other local eating establishments. Their target audience is the sports fanatic. The restaurant's unique selling proposition is that it is the best place to munch on wings and watch a game with friends over a beer.


    • There is only one BWW Wings outlet in Panama located in Panama City. It is located near an intersection and along a major road surrounded by other local restaurants and cafes. There are two hotels, a few commercial buildings, a shopping center, and a grocery store in proximity.
    • The restaurant is located in an area with large footfall and is placed amidst local restaurants. There is no American restaurant in its proximity and it is the only available alternative for local food in the area.


    • BWW's target audience is the sports fans. The restaurant has high-resolution flat panel display televisions-- coupled with the state-of-the-art sound system--on which it shows sports. The brand positions itself as a great place to eat wings, grab a beer, and "watch a game".
    • They also target families as they offer an elaborate kids menu other than the general menu to facilitate families to eat at BWW.


    • BWW markets itself as a sports bar for sports fans. They furnish their locations with huge screens for them to enjoy sports and position themselves as "the ultimate place to eat wings, grab a cold one and meet your friends to watch a game." BWW is marketed as the ideal place to bond with friends over a game or to play video games while enjoying good food and a great selection of beers.
    • BWW also prides itself for having a selection of 16 signature sauces for their chicken wings and five "mouthwatering" seasonings. Besides the great food, BWW has beers from "near and far" stored in their famous barrels.

    Research Strategy:

    We began our search by looking at the BWW Panama website to find their unique selling proposition and target market. As the website is in Spanish, we had to translate it. We then found the location of the restaurant on Google Maps and zoomed in to learn about its surroundings.
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    BWW Competitors, Sports Enthusiasts: Panama

    Five of Buffalo Wild Wings primary competitors for male sports enthusiasts located in Panama are Champions Sports Bar, Brickhaus Sports Bar & Grill, Bros & Beers, Hooters, and Mike's Global Grill.


    • Champions Sports Bar is conveniently located in the Panama Marriott Hotel for customers who are traveling.
    • According to male sport enthusiasts reviews, their main reasons for choosing Champions Sports Bar over Buffalo Wild Wings and other competitors is the amazing happy hour specials on drinks they offer in addition to their daily meal specials.
    • The sports bar also offers an option for visitors to dine outside on their decks, where they also allow cigar smoking.

    BRICKHAUS SPORTS BAR & GRILL — panama city, panama

    • Brickhaus Sports Bar & Grill is popularly known among male sports enthusiasts for its popular Monday night special of "all you can eat wings."
    • In addition to this weekly special and the number of TV screens offered, Brickhaus is known among male sports enthusiasts for running some of the lowest prices on drink specials among sports bar and grills in Panama.
    • Brickhaus Sports Bar & Grill also offers outdoor seating with no reservations required.

    BROS & BEERS - el cangrejo, panama

    • Bros & Beers makes their target audience of male sports enthusiasts obvious with their name but even more so by the entertainment and activities that customers have access to at this pet-friendly sports bar and grill in Panama.
    • Among the most common services offered, such as valet parking, outdoor seating, and WiFi, Bros & Beers customers also have access to pool tables and portable charges.
    • The unique aspect about this sports bar and grill that customers rave over is access to their hookah bar.

    HOOTERS - panama city, panama

    • Male sports enthusiasts rave in their reviews over the large area offered for outdoor seating and the kid-friendly environment this sports bar and grill provides.
    • Hooters run constant specials on their beer and wings.
    • The sports bar and grill has an advantage over competitors due to its ability to host large groups with no reservations required.
    • Additionally, Hooters offers a discounted lunch menu every day from 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. and Wednesday specials on wings.

    MIKE'S GLOBAL GRILL - bajo baquete, panama

    • This unique sports bar and grill is the only competitor identified that offers a loyalty program to its customers.
    • "Mike's Global Nation" is available for anyone to join and upon doing so, customers can gain access to discounts, coupons, VIP access to special and exclusive events, and a yearly birthday gift.
    • The "special events" hosted here are frequent and while most are aimed at attracting male sports enthusiasts, such as their NFL Opening Sunday, World Cup Buffets, and their annual Super Bowl Parties. Some entertainment for the non-sports fan in the form of live bands, special event buffets, stand up comedy, pig roasts, and much more are also available.
    • In addition, every week at Mike's Global Grill contains "Taco Tuesday" and "Pasta Night Wednesday", along with happy hour specials.

    Research Strategy:

    Our research began by identifying the sports bar and grills located in the country of Panama. In conjunction with this method of research, a broader look into the competitors of Buffalo Wild Wings, in general, was performed. The results returned by credible sources, ranging from pre-compiled lists found in articles provided by the new and media to sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, were then cross-analyzed. Competitors were narrowed down first by location. More narrowing was possible by choosing the most frequently mentioned and rated competitors.

    Finally, a deep dive into each company using their official website, as well as information found on official Facebook profiles belonging to these competitors, helped to narrow the list down to include only the top competitors of Buffalo Wild Wings that are located in Panama. These competitors were identified as Champions Sports Bar, Brickhaus Sports Bar & Grill, Bros & Beers, Hooters, and Mike's Global Grill.
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    BWW Competitors, Families: Panama

    According to our research, five of Buffalo Wild Wings’ primary competitors in Panama include Wingstop, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Assisi, and Hooters.





    • Reviews from families have particularly praised the large area provided for outdoor seating, and the kid-friendly environment the sports bar and grill supplies.
    • The restaurant offers specials on both its beer and wings. Moreover, it presents multi-cuisine appropriate for groups, parties, and children.
    • It accepts bookings, has a walk-in welcome, provides takeaways, and prides itself in possessing a spacious parking area.
    • It has an advantage over its competitors due to its capacity to treat big groups without reservations, which is fundamental when entertaining large family dinners or parties.
    • Additionally, Hooters offers a discounted lunch menu each day from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., along with Wednesday specials on wings.


    Research Strategy:

    Our research began by identifying the family-based restaurants, bars, and grills in Panama using reliable sources. We then took a broader look into those that can compete with Buffalo Wild Wings in conjunction with the research criteria. We searched news and media sites such as Hoovers, Owler, Comparably, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to distinguish possible competitors.

    The competitors were then narrowed down by location. Afterward, we selected the most frequently mentioned and rated competitors. Finally, we conducted a deep dive into each company using their official website, as well as information found on their official Facebook profiles, to help narrow the list down and include only the top competitors of Buffalo Wild Wings within in Panama. The competitors included Wingstop, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Assisi, and Hooters.

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    Consumer Activations: Panama

    Starbucks and Wingstop are two brands that have created successful consumer activations in Panama. The global coffee brand, Starbucks, opened stores in Panama in the year 2015 and achieved 99% of its target of ethically sourced coffee, the same year. The company’s approach to collecting customer insight was found to be uniquely different when compared to other global organizations. Starbucks works on building its brand awareness by having informal chats with their customers to encourage consumer interactions and improve social responsibility. The aviation-themed chain of restaurants, Wingstop, announced its plan to open 30 stores in Panama in 2017. GM’s OnStar marketplace, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook messaging are some innovations that are driving Wingstop’s expansion. Both Starbucks and Wingstop are working to expand their reach and improve brand awareness in Panama and across the world.

    Brands Creating Successful Consumer Activations in Panama

    1. Starbucks

    • Starbucks is considered to be one of the most iconic brands in the world. The Seattle-based company was established in the year 1971 and successfully launched branches in Panama in 2015. Over the course of 45 years, Starbucks has over 29,324 stores across the world.
    • Each Starbucks store follows the brand philosophy of providing its customers with an enjoyable and relaxing experience with every visit. The brand is responsible for developing the concept of creating a third place that’s between work and home for people to enjoy their coffee in an inviting environment.
    • It was found that Starbucks’ approach towards collecting consumer insight is uniquely different when compared to other large organizations with multi-million dollar advertising research budgets. Rather than adopting complex and rigorous customer surveys, Starbucks encourages customer interactions by engaging them in casual and informal conversations. The company does so to understand their experience in the store and gather essential feedback.
    • In the shareholder meeting held in March 2017, the company announced its plans to delve into coffee innovation, creating premium-crafted iced teas, and improving food options.
    • Starbucks operates a website, “”, where consumers can drop ideas on the expansion of the company, improving its products, improving customer engagement and experience, improving social responsibility, and improving the company’s engagement with the local community.
    • This brand has a significant digital and social media presence that is primarily driven by the requirement of engaging with the customers and improving its visibility on social platforms. Starbucks has an active Twitter account, Facebook page, Google+ community, Instagram page, YouTube channel, and a Pinterest page.
    • It is found that the brand invests heavily in mobile marketing and has adopted digital innovation by creating its very own app for tipping baristas, paying for products, redeeming and earning reward points. The company is also found to be successful in utilizing technologies such as virtual gift cards, coupon downloads, and QR codes in the brand’s promotional campaigns.
    • Starbucks has also leveraged artificial intelligence to enable consumers to order through a messaging interface or voice command via the mobile app. This particular innovative consumer activation has resulted in enhancing the brand’s customer engagement through a 20% increase in the company’s rewards membership spend.
    • It is found that Starbucks always carries out exhaustive research on the culture, history, and the taste preferences of the local community before partnering with local coffee companies.
    • The company’s brand promotion strategy is unconventional and unique. While Starbucks does not advertise through posters, magazines, newspapers, or billboards, the company builds its brand mainly through word-of-mouth channels.

    2. Wingstop

    • Wingstop is a chain of aviation-themed restaurants and has become a popular casual sit-down restaurant in Panama. In 2017, the company announced its plan to expand its reach by opening 30 new stores in Colombia and Panama. Amazon Alexa, Facebook and Twitter messaging, SMS, and GM’s OnStar marketplace are some innovations that are driving the brand’s expansion.
    • In 2017, the company was forced to take pricing actions due to the high wing prices and, thus, resulted in an explosive growth in sales that increased Wingstop’s revenue to $37.39 million.
    • Wingstop has adopted the use of strategic digital marketing approaches, one of which is the “Where Flavor Gets Its Wings” campaign. With this promotion featured in TV, in-store, and digital advertising, the brand expects to digitize every single Wingstop transaction.
    • The brand has four primary growth strategies — initiating national advertising, implementing delivery services, furthering digital expansion, and continuing its development in international markets. In 2019, the aim of Wingstop is to create a more “top-of-mind brand awareness” to retain incremental customers and expand its target audience to reach quick-service restaurant users.
    • Wingstop has also enhanced its website to improve customer experience online. The company takes all its delivery orders online through its online platform. It was found that 75% of the brand’s total business is take-out orders.

    Research Strategy:

    Based on information available in the public domain, there are no reports with insights into casual sit-out restaurant brands that created successful customer activations in Panama. However, your research team expanded the scope of the search to other famous restaurants in the world with franchises located in Panama. Your team, thus, included Starbucks' Wingstop's initiatives that create consumer activations through technological innovations as a proxy for the required information.
    Your research team began by looking for credible information with the hope of locating reports with insights into successful customer activation campaigns with a focus on casual sit-out restaurants in Panama. In order to obtain the required information, your team looked through industry-specific websites and location-specific websites such as FoodNewsFeed; and media websites such as Forbes. An extensive search through these channels provided no reports that detail customer activations relevant to casual sit-out restaurants but provide data on general marketing used by various restaurants.
    Next, your team proceeded to search through digital marketing resources in Panama with the hope of identifying case studies relevant to the subject of successful customer activation by casual sit-down restaurants. The search lead your team to websites such as SLD. However, an exhaustive search showed that these marketing companies do not provide any case studies regarding customer activation by casual sit-down restaurants, rather, they provide insights into how restaurant should be marketed, various marketing ideas, and general strategies.
    Then, your research team expanded its search to include significant sit-down restaurants in Panama hoping to identify customer activation campaigns by them. To do so, tools and websites such as Google Maps, Trip Advisor, The Culture Trip, and My Guide Panama were used to identify popular restaurants. Through this search, your team was able to determine some popular restaurants in Panama such as La Vespa, and Donde Jose. The search was further expanded to include the restaurants' official websites and their accompanying social media accounts. However, no information was publicly available on any customer activation campaigns run by Panama's popular restaurants.
    Finally, your team expanded the scope of the research to other famous restaurants in the world with franchises located in Panama. The search lead your team to resources such as Martin Roll, Day Translations, QSR Magazine, and Panama Relocation Tours. Through this search, information regarding Starbucks' and Wingstop's campaigns in creating consumer activations leading to increased revenue, brand awareness, improved customer perception and awareness, was found. Starbucks and Wingstop have been included as examples of brands since they fall under the category of restaurant which is relevant to the consumer demographic that casual sit-down restaurants may likely target. However, an exhaustive search provided no data on how these brands are conducted these activities specifically in Panama.

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    American Brands in Panama

    US brands and goods are perceived to be of good quality and enjoy a prominent position in marketplaces in Colon Free Zone of Panama. US restaurant brands and franchises hold a leading position in the Panamanian market. Some major reasons accounting for the high preference and acceptance of US brands in Panama include similarity in the Panamanian consumers' attitudes and brand preferences to the US consumers.


    1. US brands enjoy high acceptance and are considered good quality in Panama

    2. US brands enjoy a prominent position in the Panamanian marketplaces, especially in the Colon Free Zone

    • Panamanians are after the popularity of brands within their society. According to the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, US brands such as Nike, Oakley, and Columbia sportswear enjoys such position.
    • In the consumer retail industry, Panama has established itself and is known as a regional competitor to Miami.

    3. The Panamanians preferred high-quality US brands

    • The Panamanians preferred high-quality US brands, they prefer trend-setting goods, and the price is just a secondary determinant in their purchasing decision.
    • Trend-setting US goods are highly favorable in Panama, and according to the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, the main reason for this trend is that consumer attitudes and brand preferences in Panama are similar to that the US.
    • Upper-income Panamanians frequently travel to the US for purposes ranging from medical, vacation, study, and business, this accounts for the similarity in their tastes and buying patterns to the US consumers.
    • The presence of large US companies in Panama accounts for one of the reasons why US brands are highly preferred and sought in Panama. Law 41 of 2007 in Panama encourage the US companies such as Dell, Maersk, ADM, Procter and Gamble, Caterpillar, Mars, Adidas, Nike, and SAB Mille to established regional hubs in Panama this has made some US executives and employees relocate to Panama with their families.
    • US television, radio, and magazines are available and popular in Panama. These media widely promotes US brands in Panama.

    4. Major US hotels, restaurant, and fast food brands hold a leading position in the Panamanian market.

    • Despite high competition in the hotel and restaurant market in Panama, US brands and companies hold the leading position because of zero import duties for US hotel and restaurant equipment.
    • In recent years, Panamanians consumes more convenience and healthy foods and that trend has resulted in good prospects for US exports like low fat, low sodium, gluten free, sugar free, fresh fruits (mainly apples, grapes, peaches and pears), organic foods, processed fruits and vegetables (especially canned fruits), and snack foods (including corn chips, popcorn, cookies and candies).
    • USDA Foreign Agricultural Services notes that 92.6% of food exports to Panama comes from the US.

    Research Strategy

    To find information regarding Panamanians’ perception of US brands, we reviewed Panamanian consumers’ survey reports published by research firms and authoritative agencies that specialize in consumer survey such the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We similarly searched for information on Panamanian consumers’ attitudes and preference from reputable sources such as Panama government databases and media sources like Medium and PR Newswire. While we focused on providing general information on consumers' perception of US brands in Panama, we gave preference to US restaurant and allied industry brands perception in Panama, highlighting data and statistics specific to US restaurant brands in Panama.

    From Part 02
    • "Reported fan spending of over $10.5 million on tickets to live sporting events, an increase of 35% YOY 32% of fans reported noticing the brands that teams or athletes use or wear during games and events. Reported fan spending of over $6.2 million on sports cable TV packages, an increase of 13% YOY Over a third of fans (36.4%) believe that sponsors of sporting events are critical to the success of sports 25% of fans reported following brands that sponsor their favorite teams or athletes on social media, an increase of 107% YOY 68% of fans agreed that sports can bring people from different walks of life together"
    • "But beyond sponsorships and advertising, sports have an overall positive influence on the lives of sports fans – especially soccer fans. 74% of soccer fans and players (and 77% of watchers) say that sports can bring people from different walks of life together – and generations of families too can share this passion. Almost one-half of our three groups say that sports have provided them a foundation for lifelong friendships (fans: 47%, players: 50%, and watchers: 50%) as well as helping define who they are. For soccer fans, being a sports fan is a joy – they will cheer for their favorite team no matter how they are doing (68%), will watch for the surprise of the results (66%), and say that it helps them escape the daily grind of work and life (61%). Sporting events provide a social outlet, enable strange superstitions and rituals (players: 33%), and provide an outlet to indulge one’s competitive instincts while building a foundation of cooperation and partnership with others."
    From Part 04
    • "Panamanian families are usually very close and quite large. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents often live nearby and see each other frequently."
    • "Panamanian family is usually very big and extended. It means children are grown up by their mothers, but when mother goes to work, granny will sit and watch the kids, when granny goes to the market, and older sister is the main until grandmother comes back."
    • "As for the role of woman and men, they are based on the main religion – Catholicism, which was brought to Panama by Spanish people who moved here centuries ago for permanent living. Now the things are different than 10 years ago. Women get more and more rights, at least young generation and at least in big cities."
    • "every member of the family supports another one and that is really sweet and really nice; that makes warm relations within the family and makes family relations stronger. "
    • "Support, trust and respect – those are words that come up in mind when I think about Panamanian family"
    • "Maybe there is not that much personal freedom for every single person in the family in Panama,"
    • "In the interior, common-law marriages are usual, while in urban areas church weddings are common."
    • "The father is traditionally the head of the family, and the mother generally takes responsibility for the home."
    • "The extended family has become less important than it used to be, but adult children expect to care for their aging parents, even if they do not live with them."
    • "A large number of births take place out of wedlock, especially in the interior, but many of these are within stable common-law marriages. "
    • "Families in urban areas often live in rented apartments, while those in rural areas may own a small home."
    • "Urban people eat a variety of international as well as traditional foods. Dinner is usually the main meal in urban areas; the entire family gathers in the early evening to share the meal."
    • "In rural areas, people often have a big breakfast early, a main meal at midday , and a smaller meal at around 5 pm. Urban families try to eat together, but families in the campo (country) are often prevented from doing so by their work schedules"
    • "The best family experience we have ever had, cruising through the Mangroves in the early hours of the morning out into the open sea where we saw Dolphins and Humpback whales and caught plenty of Tuna "
    From Part 05
    • "Celebrations, weddings and family gatherings are a social outlet for rich and poor alike, and those with relatives in positions of power – nominal or otherwise – don’t hesitate to turn to them for support."
    • "Carnivals are one of the main festivals in Panamá, especially the Carnival of Panamá and the Carnival of Las Tablas, in the capital of the province of Los Santos. The carnivals are celebrated for four consecutive days, before Ash Wednesday. This festivity ends on Tuesday night with the entierro de la sardina or burial of the sardine. "
    • "On Friday and Saturday, following these days of carnival, the derek heines are held, which are considered the town’s own festivities, given that the carnivals are attended by many tourists from other areas of the country and abroad. The Festival Nacional de Manito Ocueño is a folkloric festival held the second week each August, and was declared by law as the National Folk Festival of the Republic of Panamá."
    • "Founded in 1950, the Flower and Coffee Festival or la Feria de Boquete attracts 130,000 visitors annually to the town of Boquete for ten days of flowers, crafts, demonstrations, and performances. The family-friendly festival features carnival rides and open-air clubs with live music and dancing. Coffee can be in surprisingly short supply, but you’ll find plenty of rum! "
    • "The weekend before Ash Wednesday, Panama City comes to life with revelry, starting with the Crowning of the Carnival Queen on Saturday and preceding through four days of lavish masked parades, street fairs folk dance, and wild parties that rage until the break of dawn. Panamanians really know how to do a last hurrah before Lent. "
    • "As the majority of the population is Catholic, it is not surprising that Panamanians celebrate Mother's Day on the same day...Mothers and grandmothers receive gifts and are visited by their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, godchildren and friends. For many Panamanians, Mother's Day is more important than Christmas."
    • "On Nochebuena (Christmas Eve), an elaborate dinner is usually prepared, and the children are allowed to open their gifts at midnight. Christmas Day is a day of relaxation when children play with their new toys, and grandparents, family, and friends visit."
    • "Panamanians in the upper-middle and elite classes generally celebrate Los quince anos (a girl's fifteenth birthday). It is one of the biggest fiestas the family will ever host."
    From Part 08
    • "Very good wings, I ordered 20 battered wings and mozarella sticks, something classic typical in franchises, normal flavor. The wings were very good, with Buffalo Mild sauces and the other I think it was called Carolina, in general everything is fine, but, the service can improve, the Pepsi light tasted like rays"
    • "Went out on a Sunday evening with the kids for a quick dinner. The food was good---typical American Café type food. The kids had burgers & chicken strips and the adults had a pasta dish with artichokes and spinach. The best part of the experience was our server, Matt. "
    • "He interacted with the adults and each of the children. He was sure to bring up topics that's appealed to everyone. Applebee's has a winner with this server. If you go, definitely ask to have Matt as your server. "
    • "This is a good Chili's restaurant. The service was quick and efficient, the food was cooked right and the drinks were good. We will eat here again when we visit Panama City. My wife and I like the two can eat for $22.00. Lots of choices and we settle at lot of times for the ribs. You get a choice of salads and a side. This time we selected the fries and corn on the cob. All was good as was the service. "
    • "We had difficulty with the pay would not accept our payment coupon. The manager intervened and it still didn't accept the we paid with a credit card and for our troubles the manager gave us gift cards. They couldn't have been nicer. Will go back. Thanks"
    • "Visiting Hooters Panama was nice especially because of our lovely host Lucia who smiled her way through the service and lack of English ;o) Food (burger, fries, brownie) was tasty "
    • "Honest food. Pizzas from a wood fired oven. Well presented pasta dishes. Good selection of world wines in well polished glasses. Nice decor and lighting. Attentive waiters. Chef happy to cook a spaghetti Bolognese which wasn't on the menu. We have a great meal and would recommend it "
    From Part 09
    • "Starbucks has been responsible for creating the concept of a third place between home and work where people can relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and experience the inviting ambience. It is often said that Starbucks taught America how to drink coffee and is now continuously teaching the world."
    • "In 2015, it opened stores in Panama and reached the milestone of achieving 99% of ethically sourced coffee. The company has more than 26,000 stores in 75 countries worldwide and is expected to maintain a strong growth momentum in 2017."
    • "In the latest shareholder meeting in March 2017, it was announced that the company’s plans in 2017 include innovation in coffee, elevated food options and innovation in premium craft iced teas."
    • "Since its founding days in the early 1990s, Starbucks has strived to build its brand identity by offering customers a relaxing and enjoyable experience."
    • "In addition, Starbucks has also built its brand on things that tend to be out of the box, by consistently defying conventional wisdom."
    • "This statistic shows how many Starbucks stores there are worldwide from 2003 to 2018. In 2018, there were 29,324 Starbucks stores around the world."
    • "In 2018, the chain recorded its highest ever annual revenue of 24.72 billion U.S. dollars, up from a mere four billion in 2003."
    • "Record-high wing prices forced Wingstop to take pricing actions in late 2017. One of the side effects: Ticket growth that boomed the 1,157-unit chain’s domestic same-store sales an eye-popping 9.5 percent in the first quarter versus the prior-year period. Systemwide sales jumped 20.4 percent to $313 million and Wingstop had revenues of $37.39 million (adjusted earnings per share of 25 cents). These numbers jolted the chain’s stock more than 7 percent in Friday afternoon trading. Shares are up 65 percent over the last year."
    • "The company increased its systemwide restaurant count 12.2 percent compared to Q1 2017 thanks to 22 domestic openings and six international ones. Wingstop wants to reach 2,500-plus units domestically and become a “top 10 global restaurant brand,” Morrison said."
    • "Morrison said Wingstop has four key long-term growth strategies it made progress on in the quarter: The initiation of national advertising Furthering digital expansion Implementing delivery Continued international development"
    • "Next, Wingstop’s digital sales accounted for 23.9 percent of total sales in Q1, up from 22.7 percent in Q4. About 74 percent of its domestic restaurants are generating 20 percent or more of their sales digitally. This has progressed from 49 percent in Q1 2017 to 67 percent in Q4."
    • "Facebook and Twitter messaging, SMS, Amazon Alexa, and GM’s OnStar marketplace are a few of the innovations driving the expansion, Morrison said. "
    • "There is digital runway here as well. About half of Wingstop’s orders are coming in via phone, “which provides for further opportunity for digital conversion,” Morrison said. Digital orders are also carrying an average check $5 higher."
    • "Total revenue increased 14.9 percent to $153.2 million in fiscal 2018 versus the prior-year. Net income was $21.7 million, or 73 cents per diluted share."
    • "Wingstop’s digital presence has produced the biggest impact lately. Digital sales increased to 27.6 percent of domestic systemwide sales in Q4. It hit a company record 30 percent in January."
    • "Wingstop’s marketing strategy also pushed into more digital advertising while incorporating elements from the new “Where Flavor Gets Its Wings” campaign, which launched last week."
    • "Wingstop is hoping the new promotion, which features in-store and TV advertising along with digital, will lead the brand closer to digitizing every Wingstop transaction."
    • "“Closing this gap by creating more top-of-mind brand awareness of Wingstop is the essential first step in attracting and retaining incremental customers, which we believe that we'll have a huge opportunity to expand our audience to quick-service restaurants users, as they learn about Wingstop,” Morrison said. “We expect that our 2019 advertising is going to be a large source of that awareness.”"
    From Part 10
    • "The Panama Market Guide states that Panamanians are very brand conscious. "
    • "The brand loyalty of the Panamanian consumer depends heavily on the societies risk averse behavior."
    • "Traditional products and services from well-known brands are used, rather than considering a substitute that might disappoint the consumer. "
    • "In recent years Panama’s growth as a passenger air hub for Latin America and its competitive consumer retail environment have contributed to a proliferation of shopping malls that promote Panama as a shopping destination for the region’s growing middle class. It is not uncommon to see Brazilians, Colombians, Venezuelans, and Central Americas flooding the malls, particularly during holidays. As a result, U.S. consumer retail and franchise companies can expect more sales opportunities than Panama’s small population would at first indicate."
    • "The use of the U.S. dollar as legal currency and consumer preference for high quality products at competitive prices are two reasons for high acceptance of U.S. products in Panama. Overall, U.S. products are well accepted in the market and are considered to be of good quality. However, in many instances, U.S. products must compete against lower priced products, especially from Asia. "
    • " Note that U.S. brands, many of whom manufacture outside of the U.S., enjoy a prominent position in the marketplace and in the Colón Free Zone. Such brands as Nike, Oakley, and Columbia sportswear fall into this category."
    • "Consumer attitudes and many brand preferences are similar to those in the U.S. Many U.S. television, radio, and magazines are popular and available in Panama. Upper-income Panamanians frequently travel to the U.S. for vacation, medical treatment, study, and business, and their buying patterns and tastes are similar to those of U.S. consumers."
    • "U.S. goods and services enjoy a reputation for high quality and are highly competitive. Panama has in recent years established itself as a regional competitor to Miami for consumer retail, which may result in a larger market than its domestic population would indicate. "
    • "These consumers prefer high quality trend-setting goods, where price is often a secondary determinant in the purchasing decision. "
    • " Panama has eliminated duties on U.S. high-quality beef, frozen turkeys, soybeans, soybean meal, crude soybean and corn oil, almost all fruit and fruit products, wheat, peanuts, whey, cotton, and many processed products. The TPA also provides duty-free access for specified volumes of some agricultural products through Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs)."
    • "U.S. goods and services enjoy a reputation for high quality and are highly competitive. Consumer attitudes and many brand preferences are similar to the United States, U.S. television, radio and magazines are all available and popular in Panama. Panamanians frequently travel to the U.S. for vacation, medical treatment, study and business. Their buying patterns and tastes are similar to those of U.S. consumers. "
    • "Law 41 of 2007 relating to Multinational Enterprises has enticed 140 companies from different countries to establish their regional hubs or headquarters in Panama, bringing in their executives and other employees with their families. Examples of these companies are Dell, Maersk, ADM, Procter and Gamble, Caterpillar, Mars, Adidas, Nike, SAB Miller, among others."
    • "Strong preference for U.S. way of life, manner of doing business"
    • "In recent years, consuming more convenience and healthy foods has been the trend and has resulted in good prospects for U.S. exports of low fat, low sodium, gluten free, sugar free, fresh fruits (mainly apples, grapes, peaches and pears), organic foods, processed fruits and vegetables (especially canned fruits), and snack foods (including corn chips, popcorn, cookies and candies). Processed canned fruits and vegetables, especially mixed fruits, mixed vegetables, yellow sweet corn, peas, mushrooms, and garbanzo beans; and Frozen processed products (pizzas, ready-to-eat food) generate strong import demand."
    • "Major U.S. hotel brands are present in Panama and a variety of restaurants, including well-known U.S. franchises of fast food and other restaurants, can be found in Panama City and other major cities in Panama."
    • "The hotel and restaurant market is very competitive. The U.S. holds a leading position in this market, with main competition being from France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil."
    • "The growth of the economy and the increasing flow of tourists, as well as the Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Panama, which reduced import duties to zero for hotel and restaurant equipment, are indicators of excellent market opportunities for U.S. exporters of hotel and restaurant equipment."