Buying Decisions

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Buying Decisions

People pay for digital news subscriptions, when they could use it for free, to get high quality content or to access exclusive perks and benefits. People would pay for Slate Plus to support their favorite artists or contribute to a community or movement.

Reasons to pay for digital news subscriptions:

  • Disqus surveyed if people would rather pay for content and never see ads or have all content be free and ad-supported.
  • The poll generated 4,719 votes.
  • Reasons mentioned included, to get high quality content, to access to exclusive perks and benefits (e.g. no ads, mobile app, member-only events) and to access to information that most people do not.
  • Disqus concludes that people would pay for digital news subscriptions because it gives them higher quality content, access to exclusive perks and benefits and to access to information that most people do not.
  • An example of such subscription is Washington Post where some benefits include unlimited access to their post on any device and to all their apps which is not available for non subscribers.

Reasons to pay for Workout video like virtual Barre classes:

  • While one might be able to find plenty of free videos online, it could take a long time to find one with the length, format, instructor, fitness level, and workout style one prefers.
  • If a customer is paying for a series of virtual Barre classes, it takes mere seconds to pick the right one and start.
  • The customer gets the right content at the right time, whether the customer is searching a curated database or working his or her way through a series of courses.
  • Every video a customer needs is on one website rather than scattered around several sites.
  • An example of such virtual barre class be "The Virtual Barre" where the online personal packages start from $59.

Reasons to pay for Twitch subscription:

  • Personality of a creator influences twitch subscriptions.
  • When people like a personality, they’re motivated to get as much as they can from that source.
  • Most viewers subscribe to channels mainly to support their favorite streamer.
  • Along with support the subscribers also gets benefits like emotes, badges, special alerts, etc. which is not available for non-subscribers.
  • Subscription packages starts from $4.99 — $24.99.

Reasons to pay for Slate Plus:

  • Many people will also pay for content as a way to support their favorite artists or contribute to a community or movement.
  • For example, digital publication Slate asks its readers to become “Slate Plus” members.
  • For $35 a year, they get advance access to content, fewer ads, and discount tickets to Slate events.
  • But the main draw here is supporting independent journalism. [1] [8. Desire to support a community]
  • Slate plus membership comes with a suite of benefits.
  • It is $35 for the first year with benefits like access to Slatesters, support for Slate's reporting, commentary, and criticism, member exclusives episodes, no ads, etc.

Reasons to pay for Bottled water:

  • In the US, where safe drinking water is free and plentiful, the country spends $100 billion on bottled water each year.
  • This is because it is marketed in such a way that people perceive bottled water as cleaner, healthier, crisper and tastier than regular old tap water.
  • Marketing and advertising successfully tap into unconscious emotions, interfering with decision-making.
  • When we are busy and distracted, as most people are in our society, we are more likely to act impulsively and buy things that we do not need.
  • Retail expert Gary Mortimer told that using words such as "pure" and "nature's best", and displaying snow-capped mountains on packaging changed consumers' perception of a product.
  • In reality, this could have come straight from the tap but people would still buy it because they get influenced by the packaging of the bottled water.

Research Strategy:

We gathered information from a broad cross-section of sources, selecting case studies from products generally freely available yet sold as ready-to-use products.