Butler PickPal: Automated Warehouse Technology

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Butler PickPal

The Butler Pickpal robotic picking system by GreyOrange is an automated picking installation that works in warehouses. This system picks, processes, consolidates, and prepares orders in warehouses. Also, it works collaboratively with human operators for fulfilling orders, and is best for e-commerce warehouses. We provided the required details of the Butler Pickpal in column F of this attached spreadsheet.


  • The Butler Pickpal work alongside human operators for delivering improved and accelerated picking performance of up to 2x productivity gains. Also, the system delivers higher picking efficiency, lower cost per shipment, reduces the mis-pick costs of human errors and pilferage.
  • According to the Robotic Report, GreyOrange's Butler Pickpal system works collaboratively, which allows it to work alongside human warehouse operators and can achieve between 500-600 picks every hour.
  • Some strengths of the Butler Pickpal system include its 6-axis robotic arm that can handle over 100,000 SKUs weighing around 8.8 pounds and its ability to handle different types of packaging such as pouches, boxes, vacuum-sealed items, and bottles. It identifies the SKU of what it picks through its machine learning capabilities, according to the Robotic Report.
  • As per a report by Logistics Magazine, the global Collaborative Robots industry is expected to witness exceptional growth over the next 5 years. According to the report, the material handling segment pertinent to Butler Pickpal, would account for 34% of the worldwide robotics spending by 2025
  • As requested, we provided the required information for Butler Pickpal in column F of this attached spreadsheet.


We began by investing the Butler Pickpal parent company directory in search of info about this system, including its features, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. This investigation only provided insights into the features and strengths of the Butler Pickpal system, which was expected as the company would likely not be posting the weaknesses or strategies used to promote its product.

Therefore, we proceeded to investigate reports by credible external websites to identify insights into the capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of Butler Pickpal. This time, we found reports by the Robotic Report, Industry Europe, Logistics Magazine, and others, which revealed the strategies, market outlook, and strengths of the Butler Pickpal system. Unfortunately, no report explicitly stated the weaknesses of Butler Pickpal, and this may be because the system launched in June 2018 and yet to get extensive usage, as it has only been deployed in select locations.

However, we examined the reports found in our research that provided information about the market outlook pertinent to the segment the Butler Pickpal operates, as well as media reviews of the system to identify possible weaknesses the system may have. Then, we provided the same, as a proxy for the weaknesses of Butler Pickpal due to the lack of such specific info in the public domain.

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