Business Themes of Cognizant CEO

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Business Themes of Cognizant CEO

Some examples of how Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries has put his stated core business philosophies around being goal-oriented and recognizing the social impacts of technology into play include Cognizant's acquisition of Zenith Technologies and revival of Cognizant's struggling growth engine.



1. Cognizant's Acquisition of Zenith Technologies

  • According to Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries, some areas of the strategic focus of Cognizant are Industry 4.0 solutions, encompassing Internet of Things (IoT), automation, and analytics.
  • Through the company's acquisition of Zenith Technologies, a known leader in Life Sciences Manufacturing Technology Services, it has now expanded the company's IoT portfolio and also extended their life sciences expertise by becoming a "single-source provider of end-to-end smart factory capabilities."
  • Cognizant's combined expertise with Zenith Technologies will also enable them to deliver a wide range of Industry 4.0 capabilities such as machine sensor and controller instrumentation, factory design consultation, supervisory control, and data acquisition.

2. The Revival of Cognizant's Struggling Growth Engine and Establishing a Healthier Cost Structure

  • To revive Cognizant's struggling growth engine, Brian Humphries made two leadership changes in the first month of being CEO.
  • Malcolm Frank, who was formerly the Chief Strategy Officer, is now the president of Cognizant Digital Business (CDB), the division overseeing Cognizant's digital services' portfolio.
  • Prasad Chintamaneni, current EVP and president of Global Industries and Consulting, will be in charge of banking & financial services business, in addition to his existing responsibilities. Cognizant's Banking & Financial Services, which accounts for the company's 35% of revenue, has decreased by 1.7% in the January-March quarter and experienced major speed breakers, such as customer specific issues, insourcing, and multiple deal ramp downs.
  • According to CEO Brian Humphries, by establishing a healthier cost structure at Cognizant, the company will have the ability to invest in growth and in turn, give more value for their clients, whether through reskilling, raising their marketing spend, sales coverage expanding or increase of investments in tools, platforms, and automation.


3. Vodafone Project with Sanku (Project Healthy Children)

  • Vodafone announced last 2018 their project with Sanku (Project Healthy Children) where they will help reach 100 million people across Africa by equipping small flour mills with the Internet of Things (IoT) services to fight against malnutrition, by providing nutritious fortified flour.
  • This project was implemented through the leadership of Brian Humphries as Vodafone Group's Enterprise CEO.
  • The result of their partnership with Sanku includes reliable and secure connectivity of Sanku dosifier through Vodafone's IoT SIM and accurate monitoring of fortification levels to make sure that communities in Africa are receiving fortified flour benefits. The partnership also aims to improve further Sanku's scaling ability through Vodafone's M-Pesa mobile money service, which is used for the secure payments of millers on their smartphones.
  • According to Vodafone Enterprise CEO, Brian Humphries, their project with Sanku was "a perfect example of how the Internet of Things can improve people’s lives and help make a difference in even the poorest of communities."

4. 2019 Global Trends Report Launch and Vodafone Enterprise brand refresh

  • In December 2018, Vodafone launched its 2019 Global Trends Report, which highlighted ethics and purpose, customer centricity, and AI's impact as their key business priorities for the year 2019.
  • In line with their 2019 Global Trends Report launching, Vodafone also refreshed their enterprise division brand into Vodafone Business, with Brian Humphries as the division CEO in charge. This move showed the company's renewed strategic focus on putting customers and tangible business outcomes towards its core and being able to work with any organization of any size.
  • According to Vodafone Business CEO Brian Humphries, placing people at the heart of a business is the trend the company truly identify with and is core to Vodafone Business. This philosophy runs through Vodafone's products and services, including IoT and SD-WAN through their approach and relationships with their customers.

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