Business summary of Newen

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Business summary of Newen

TF1 is a French television company that was launched in 1935. Gilles Pelisson currently serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company

TF1 overview

Financial data

  • In 2019, the company recorded €2.337 billion ($2.572 billion) in annual revenue.


Media scan and acquisitions

  • In April 2019, TFI announced the acquisition of Aufeminin Group from Axel Springer. TF1 acquired 78.07% of the company at €39.47 ($43.45) per share.
  • In 2018, TF1 acquired a majority stake in Gammned.
  • In October 2018, TF1 completed a 100% acquisition of Doctissimo from the Lagardère Group.
  • In 2016, TF1 announced the acquisition of a majority stake in MinuteBuzz.

Business lines


Newen is a leading French producer and distributor of audiovisual content. The company has a catalog of more 5,000 hours of audiovisual content and programs.

Company ownership structure.

C-suite staff

Merger and acquisitions

  • In a bid to improve its international presence, the Newen Group acquired a majority stake in an independent company in the Netherlands called the Tuvalu Media Group In February 2017.
  • In August 2018, the company acquired a 60% controlling stake in Pupkin.
  • The company also acquired a Danish production studio called Nimbus in August 2018.
  • In 2019, Newen Group acquired a 60% majority stake in De Mensen, a Belgium production company.
  • In July 2019, Newen Group acquired a controlling stake in a Canadian production and distribution company called Reel One Entertainment.

Challenges currently facing the company

  • The company is facing challenges in developing an international footprint. In 2017, the company invested about $54 million in the UK market with little return in investment (ROI).
  • In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Rodolphe Buet, the head of distribution at Newen stated that the company's biggest challenge in the global market is " attracting new talent so that the company can be able to meet the demand from traditional partners and new players." He also noted that the company " needs to develop talent and bring a new generation of writers, showrunners, actors and even consider new types of talent" to be able to compete in the global market.
  • The strong regulation of the French TV market is also a challenge that is facing the company.
  • In a recent interview, Gilles Pélisson, the chief executive officer of TF1 Group (the group that holds a 70% majority stake in Newen Group) noted that the regulations of the French TV market which "forbids some territories and ultimately limits its growth" has made the French TV market to lag behind the Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom TV markets.

Value proposition

  • The company has a catalog of more 5,000 hours of audiovisual content and programs.