Business Processes: Education

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Business Processes: Education

Key Takeaways


Because of aging systems, many departments in the education industry still rely on business processes done manually. Five of the most common business processes that are done manually or via a database or spreadsheet application in the education industry are attendance tracking, processing leave, filing claims, enrollment of students, and getting parental consent. Details are below.

Processing Leave Applications

Tracking Attendance

Registration, Enrollment, and Admission

  • A third example of a business process that is done manually in the education industry is the registration and admission of students.
  • The process involves students standing in lines to collect admission forms, fill the forms, return them to the right office, and make fee payments.
  • Students also have to register for courses by filling different forms. Admission staff members then organize all the submitted admission and registration forms, analyze them, check students' eligibility for the applied courses, clarify illegible handwriting or unanswered questions on the forms, check for errors, validate student documents, and decide whether to register a student.

Filing Claims

  • Filing claims and expense workflows is another business process done manually in the education industry. It involves employees filing claims and expense spending with the accounts department for reimbursements.
  • The process usually requires staff members, such as teachers, to fill the reimbursement claim form (including for travel expenses), attach all bills and receipts, submit the form to the accounts department, receive an acknowledgment of submission, and follow up in person or through the post for the claim to be cleared.

Obtaining Parental Consent

Research Strategy

For this research on the most common business processes done manually or via a database or spreadsheet application in the education industry, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information available in the public domain, including industry databases such as The Educator and Frevvo. We defined the most common business processes as those that were identified by industry experts or those that were repeated in more than one reputable source.

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