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Business/Industry Directories: Education

The 12 popular business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the educational innovation or tech industry/vertical include eLearning Industry, EdSurge, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies,, Edshelf, Training Industry, The Elearning List, CB Insights, Tracxn, Christensen Institute, HolonIQ, and Encoura.


We started the search by looking for a comprehensive and precompiled list of popular business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the educational innovation or tech industry. We used different reliable media sites, blogs, news sites, and update sites in the educational category. That includes Dive, EduWeek, The Learning Network, Edudemic, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, and others. However, the search did not yield fruitful results. The only information we found was a list of product listings according to reviews or performance but nothing on directories or listings.

We then manually searched for business listings or product listings related to education innovation or education technology. We then compiled them in the spreadsheet. We used Hyperstat to find their total monthly visits, and we used the total monthly visits to determine the popularity of the directory. We then picked the seven sites with the most monthly visits. Numbers 8-12 were meant for the market maps. We also looked into each of the websites to determine the size of the directory, age or year the directory began, and the quality of the listing (possibly from reviews of the listing or industry expert analysis of the directory for the industry).

We then looked for educational market maps and compiled them in the spreadsheet. We used Hyperstat to determine the market maps’ monthly visits, and we used the monthly visits as the determinant of popularity. We then ranked each map from highest to lowest, and chose the top market maps and compiled them in the research brief. Additionally, we added the link of the directories and the market maps to the proper headers provided in the research brief.

Elearning Industry

The eLearning Industry was founded in 2012, but its directory started about three years later (October 2015) with only a limited amount of listings. Athena Health, Acer, and USA Today labeled the listings of eLearning as “easy to work with.” Additionally, the directory is arranged by tool categories. It includes authoring tools, content providers, translation providers, LMSs, course marketplaces, voice actors, web conferencing software, software vendors and online language providers. Moreover, the directory has about 1,677,840 monthly visits. The directory size lists 1,938 companies.


Edsurge was founded in 2011, but the directory started in November 2015 with a limited amount of listings. The product index caters to the community with products being categorized by their use such as school management, post-secondary and educational content and apps for K-12 curriculum. Additionally, the products were reviewed by teachers, and they found it easy to use. However, they also stated that some products needed improvements.

Edsurge receives about 639,730 monthly visits. Its directory size includes 2,548 providers of Edtech products.

Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

The Center for Learning and Performance Technologies started in 2000. However, the directory started 11 years after its founding with over 2000 listings. It contains tools that include instructional tools, content development tools, social tools, personal and professional tools and content. Jane Hart, the founder of the website, stated that users enjoy the product. Furthermore, users find the products to be "useful and seamless."

The website has about 364,590 monthly visits, and it offers approximately 1,000 tools made for learning and education.


Common Sense Media was founded way back in 2003. At the time it was reviewing different movies, games, and more. The directory was then made in August 2016, with a few listings. The directory includes edtech tools for various topics such as arts, English language arts, Health and wellness, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Languages. Teachers reviewed the products to be beneficial and interactive. Furthermore, the website receives 283,500 monthly visits and has a directory of 3,379 edtech tools.


Edshelf started its directory in 2012. It has a directory of websites, mobile apps, and desktop program. These are reviewed by teachers and parents, who find the tools to be excellent and engaging. The website receives 75,930 monthly visits and has a directory of 180,000 education apps and 4,000 tools.

Training Industry

Training industry was founded in 2004, but the directory started in October 2008. Its directory has categorized its suppliers with different kinds of tools such as authoring tools, business, compliance, custom content, LMS, and LCMS. The website receives about 26,040 monthly visits. Additionally, it has a directory of 5,396 suppliers.

Elearning List

Elearning List is a marketplace for e-learning services and solutions. It was founded in 2008. It categorizes its users by their use which include authoring tools, consultancy, mobile learning, voice and audio services, and LMS software. It receives about 6,750 monthly visitors, and it has a list of 686 online training companies.

CB Insights

CB insights market map was published in 2017 with more than 90 companies. These are well-funded companies that specialize in educational technology. They are divided into 14 categories which include Broad Online Learning, Learning Management Systems, Career Development, Early Childhood Education, Language Learning, Tech Learning, Study Tools, and others. The website receives 1,961,010 monthly visits.


Tracxn’s market map was published in 2016 with about 653 companies. The report of the Tracxn aids various people who are part of the academia such as teachers, students, and even administrators. It increases their efficiency and enhances overall literacy. Moreover, Tracxn receives about 510,000 monthly visits.

Christensen Institute

The Christensen Institute published its market map in 2018. It has listed over 100 companies. The market map provides edtech tools that help students connect and establish new relationships all over academia. The institute has about 36,000 total monthly visits.


HolonIQ published its market map in 2018. It has about 30+ Blockchain Startups as part of its listings. These Blockchain Startups help on creating alternative solutions for education, learning, and skills. They have also varying categories such as Peer to Peer System, Payments, Knowledge, Marketplace and Certification of Learning and Skills. Moreover, HolonIQ receives a total of 24,510 monthly visitors.


Encoura published its market map (The Higher Education Technology Landscape) in 2018 with 100+ product providers as part of its listing. It has about 13,110 monthly visits.

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Business/Industry Directories: Space/Space Technology

We've identified 10 more popular business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the space and space technology industry. These niche business listings are Disruptor's Top 100 Most Disruptive Space Companies, Spacefrontier's Newspace Directory, SpaceCareer's Space Industry Directory, Satnews' International Satellite Directory, UK Space Directory, NewSpace Hub Directory, CBInsight's The Space Tech Market Map, Microcom's Satellite Industry Links, Spacebiz Guide Business Directory, and NLSpace Directory.


To determine the most popular business listings/directory or database in the space and space technology sector, our first approach was to search for a comprehensive list of directories specific to this market, however, this list is not made available in the public domain. We then listed and curated all the directories, listings, databases, guide, links, and maps we found available including online directories, paid directories and/or printable directories. We've listed their corresponding URLs in this spreadsheet.

Next, since there were no reviews available for these listings (databases), to determine which of these directories are considered popular, we used a website analytic tool, Hypestat, to determine monthly unique visitors of these websites. We entered the results in the spreadsheet, including other findings.

From the numbers, we then ranked them according to their monthly visitors. For this research, we've only included those directories that can be accessed even without paying. We also included those listings that were not necessarily termed as directories and included those listings/databases whose names of the said niche market companies have comprehensive lists. To determine the age or year the directory began, we utilized Wayback Machine, an internet archive that lists down historical activities of any given website. We have summarized our findings below.


This listing provides the 100 most disruptive space companies globally that are initiating unique innovations and technology in the space industry. Their ideas and innovations include realization to "science fiction, efficient spacecraft drives, personal satellites, and reusable spacecraft." This listing was first published in 2017 in DisruptorDaily's website.

This directory consists of 48 companies that are described by Space Frontier as "informal directory of companies and organizations associated with NewSpace" but it also provides a broad overview of the space technology market. From the internet archive, this directory's first activity was captured back in 2012.

This niche directory "contains a comprehensive collection of links to space-related companies who have a presence on the Web." The information provided in the directory was mostly extracted from each company's webpage. These companies are categorized as follows: civil agencies/international organizations, satellite manufacturers and subcontractors, satellite operators, ground systems, software and equipment, launch systems, business services, and consulting/engineering services. This directory was first created back in 2005.

This directory is a paid directory, however, it still provides lists of these companies (while comprehensive list needs to be purchased), hence, we included them here. This directory is updated annually with over 25,000 entries. Contents of this directory includes International Agencies, Manufacturers of Satellites and Space Equipment, Manufacturers of Satellite Ground Equipment, Network Systems, PC-Satellite Connectivity, Users of Satellite Systems, Providers of Satellite Services, Geosynchronous Satellites, EIRP Maps (online access), and Uplink Facilities. This directory was first published in 2013.

There are 711 unique listings in this niche space-related directory. The companies are categorized as per the following: Ancillary Support, ServicesFunding & Investment, Incubation Centres, Key Sector Organisations, Networks, Research Centres, Space Applications Companies, Space Manufacturing Companies, Space Operations Companies, Space Test Facilities, and Spaceports. This directory was first released in 2016.
This database highlights "worldwide new and lesser-known NewSpace companies, products, projects, services, and tools, every day." It attracts astropreneurs, space professionals, analysts, and investors. Newspace Hub does not have a record in the Wayback Machine internet archive, but the company was founded in 2017 and we've assumed that the database was also first released on the same year.

CB Insights is known to curate startup companies in any industry. For this particular map listing, CB Insights listed "57 space tech startups and organized them into three categories and eight subcategories, based on each company’s primary product, line of business, and/or current focus." The list was first published in 2017.

This directory was published by Microcom in 2014. The website claims that it has
the largest free satellite and space industry directory on the web. The companies listed here include Space Agencies, Launchers, Satellite Manufacturers, Satellite Operators, Satellite Services, Professional Equipment, Regulatory Agencies, Standards Agencies, Professional Services, Research, Trade Associations, and Space Resources. It consists of more than 150 companies.

Spacebiz Guide is a "niche directory with a focus on the spaceflight & satellite industry and lists down business information on space tech companies. This includes satellite operators & connectivity solutions, network systems & teleport operators, satellite ground equipment manufacturers, space engineering services & consultancy, space exploration & commercialization, among others. Spacebiz Guide does not have a record in the Wayback Machine internet archive. but the company was founded in 2015 and we've assumed that the database was also first released in the same year.

The NL Space directory consists of companies, knowledge institutes and universities in the space-related technology, science, agriculture & food, water & delta, mobility, climate & environment, and energy. It was first created in 2016.
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Business/Industry Directories: Water Tech

The nine popular business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the water/water tech, innovation or tech, industry/vertical are WEF buyers guide, Startup Nation Central, Water Briefing, British Water, Water and Waste Water Directory, Water Tech Online - The Process Flow Network, the Water Council, and Water Active.


We started the search by looking for precompiled information about the most popular business listings and directories related to the water tech industry. However, no such list could be found in the public domain. We then decided to list and curate all the directories, listings, databases, guide, links, and maps that we have found and made a spreadsheet with each of their URLs. It is important to note that these directories and business listings are focused on industrial-sized water tech and solutions for large entities. We confirmed this by looking through each of the organizations’ pages and confirming that their featured listings are for industrial sized entities.

We then determined the popularity of each of the directories with the use of Hyperstat. Hyperstat helped establish the number of unique monthly visitors that each site has, and we inputted this information in the spreadsheet. When we discovered that two of the websites from the list have the same number of visitors, we decided to place their worldwide rank to help determine which of the two companies is more popular than the other. We then entered the results in the spreadsheet. Lastly, we excluded companies that did not have enough information.

We then ranked each organization and website with the data we have found. The site with a higher number of unique visitors is our measure of popularity. We also scoured the about page of each website to provide a short general overview of the organization. We also looked for the size of the directory, the age of the directory, and when it began. We also used the Wayback Machine, an internet archive that lists historical activities of a given website, as a way to determine the age of the directory and when it began.

WEF Buyers

WEF Buyers started in 2015. The website is focused on industrial-sized water tech and solutions that are meant for large entities such as Evoqua Water Technologies. Additionally, the website receives 1,691 unique visitors each day.

Start-Up Nation Central

Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that is unaligned with any existing governmental authority or organization that is dedicated to water technology. It started in 2013. The directory generally focuses on water-tech for industrial sized entities. It also provides insights into Israel’s innovation sector. The company also focuses on various services such as Digital Health, AgriFoodtech and Industry 4.0 sectors. Moreover, the website receives 308 unique visitors each day.

Water Briefing

Water Briefing provides a product directory that shows industrial level water solution providers which include Huber, CPM groups and Haigh. Aside from the product directory, Water Briefing provides industrial news, comment, advice, information and opinion to the water and wastewater community. It started in 2013 and receives 296 unique visitors each day.

British Water

British Water is an organization dedicated to covering all sectors of the water industry. It has a dedicated search engine that is designed to match various utilities with different industrial users and contractors with the services they require. British Water started its website in 2014, and its website receives 70 unique visitors each day.

Water and Waste Territory

The Water and Waste Territory is a dedicated organization that caters to all decision makers who are researching vendors and products when it comes to water tech. These decision makers include Engineers, Plant Managers, Municipal Government Agencies, Project Managers. The website is powered by Media Brains, and it started in 2009. It receives 56 unique visitors each day and has a worldwide website ranking of 5,212,343.

WaterTech Online- The Process Flow Network

WaterTech Online- The Process Flow Network is a diverse network covering various solutions related to chemical, food & beverage, oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and water & wastewater treatment industries. It first started in 2016. The website receives 56 unique visitors each day and it has a worldwide ranking of 5,929,400.

The Water Council

This is a non-profit organization that is focused on remedying existing water challenges by helping in the innovation of freshwater technology. Additionally, the organization also aims to drive new solutions to different industries that require them. The website was first published in 2016 and it receives 55 unique visitors each day.

Water Active

Water Active is a dedicated organization that covers all types of industry issues. It is also known to provide the best quality of water and gas monitoring solutions with award-winning customer support. The website was first published in 2006. It receives 35 unique visitors each day.

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Business/Industry Directories: Energy and Clean Tech

The business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the energy & clean tech, dealing with innovation or technology, industry/vertical include Cleantech Group, Energy Planet, NCtech, Clean Energy World, and Cleantech San Diego. Although there was a limited number of examples, we have provided nine directories that fit the criteria. Below is an overview of our findings and an explanation of our methodology.


To provide popular business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the energy & clean tech, dealing with innovation or technology, industry/vertical, we began our research by searching for any readily available information in the public domain. However, there was no resource providing a list of such directories.

Therefore, we searched for individual directories. Still, there were very few directories specializing in this niche sector, probably because it is still new. However, we managed to provide nine directories that fit the criteria.

Since there was no clear metric to determine top directories, we decided to use Hyperstat to establish the number of unique monthly visitors. We ranked each directory/organization based on the number of unique monthly visitors. To determine the age of each website, we used Wayback Machine. Notably, the information on the number of unique monthly visitors is unavailable.


Cleantech Group

This directory provides insights into the cleantech industry in China. Companies in this directory include Pacific Corp, J-Power, and SunPower, among others. The directory began in December 12, 2004 and receives about 5,980 unique visitors monthly.

Energy Planet

Energy Planet is an interactive and visual directory of renewable energy technology. Companies in its directory include American Wind Energy Association, Ocean Power, Technologies, and Peswiki, among others. The directory began in February 19, 2007 and receives about 1,015 unique monthly visitors.

NCtech Association

NCtech aims to foster innovation in the North Carolina tech sector. Companies in its directory include Brady, Duke Energy, and Quench USA, among others. The directory began in 1993 and receives about 549 unique visitors monthly.

Clean Energy World

Clean Energy World is connects the global clean energy market with quality information. Companies in its directory include BELFAB, Synergy, and AIT Modules Inc, among others. The directory began in August 14, 2015 and receives about 135 unique montly visitors.

Cleantech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego supports the clean technology industry in San Diego by fostering collaborations among companies. Companies in its directory AT&T, BayWa, and Atonix Digital, among others. The directory began in October 16, 2014 and receives about 99 unique visitors monthly.

Clean Energy Project Builder

Clean Energy Project Builder connects people with companies that help plan, manage, and implement clean energy projects. Companies in its directory include 45 North Solar, Alladin Solar, and 3Rhino Solar Software, among others. The directory began in September 8, 2015 and receives about 42 unique visitors monthly.

Green Pages

Green Pages is a North American online directory for healthire living and sustainable purchasing. Companies in its directory include Bloom Energy, EnerFusion, Inc., and Green by Design, among others. The directory began in April 10, 2014 and receives about 16 unique visitors monthly.

International Cleantech Network

International Cleantech Network is a network of cleantech clusters from the world's leading regions. Companies in its directory include Clean, Clean Tech Delta, and Cleantech Alps, among others. The directory began in January 25, 2016.


GCCA provides a directory of the leading companies in the clean energy sector. Companies in its recent directory include Avalon Industries, Siga, and Swiss Ion, among others. The directory began in December 6, 2016.
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Business/Industry Directories: Food/Food Tech

After careful research, we have identified a total of eight popular business listings, or niche directories for companies in the food/food tech industry, that are dealing with innovation or technology, industry/vertical. These include IFT Services, IFSQN, Go Food, Food Hub, Food Safety News, the National Coffee Association, USDA AMS, and Food Technology News. Below we have presented an overview of our research strategy, any assumptions we have made, and the findings from our research.


To identify popular business directories that meet the specified criteria, we initially analyzed various financial and business-related sites to obtain a thorough understanding of the types of companies that could be included in such a directory. We then expanded our search to explore for listings that concentrate on the food technology sector. However, we were unable to discover a definite ranking of directories concerning the food industry. Therefore, we administered additional criteria to compile a list of we assumed are among the most prominent examples. First, we ensured that every directory we included was either current or routinely updated by the host site.

We also compared the reported website traffic for numerous listings, though there was not sufficient data available for some to determine this information. Nonetheless, it seemed that the directories that are more widely utilized average at least 100,000 visitors each month. Additionally, we omitted directories that we believed had a low amount of businesses listed and concentrated on those that appeared to sustain a more robust database. Although the methods we employed to determine the prominent food and food tech directories was slightly more subjective than ranked data sets, we assume that our list offers an adequate overview of some listings that are currently available.




Organized in 1939, IFT has recently begun to disclose an updated (annually) directory of companies operating in the food technology sector. Its website receives about 164,000 monthly visits, as listed by Similar Web. IFT has around 341 listed businesses in its 2019 directory.


Established in 2003, the International Food Safety and Quality Network (IFSQN) principally acts as an online database for businesses worldwide that work with food, or food-related technology. IFSQN has around 108,000 monthly visitors. Additionally, it has 64 listings under 13 different categories.


Go Food's directory serves as an international database that lists companies from various segments of the food and food technology sector. Based in the United Kingdom, it has six significant categories that are dissolved into 94 sub-categories.


Mostly targeted towards drink and food entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business, Food Hub functions under the concept of "word of mouth" networking. The directory divides its listings among the categories of Selling, Business, and Product, with several sub-categories placed beneath each one.


As a result of the struggling printed and broadcast media industry, Food Safety News (FSN) was introduced. FSN concentrates on distributing news concerning food safety. However, it also offers a massive directory for those seeking to acquire information about businesses that FSN typically covers. FSN enjoys an estimated 453,000 monthly visitors. Moreover, its directory consists of 34 categories that facilitate individuals to narrow down the specific type of company they are investigating.


Organized in the year 1911, the National Coffee Association (NCA) organizes an international network of every business aspect of the coffee industry including roasting, packaging, and distribution. The NCA has up to 99,000 monthly visitors. Also, the NCA has 160 individual listings.


Established in 1939, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) from the USDA has developed into the digital era by providing access to business listings to the public. The USDA website, as well as its directory listings, draws approximately 12 million monthly visitors, according to Similar Web. The USDA presents several listings and directories related to accreditation programs, food hubs, and agriculture among others. These categories are divided into about 35 sub-categories.


Food Technology News serves as a media company concentrating on promoting the developing industry of food tech innovations. Its directory consists of nine separate categories, and it administers a "tagging" system to help sort the listed companies. Food Technology News is based in New Zealand.

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Business/Industry Directories: Healthcare Tech

After conducting extensive research, we were unable to find any business listings, industry, or niche directories for companies in the healthcare tech, dealing with innovation or technology, industry/vertical, as the information is not publicly available. However, we found healthcare business directories ranked among the top 100 online directories to include HealthGrades, ZocDoc, Vitals, and RateMDs. Below, we have provided the research strategies used to find the requested information, and which also explain why the information was unavailable.


We approached this request by first searching for a possible pre-compiled list of top healthcare tech business directories on the public domain, and found a source which showed a ranking of the top 100 business directories in the US. The ranking was based on the US Alexa ranking system, from which we found a couple of business directories relating to healthcare businesses. We then looked for the healthcare tech directories from other sources which we have provided in our findings.
Next, we checked to see if the identified business directories were in line with the criteria for the request, but unfortunately, we discovered that they only provided info on where to find the best healthcare professionals, health-related terms, services, and best healthcare organizations and facilities. None of the business directories provided listings of healthcare tech, dealing with innovation or technology, industry/vertical.
We then proceeded to check for more information on some websites like PHP portal, New Choice Health, AngelList, 4A's directory, Clutch, AdForum, etc., to find data for other top listed healthcare directories to meet the requested criteria. However, this strategy yielded similar results as the previous one.
Lastly, for each healthcare directory listed, we tried to find an overview of their size, quality (depending on reviews) and the year they were established. However, we only saw a summary for each of them and expanding the search by going through their websites only provided information about what they do. The information regarding healthcare tech directories is comprehensive, although there is a vast pool of healthcare tech directories. However, we did not find a single list that met the criteria for this request.


The following healthcare business directories are ranked among the top 100 business directories online:

HealthGrades is a site that provides information about physicians, dentists, hospitals, and health care providers.

ZOCDOC (Rank 34)
ZocDoc links healthcare businesses to a massive network of local consumers which generates traffic of about 120 million different doctor searches on Google. ZocDoc provides 24/7 online booking, reminders, and review collection of healthcare pros to its users.

VITALS (Rank 37)
Vitals is an online service site that helps patients search for local doctors and health/medical facilities.

RateMDs is an online directory that provides reviews for doctors, dentists, psychologists, urgent care centers, hospitals, and group practices, to its users. They have close to two million monthly users worldwide every month with about a quarter of them being US visitors.


Top online healthcare directories include HealthGrades, RateMDs,, Doctor Directory,, Vitals, MDPI,, and US healthcare guide.


Best online resources (for healthcare tech and not healthcare pros) for medical reference Everyday Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Hardin MD, Medi Lexicon, OpenMD.


OpenMD is a search engine which makes for easy accessibility of high-quality medical information to the public by searching through billions of data from government agencies, health organizations, medical journals, and websites.
"USA Health Care Guide provides information on nearly every medical provider in America, information on doctors, dentists, nursing homes, hospitals, other medical organizations, and other related professionals."


From Part 01
  • "eLearning Industry is a network-based media and publishing company founded in 2012."
  • "EdSurge was founded in 2011 by Betsy Corcoran, Matt Bowman, Nick Punt and Agustin Vilaseca to connect the emerging community of education technology entrepreneurs and educators."
  • "The elearning list was created in 2008 with the aim to create a place where learning and development professionals or anyone responsible for buying or researching elearning solutions, can find and connect with the widest possible range of elearning service providers and companies."
  • "Deals to ed tech startups are rebounding after a dip in 2016 ended a three-year growth streak. Among the most high-profile recent rounds, in April, DC-based broad online learning platform EverFi raised a $190M Series D round from investors including Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt. It is among the largest ed tech rounds of the last two years."
  • "We used CB Insights data to identify 90+ of the most well-funded private companies working specifically on ed tech and divided them into the 14 main categories in which they operate."
  • "This week I’m excited to share a tool that my colleagues and I have been working on for the past few years: a market map of what we’re calling Edtech that Connects. We’ve captured a wide range of edtech tools that are bringing new relationships within reach for students. The tool lives—and will be regularly updated—at"
From Part 03
From Part 04
From Part 06
  • "These are the A-Listers, the household names in web health, such as,, and These websites are all both web directories, as well as knowledge pools for regular people to look for information about symptoms, general well being, and health news."
  • "Based on our experience and other factors such as domain authority and page rank, we have selected a list of the top medical business directories that healthcare practitioners in the US can benefit from. "
  • ""
  • "USA Health Care Guide provides information on nearly every medical provider in America. We have information on doctors, dentists, nursing homes, hospitals, other medical organizations, and other related professionals. We display useful information such as contact information, locations, ratings, patient surveys and quality reports. We also let you find other nearby providers of the same specialty as easy as possible."
  • "RefSeek's guide to the 25 best online resources for medical reference. With few exceptions the sites below are available for free and without registration."
  • " is a search engine that makes high quality medical information easily accessible to everyone. OpenMD searches billions of documents from government agencies, global health organizations, medical journals, and reference sites."