Business Analyst Job Description

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Business Analyst Job Description

A business analyst in the software development space partakes in project-related activities as part of executing software development plans. Technical skills required include: understanding of software development methodologies, knowledge of business ideas, cognizance of technical frameworks, data modeling, data mining skills, and experience in different testing methods.

Activities performed by a business analyst

  • A business analyst is responsible for analyzing the structure of the business and its processes, and defining areas in which "technology or alternative solutions can add value."
  • Business analysts suggest the usage of software applications and technology tools to enhance business processes.
  • They make use of technology to modify, assess, and solve business challenges.
  • A business analyst is required to work in collaboration with the system analyst, "who also acts as a link between business challenges and technology solutions."
  • The business analyst is required to partake in project-related activities as part of executing software development projects. Activities include: initial information gathering, analysis & project initiation and project execution.
  • The business analyst is responsible for collaborating with other employees to build the requirements of projects, and to make sure everyone within the project understands them.
  • They are also responsible for the facilitation of communication and knowledge sharing to ensure clients are satisfied.
  • They also render transparency to developers, and negotiate with stakeholders on contradictory requirements.

Other responsibilities of a business analyst

  • Business analysts are required to perform extensive research to understand business needs. The research could include: researching their competitors, deliberating with subject matter experts, carrying out document analysis, and developing prototypes.
  • Business analysts are required to prepare business requirements into formal written documents that can be shared with all stakeholders.
  • Business analysts are also responsible for explaining to developers all specification documents that have been approved by the relevant stakeholders.
  • Business analysts might also be involved in testing the final product to decide whether the commodity is set to be put to live or not.

Business analyst deliverables

Business analyst soft skills

Business analyst technical skills

Business Analyst job qualifications and requirements

  • Business analysts need at least a bachelor's degree.
  • Business analysts should have exposure to the following subjects: business studies, business administration, management, and information technology.
  • A business analyst in the software development space include should also have command of the following tools: finereader, blueprint, bitmpulse, iRise, jama, jersion one lifecycle, heptalysis, plutora, microsoft excel, visio and gliffy.
  • An additional qualification for a business analyst: The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) certificate.

  • "They help to speed up and organize development process by working with stakeholders from the very beginning of the project, understanding their vision, and translating it to all other people involved with the project"
  • "Business analyst responsibilities Defining the scope of the project Gathering project requirements Translating requirements to the team Performing acceptance testing Performing acceptance testing "
  • "Business analysts also often accompany requirement specifications with diagrams that serve as a means to visualize complex requirements and ensure that both the team and stakeholders are on the same page."