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Buddy Brew Competitors, Pt 3

Zeal's competitive advantage is that it started with a strong sense of community that continues today. 22nd Street Coffee focuses on high quality varietals of coffee, the high quality of its coffee is its competitive advantage.

Zeal Coffee Roasters 

Competitive Advantage



  • The company currently only has one location, its small footprint means higher risk.
  • As the company imports all its beans, they are at the mercy of import issues and possible delays in products.



22nd Street Coffee 

Competitive Advantage

  • 22nd Street Coffee focuses on high quality varietals of coffee, the high quality of its coffee is its competitive advantage.


  • 22nd Street Coffee uses old and new technology to create its coffee.
  • The company imports beans from a variety of countries and growers, this ensures a constant supply of coffee and not a limited supply chain.


  • 22nd Street Coffee only buys coffee at its freshest, and rotates the countries it uses. This possibly opens them up to environmental issues and supply issues.
  • Focusing on high quality coffee means the company needs to uphold a high standard at all times.


Research Strategy

We were unable to determine the revenue for 22nd Street Coffee. 22nd Street Coffee is a small private company with one location in Tampa, Florida. We reviewed the company's website to see if they provided any information on its revenue, however they did not provide any financial information on its website at all. Next we did a press search, in the hope that the company had discussed revenue information in the public domain. Finally, we searched databases like Crunchbase, Hoover, and Zoominfo, we hoped this would provide an estimated revenue. However, the company was not listed on any of these databases.
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Buddy Brew Competitors, Pt 1

Caffeine Roasters Tampa, Zeal Coffee Roasters, 22nd Street Coffee, Kahwa Coffee Roasters, Commune + Co, Foundation Coffee Co., and The Blind Tiger Cafe are seven true competitors to Buddy Brew. Detailed below are the reasons why each of these establishments is a true competitor to Buddy Brew and their value proposition.

1) Caffeine Roasters Tampa

2) Zeal Coffee Roasters

3) 22nd Street Coffee

  • 22nd Street Coffee is a true competitor to Buddy Brew because, just like Buddy Brew, it also offers a variety of specialty coffee roasts and is a partner of restaurants, offices, cafes, and other commercial businesses. The vision and values of these two companies both emphasize the coffee culture, which includes learning about coffee, its sources, and production.
  • Aside from marketing themselves as a destination experience rather than another coffee shop, most of the prices of 22nd Street Coffee roasts are about 50% cheaper than that of Buddy Brew.

4) Kahwa Coffee Roasters

5) Commune + Co

  • Aside from serving the same neighborhood, Commune + Co is a true competitor to Buddy Brew because it also has a unique coffee offering available in wholesale to interested individuals and establishments. Currently, Commune + Co's Pressure Brew coffees are available in restaurants, offices, tea bars, growler bars, coffee shops, and cafes.
  • Commune + Co has a proprietary cold coffee pressure brew method. In addition, aside from having a physical location, they also have coffee trikes that bring the company's coffee to events and open-air destinations.

6) Foundation Coffee Co.

7) The Blind Tiger Cafe

  • Although it offers coffee as its primary product, The Blind Tiger Cafe is speakeasy-inspired. With the craftsman and tailored feel of a speakeasy, the coffee shop is targeting "true coffee connoisseurs," entrepreneurs, and students.

Research Strategy

To determine seven true competitors of Buddy Brew, we first looked into the official website of Buddy Brew and analyzed its products, locations, vision and values, promotions, and offerings. The top criteria we have established as our metrics in determining Buddy Brew's true competitors include that the establishment must offer specialty coffee as the main product; must have a physical location in Tampa, Florida, even if they also sell online; must make their products available wholesale to interested individuals and commercial establishments; must have the same "coffee culture" as Buddy Brew; and must offer subscription options, meeting & event bookings, catering services, and gift cards.

Next, we looked into several pre-compiled lists of coffee shops in Tampa, Florida. We collated the lists and individually looked into each of these coffee shops' websites and removed those that do not offer specialty coffee. After which, we checked their corresponding websites or third-party press releases to see if they meet the rest of the criteria. We only included the establishments that met the most criteria we have established earlier.
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Dave Ward Biography

Dave Ward's love for coffee developed from a hobby into his becoming the co-founder and CEO of a successful specialty coffee shop with locations throughout Tampa and placement in Whole Foods and Publix. Professional and personal information such as education, employment history, and his interests are provided below.

Professional Information


Employment History

Role at Buddy Brew


  • Dave Ward's LinkedIn page can be accessed here.
  • His Facebook profile can be accessed here. The company's Twitter page can be accessed here; however Dave does not appear to have a personal Twitter page.

Personal Information

Interests and Hobbies

  • Dave is interested in being a successful entrepreneur as he follows Tony Robbins, a best-selling author, a life and business strategist, and entrepreneur. He also follows the Florida entrepreneurs group.
  • Other groups that he is part of are Independent micro roasters, National Coffee Association, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.
  • He is interested in environmental activism and follows brands like Patagonia, which is renowned for its environmental initiatives. The "About Us" page states that the company's mission is to "Brew Good Do Good", and stresses the importance Buddy Brew places on corporate responsibility.
  • Dave Ward is an avid dog lover and believes that dogs bring people together and inspire creativity. He is also interested in his community and in imparting a culture of giving.
  • His interest in and love of coffee led to him developing a roasting hobby that grew into the current business. Dave declares that he and his wife, Susan, are "100 percent coffee freaks".
  • Spending time with family is one of his hobbies. Recent posts show he and his family enjoying a day at the beach for his joint Father's Day and birthday celebrations. His birthday is June 17th.


  • An article that features the husband and wife owners reveals that the cartoon dog logo actually replaced a picture of their real dog, Buddy. They describe their journey as one that started as a hobby and grew into five shops around Tampa that cater to their community of coffee-lovers and dog-lovers.
  • An article in Tampa Magazine describes how the foodie movement exploded around the same time they opened Buddy's Brew, and that factor spurred the company to be widely considered as the first specialty coffee shop in Tampa. The article discusses the "Brew Good Do Good" mission and the company's practice of only using beans that score at least an 80 on the Coffee Review's scale. The article discusses the growth of the company over the last decade to include new locations, wholesale opportunities at Whole Foods and Publix, and the creation of a full roastery and warehouse location.
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Buddy Brew Press Search

Ten unique news articles published within the past 12 months about Buddy Brew cover topics such as shop openings, the origin of its name, a sponsorship, expansion and growth, new offerings, and a partnership with a beer brand.

Meet Buddy: The dog who inspires popular, local Buddy Brew Coffee

  • This article was published on September 18, 2019, by 10News in Tampa, Florida.
  • Buddy the dog is the inspiration for the cartoon dog that appears on Buddy Brew's packaging.
  • Founder Dave Ward made a cartoon of his dog, Buddy, and named the company after his dog because " it felt natural and because he was such an endearing part of [his] life."

Tampa’s Current Hotel celebrates grand opening on Rocky Point

  • This article was published on October 22, 2019, by the Tampa Bay Times.
  • Tampa's new boutique hotel, Current, is serving Buddy Brew coffees in the lobby bar.

Buddy Brew Coffee gearing up to open next shop in downtown Tampa

Buddy Brew Coffee is headed to Publix shelves throughout Florida

  • This article was published on February 21, 2019, by Tampa Bay Business Journal.
  • Buddy Brew coffee will be sold in 680 Publix stores in Tampa, Florida.
  • This is an incredible expansion from the 15 Publix stores the coffee brand has been selling in since 2017.

Buddy Brew is now offering oat milk in all espresso drinks

28 essential Tampa Bay coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks

  • This article was published on April 26, 2019, by Creative Loafing.
  • Buddy Brew Coffee was named an essential Tampa Bay coffee shop by Creative Loafing.
  • Of Buddy Brew Coffee, the article says, "As if you need another reason to visit Hyde Park Village. This dog friendly coffee spot is packed on the weekends, but if you can snag a seat, you’ll want to stay all day. Locations are all throughout Tampa Bay."

New coffee shop at Tampa’s Pepin Academy training students with disabilities to be baristas

The Best Coffee-Infused Beers to Flip All the Switches

7 Best Places To Stop On A Cross-Country Road Trip That'll Give Your Followers Insta Envy

  • This article was published on May 1, 2019, by Elite Daily.
  • The Oxford Exchange in Tampa, Florida was named as one of the top seven places to stop on a cross-country road trip, and one reason given was the Buddy Brew coffee bar.

New Shops, Dining, and Amenities at Tampa International Airport Make Waiting for Your Delayed Flight More Fun

  • This article was published on February 27, 2019, by 813Area.
  • Buddy Brew Coffee is one of 69 new shops open to passengers at Tampa International Airport.
  • Of the 69, there are approximately 40 shops, including Buddy Brew Coffee, that are from the Tampa area.

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