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Based on the competitive analysis done on the four companies, each of them has distinct marketable attributes that make them stand out from the others. Bright Funds markets its unique global platform that can serve charities located in 100 countries. The platform can also handle 139 currencies as well as having the following additional functionalities: provision for adding international nonprofit entities, international NGO search feature, and international customer support. Meanwhile, Fluxx flaunts its platform’s unlimited storage capacity that can store a huge amount of documents, data, stories, and other information that are relevant to its clients. For Causecast, the company boasts of clients enjoying the following benefits from its platform: 29% uptick in donors, 34% increase in volunteers, and 47% surge in donations. In the case of Benevity, its Sparks platform highlights its WCAG 2.0 AA standards certification as proof of its customer satisfaction promise as proven by its prestigious lineup of clients that includes Google and Apple.

Bright Funds

Bright Funds markets its technology platform as a global enabler for more streamlined corporate social responsibility (CSR) processes that can result in making charitable acts more meaningful for businesses and employees as well as helping them make more impact to the world.
The company’s platform provides the following features to its client companies:
1. Real-Time reporting enables companies to customize reports, monitor the success of charitable programs, track commitment of their employees to these programs, and harness actionable insights that can be used to improve CSR programs.
2. Information database containing lists of charitable organizations, global causes, non-profits, and other data that can help donors in making the right charitable decisions.
3. Grant processes such as grant requests, documentation, budget allocation, claiming, and impact reports can be managed within the platform. This feature can help streamline grant workflows, manage finances, make the right decisions, and enable stakeholders to monitor grant impact information.
4. Currently, Bright Funds’ platform support has the widest global coverage with its database containing charities located in 100 countries. The platform can also process 139 currencies and has the following global functionalities: provision for adding international nonprofit entities, international NGO search feature, and international customer support.
Bright Funds’ offers its unique service of doing the research work on behalf of companies and employees in order to continuously find charitable causes and be able to formulate carefully-crafted solutions. If employees wish to donate to organizations that are not in Bright Funds’ database, the latter will do the necessary work to get those entities added to the platform.
Furthermore, Bright Funds boasts of enabling companies and employees to be more strategic when choosing charities to support. With the research that they provide, CSR donors can benefit from carefully-analyzed decisions with positive global impact that they can visualize in Bright Funds’ platform. This offering is especially useful if there are disasters as the platform can help donors identify where their help is needed the most.
Bright Funds customers are the following: VMware foundation, Cisco, box, Campbell’s, Constellation Brands, Morning Star, Github, Squarespace, Vayner Media, Shutterstock, Sunpower, and Birchbox.


Fluxx's tagline revolves around the technology it provides that can fortify charitable processes. The company positions its Impact Intelligence platform as an enabler of effective grant processes through careful analysis and measurement of all the relevant grant information. The platform emphasizes its ability to easily gather relevant data and track grant programs throughout its progress period in order to gauge its impact and enables decision-makers to make well-thought-out adjustments that can result in more impactful social benefits.
Its platform also provides a distinct characteristic of not having any limitation on the number of users, records, documents, data storage, and other assets that it can store. This can allow employers, employees, and other key resources collaborate more effectively using the platform’s huge data collection.
With its unlimited storage feature, Fluxx also promotes its platform as a single source location where all the related grant requests, data, documentation, processes, stories, and other key information can be centrally stored for easy retrieval without worrying about running out of space. This can enable tight coordination and learning to occur progressively between all the resources involved.
Customers using Fluxx involve mostly charitable institutions and some popular companies. Some examples of their customers include the following: Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Knight Foundation, IKEA Foundation, Ford Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Internal Affairs, and MacArthur Foundation.


Causecast believes that capitalism in businesses, if leveraged in the right manner, can help in addressing the social, economic, and environmental problems in the world. The company manifested this belief when they created a platform that they promoted as an enabler for CSR players to collaborate in order to bring about the necessary social reforms and initiatives.
The company’s platform enables its clients to establish influential initiatives led by its employees that are easy-to-use as well as having the most impact both in the global and local arena. With a significantly lower ownership cost, Causecast’s platform stands out compared to other system providers’ offerings that are slow, form-dependent, and hierarchical.
Causecast further touted the uniqueness of its technology by emphasizing its certification as a thought-leading B Corporation that can provide fast and collaborative solutions that were created with the inputs of its clients. The company claims that they can enable clients to establish their CSR processes in the platform thrice-as-fast compared to other companies due to the joint effort.
They also market their solutions as the ones with the speediest launching period, the most extensive information gathering tool, and the only platform that is powered by artificial intelligence that can generate highly developed insights. Other unique features of the Causecast’s solution include the following: gamification features, mobile app, and contests that support corporate crowdfunding to better engage employees in making a positive impact on the community.
Aside from the features above, Causecast also boasts that its user-friendly platform comes with a highly commendable customer service team that can help pull-in and encourage key players to participate in the CSR processes. Compared to other companies, Causecast clients testified to a 29% increase in donors, 34% surge in volunteers, and 47% uptick in donations just in their first year of using the platform. The company also claimed that they can save clients around 12 weeks a year on the average in performing administrative work. The platform is also being promoted as a key solution that can increase the participation rates of employees compared to others.
With the use of the platform, Causecast believes that in providing these user-friendly and streamlined solutions, philanthropic players can be more engaged in doing charitable acts that will have long-lasting benefits and impact to people, businesses, communities, and to the world.
Recently, Causecast also partnered with Versaic to provide an integrated solution that can enable clients to have a central view of critical information that can enable better progress monitoring and tracking of impact, The solution is being promoted as a one-stop-shop that is easy-to-use and efficient but with a better quality program management than other offerings.
Causecast clients are the following: Hasbro, Dixon Hughes Goodman, America’s Charities, Epic Foundation, Dropbox, and others.


Benevity’s marketing rally voice is geared towards partnering with businesses in making their CSR giving programs more impactful by leveraging the company’s technology solutions, broad experience and high level of dedication. The company enables charities to focus more on their mission by saving them time and effort through more streamlined philanthropic processes.
Benevity is offering a platform called Sparks that it markets as an enabler for those engaged in impactful corporate philanthropic acts. Among the four companies included in this research, the Sparks platform is the only one highlighted to have a WCAG 2.0 AA standards certification, which guarantee tested customer satisfaction results. With the Sparks’ platform, users can experience cleaner online interfaces but with more comprehensive charitable processes features such as donation management, volunteer monitoring, report generation, and other capabilities. Other highlights of its offerings are the following: seamless grant-making system that includes various tools, reliable connectivity between volunteers and opportunities; real-time campaign templates that can be used in various situations such as disasters, volunteer activities, community projects, and crowdfunding initiatives; customizable impact reporting features; easy access to past activities, story consolidation and distribution; feedback and progress quick view; and engagement tools that can be used to match donors and opportunities.
The platform is also touting its wide global coverage that can facilitate international philanthropic activities. The platform currently supports 17 languages and 7 currencies. It also contains a significantly large database of around two million global charities that can easily be integrated with existing e-commerce sites, loyalty rewards programs and transactional interfaces.

Benevity has recently been recognized as one of Canada’s and North America’s fastest growing technology companies in the 19th annual Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ awarding ceremony. This recognition was given as a testament to Benevity's performance, innovative approach, and leadership capabilities.
The company’s roster of clientele is the most prestigious one compared to the others as it includes those in the upper echelon of Fortune 500’s list such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, CocaCola, and Samsung. Other well-known clients of Benevity includes ADP, Honda, CP, Prudential, Samsung, Cargill, Ameriprise Financial, CocaCola, AstraZeneca, and SAP.
Benevity has also been widely featured in popular media outlets such as CBC, Branding for Good, HuffPost, Triple Pundit, TechVibes, and Alberta Venture.


Competitive analysis done on the four companies shows that they have distinct solutions being offered that gave them advantage over the rest. Bright Funds has its unique global platform that can handle philanthropic processes in 100 countries. Fluxx highlights its platform’s unlimited storage capacity among other features. Causecast presented client benefits statistics that show 29% uptick in donors, 34% increase in volunteers, and 47% surge in donations when using its platform. Finally, Benevity’s Sparks platform emphasized its WCAG 2.0 AA standards certification for customer satisfaction as manifested in its list of clients that include Google and Apple.