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EY - Leadership

EY has three top leaders of its Advisory services worldwide (Hank Prybylski, Norman Lonergan, and Hyong Kim). EY then breaks down its advisory/management consulting services into the following categories: Strategy, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Risk Transformation, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, Program Management, Supply Chain & Operations, and Finance. There is no stated leader of EY's Analytics consulting team.

Top Leaders of EY's Advisory Services Worldwide

1. Hank Prybylski

  • Hank Prybylski is the Americas Vice Chair — Advisory at EY.
  • He "oversee[s] more than 20,000 consultants providing digital, analytics, cybersecurity, technology, risk and people services. He advises C-level executives on leading management techniques, developing risk functions and business transformation. He works with clients to break down silo functions and embed a robust risk culture throughout their organization."

2. Norman Lonergan

  • Norman Lonergan is the Global Vice Chair — Advisory at EY.
  • He "leads EY Global Advisory Services and its 54,000 people, one of the broadest global advisory networks of any professional services organization. Under his leadership, we [EY] work with leading global businesses to address complex industry issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, improve and protect their businesses."
  • He works out of EY's London, England office.

3. Hyong Kim

  • Hyong Kim is the Americas Advisory Deputy Vice Chair at EY.
  • He "develop[s] the EY Americas Advisory strategy to focus around helping our clients achieve hyper growth through innovation, stewarding them through their own digital transformation story, and helping them solve their most challenging business problems. This is achieved by fostering a culture of diverse and inclusive teaming, through an engaging employee experience that challenges in order to evoke creativity of thought to reach a better solution."
  • He is based in Centreville, Virginia.

Leaders of EY's Advisory/Management Consulting Teams By Category

Strategy Consulting

1. Reto Isenegger

  • Reto Isenegger is the Global Advisory Strategy Services Leader at EY.
  • He has been in that role since 2016.
  • He "leads EY’s Global Advisory Strategy Services across all industries. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategy development and strategic transformation — both in line management and consulting." Reto is also "[r]esponsible for strategy offering groups including Strategy & Innovation and Strategic Transformation."
  • He works in EY's Zurich office.

2. Jim Doucette

  • Jim Doucette is the Americas Advisory Strategy Leader at EY.
  • He has held that role since July 2018.
  • Jim's "areas of focus include corporate and growth strategy development, organization design, process design and in-market implementation support. He has led a number of large, complex transformation initiatives and has in-depth experience in developing strategic plans for a wide range of clients. He has particular experience in bringing the customer’s perspective into clients’ strategies to create actionable plans that are grounded in customer needs and behaviors."
  • Jim has "[c]onsulting experience with a range of industries including consumer packaged goods, retailers and distributors, travel, financial services and durable goods manufacturing." He also has "[d]irect experience in brand management" and he specializes in sales and marketing strategy.
  • He works in EY's Stamford, Connecticut office.

Customer Experience Consulting

1. Laurence Buchanan

2. Kelly Brough

Customer Engagement

1. Janet Balis

  • Janet Balis is the Global Media & Entertainment Advisory Services Leader at EY.
  • As "[a] seasoned media professional with extensive experience across platforms, Janet is EY Global Advisory Services Leader for Media & Entertainment, leading consulting across the sector. She is also the EY Americas Marketing practice leader."
  • She works out of EY's New York office.

2. Jenny Roche

3. Fabio Dotti

  • Fabio Dotti is an Advisory S.p.A Partner at EY.
  • He works out of EY's Milano, Italy office.
  • He "is a proven leader in complex projects and transformation programs, change management and integration. He also leads YEllo, a new division of EY, which combines the skills and experience of creative and branding professionals with those of consultants."
  • Fabio's "management consultancy [services] support[] the C-suite. " He has "[s]trong competence in marketing plan strategy, customer experience, digital transformation program, CRM analysis and retail strategy."

Risk Transformation

  • EY's Risk Transformation consulting team is led by Nitin Bhatt.
  • Nitin is the Global Advisory Risk Transformation Leader & India Technology Sector Leader at EY.
  • He "helps executives think through risk innovations and their impact on organizational performance and culture. He is an advocate of enhancing risk awareness and agility during digital transformation journeys and is currently helping several clients in their robotic process automation and artificial intelligence programs."
  • He works out of EY's Bengaluru, India office.


1. Gaurav Malhotra

2. Aleksander Poniewierski

  • Aleksander Poniewierski is the Global IoT Leader and Partner at EY.
  • Aleksander "is focused on the development of strategy, design, implementation, process optimization, business model innovation, security and protection for global clients in both consumer and industrial IoT. He is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection."
  • He works out of EY's Warsaw, Poland office.


  • EY's Blockchain consulting team is led by Paul Brody.
  • Paul is the Global Blockchain Leader at EY.
  • He "drives EY initiatives and investments in blockchain technology across consulting, audit and tax business lines. He has held a number of leadership positions in the areas of internet of things, supply chain and operations and business strategy, working with many client organizations. He led EY['s] first blockchain strategy engagement, examining how digital services, payments and internet of things are coming together in new ecosystems, and building a strategy and technology road map for one of EY’s major clients."
  • He works out of EY's Palo Alto, California office.

Program Management

Supply Chain & Operations

Finance Services

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EY - Projects

Advisory/management consulting projects completed, or that are currently worked on by EY include administration management of three Sargon companies, management of the merger of three major banks, advisory services on Crowd Mobile, and consulting services for Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

Management of the merger of three major banks in India

  • In January 2020, EY was tasked with the enormous responsibility of managing the merger of three major banks in India.
  • These banks include Punjab National Bank, United Bank of India, and Oriental Bank of Commerce.
  • Punjab National Bank, which is the anchor bank in the merger, decided to bring in EY to offer management consultancy services.
  • About 34 committees are in place, each having representatives from the individual companies to oversee various verticals such as HR, IT, and several others and how each vertical will function.
  • According to the Managing Director and CEO of the United Bank of India, Ashok Kumar Pradhan, EY as a managing consultant, will critically evaluate individual suggestions from the three banks and pinpoint areas that need to correspond in tune with the industry. They are also responsible for finding a way forward for the betterment of the companies.
  • Furthermore, as a management consultant in the merger, EY is also in charge of strategizing on post-merger branding and marketing, integration planning, and improvement of the integration of the verticals within the banks.
  • The expected time duration of the merger process is at least a year.

Administration management of three Sargon companies

Advisory services on Crowd Mobile

  • EY provided its advisory services to Track Holdings in June 2015 during the acquisition of the company by Crowd Mobile.
  • Track Holdings is a content distribution network company, based in the Netherlands, and operates in about 38 countries, providing mobile content and m-payment services to over 1.4 billion consumers around the world.
  • Crowd Mobile is a global mobile entertainment and e-commerce company with operations in 16 countries and provides crowdsourced answers to consumers' questions for a fee.
  • The acquisition fee was about A$26.7 million (US$17.6 million), and the team in charge of the deal was lead by Kees Slump and supported by Lauren van Dijk and Ron van Oeveren.
  • Houthoff Buruma from Dutch law firm, Michiel Pannekoek, and Daphne van Boxtel were the key legal advisory team members.
  • Funding for the acquisition deal was through a combination of equity, debt and convertible note, and completion of the transaction in August 2015.

Consulting services for Bueno Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

  • In 2018, the Youth Olympic Games, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, requested the consulting services of EY to provide services such as risk management, planning, functional area integration, and process management for the execution of the event.
  • Buenos Aires 2018 was one of the most significant sporting events to ever hold in the city and attracted over 4000 athletes from about 206 countries all over the world.
  • Buenos Aires 2018 was the third Youth Olympic Games, and the first-ever to happen in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • According to the Executive Director of Buenos Aires 2018, Leandro Larrosa, the reason for requesting the consultancy services of a leading global company like EY for the event is due to the scope and complexity of the project.
  • He went further to expand on the fact that another reason for teaming up with EY is due to the firm's vast experience garnered from organizing major sporting events like the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, the Pan American Games, and the Commonwealth Games.
  • The event officially began on the 6th of October 2018, with an opening ceremony held at the Bueno Aires Obelisk.
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EY - Clients

Although there is not enough public information to provide a complete list of clients who received advisory or management consulting from EY, we found data that was available to compile helpful findings. Ernest and Young (EY) is a global company that provides advisory management services which includes risk transformation, customer experience, strategy and innovation, internal audit and change management/experience.


  • EY has more than 250,000 clients that use Ernest and Young's services to work more efficiently and collaboratively.
  • Among EY's largest clients are Verizon, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Hilton, Amazon and Facebook.
  • The geographic areas of revenue that EY provides advisory consulting to are the Americas, EMEIA, Asia-Pacific and Japan.
  • Advisory services contribute to 9.2% of EY's revenue growth and include AI, blockchain, data analytics, risk management and intelligent automation based on their client demand.
  • Claus Jensen is the EY Global Program Management Leader. He assists clients by helping them achieve results to protect their business while increasing growth and advancement. With over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, he helps clients with transformative strategy development and hands-on implementation programs.


EY provides a wide range of services including assurance, tax, transaction and advisory. They also have an expansive list of clients. An exhaustive search was done to obtain information or a list of EY clients regarding advisory/management consulting services. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify a specific list of clients and the scope of the work/services or time of consulting provided for each.

Initially, a list of EY's 50 largest clients were discovered. A strategy attempt was made to confirm the type of consultation each of the 50 clients received, but there wasn't enough public information available to provide the relevant details. When further research was done on the individual clients in the list, we discovered it was a list of companies/clients who primarily received auditing services from EY. We were unable to find detailed information to confirm the advisory/management consulting services of each client. We were able to confirm that the list of the 50 largest clients currently receive or previously received services from EY. In addition to a direct search for a list or multiple lists of EY's clients for advisory services, we attempted to construct the list from various individual main offices among their global regions. For example, Japan is the company's major focal point in Asia, but does not list any clients specific to advisory or management consultant services. This remains true for the other major regions too.
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EY - Americas Salaries

EY Career Hierarchy

The general career hierarchy at EY in ascending order is Juniors/Staff, Seniors, Manager's/Senior Manager, and Partners and Directors. These positions are further divided into different job functions.

Salaries/Ranges based on seniority level in the Americas

Staff/ Analyst


  • The typical EY Associate salary is $64,549, ranging from $48,414 to $133,634.
  • Associates earn $5,023 in bonuses/compensation on average. This figure typically ranges from $998 to $52K

Senior Analyst/ Senior associate

Supervising Associate


Senior Manager

Associate Director

Executive Director


All figures and estimates provided are based on EY salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.
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EY - Asia-Pacific Salaries

EY is a world leader in banking, accounting, transaction, and advisory services. In 2019, it had a total number of 48,108 employees in the Asia-Pacific region. Hired employees fall into four major categories, and they are finance and accounting, business, consulting, and information technology. The company has over 20 job roles for each of the groups, as listed initially with staff remuneration at an average of $80,586 per annum. EY workers with the job title Partner-Accounting Firm, Tax earn the most with an annual average salary of $234,044. In contrast, employees with the title Quality Assurance Manager make the least with an average yearly salary of $42,367.

Salary ranges based on seniority levels

  • The career hierarchy in EY is the same across all regions. The authority is in the order of top to the least available position:
  • Partners and Directors
  • Managers/Senior Managers
  • Seniors
  • Juniors/Staff

Partners and Directors

The typical salary for EY Partner is $489,843, with average additional pay of $51,790. With EY, partner salaries will range from $137,439-$942,192. This estimate is based on 13 EY Partner salary report(s) provided by staff or estimated on statistical methodologies. A partner at EY can expect to make an average total pay of $584,974 when factoring in bonuses and additional compensation.

Managers/Senior Managers

  • The salary average for the EY manager in Singapore is S$7,000 monthly. EY, Singapore remuneration can range from S$5,000-S$8,500 regularly. This estimate is based on an estimated 23 EY manager report given by employers or on statistical methods. A manager at EY, Singapore, can expect to make an average total pay of S$96,000 yearly when factoring in bonuses and additional compensation.
  • The typical salary for EY manager in Tokyo, Japan, is ¥10,000,000 per annum. The pay can range from ¥8,102,970 — ¥12,774,194 annually. This estimate is based on 9 EY Manager compensation reports given or calculated by employees based on the statistical method. A manager at EY, Japan, should expect to make an average total salary of ¥10,741,500 annually.
  • An EY senior manager's monthly salary in Singapore is S$9,500 monthly with an average additional pay of S$9,901 monthly, while an EY senior manager's annual salary in Japan can range from ¥11,730,878-¥12,634,102 annually. EY, Singapore's top manager salaries can range between S$8,500-S$12,145 monthly. This deduction is based on 6 EY senior manager salary reports in Singapore and 1 EY top manager salary report in Japan provided or estimated by employees using statistical methods. A senior manager at EY can expect to make an average total pay of S$114,001 for EY, Singapore, and ¥11,883,000 for EY, Japan, when factoring in bonuses and additional compensation.


  • The typical salary for Senior Consultant at EY, Singapore is S$5,200 regularly. At EY, Singapore senior consultant wages can range from S$4,200-S$5,800 monthly. This estimate is based on an estimated 21 EY Senior Consultant compensation report(s) given by employees or on statistical methods. A Senior Consultant at EY should expect to make an average total salary of S$67,200 annually while factoring in incentives and additional compensation.
  • The average salary for Senior Consultant at EY, Tokyo, Japan Area is ¥7,168,168 annually. At EY, Japan senior consultant wages will range from ¥4,470,590 — ¥8,200,400 per annum. This estimate is based on 5 EY Senior Consultant compensation report(s) given by staff or calculated on statistical methodologies. A Senior Consultant at EY, Japan, should expect to make an average total salary of ¥7,168,168 per annum annually while factoring bonus compensation.


  • The average salary for junior staff at EY, Singapore is S$3,000 monthly.
  • Employee salaries at EY, Japan, can range from ¥4,886,682-¥5,390,987. This estimate is based on 1 EY Employee compensation report provided or estimated using statistical methods.
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EY - EMEA Salaries

Ernst & Young or EY's partner in the United Kingdom has an average salary of $845,503, while those in South Africa, it is $81,257. These and other findings on the salaries of people working at EY in the EMEA are outlined below.

Career Hierarchy

  • EY's career hierarchy in the order from top to the least position are partners and directors, managers/senior managers, seniors, and juniors/staff.
  • The career hierarchy in EY is the same across all regions.
  • In 2019, the total number of EY's employees in the EMEA region was 114,266.

Salaries/Ranges per Position

  • Europe: In the United Kingdom, the average salary of an EY partner is $845,503 with an average additional pay of $86,022. This figure can range from $129,000 to $1.06 million. EY's partner in Germany has an average salary range of $151,228 to $231,738.
  • Africa: EY's partner-accounting firm in South Africa has an average salary of $81,257.
Executive Director/Associate Director
  • Europe: The average salary range of an Executive Director in France is $103,000 to $113,000, while in Germany, it is $145,000 with an average additional pay of $34,800.
  • Middle East: In India, the average salary of an Executive Director is $89,300. This figure can range from $88,526 to $115,365.
  • Africa: The average salary of an Associate Director in South Africa is $90,500 with an average additional pay of $9,437.
Managers/Senior Managers
  • Europe: EY's Managers in the United Kingdom earn an average salary of $86,743. The salary can range from $1,293 to $133,000. In addition, Senior Managers in Germany earn an average salary of $109,277 with an average additional pay of $23,051.
  • Middle East: The average salary of EY's Managers in India is $32,125 while EY's Senior Managers in UAE earn an average salary of $10,345.
  • Africa: The average salary of EY's Manager in South Africa is $48,000 with an average additional pay of $5,434.
  • Europe: EY's senior position in the United Kingdom earns an average salary of $57,830. This figure can range from $36,221 to $112,627. Senior Consultant's average salary in Germany is $69,700 and can range from $56,500 -$87,000.
  • Middle East: Senior positions in India earn an average salary of $13,649 with an average additional pay of $1,294.
  • Africa: EY's Senior Consultant in Johannesburg, South Africa earns an average salary of $48,000.
  • Europe: In France, an audit staff earns an average salary of $48,271. This figure can range from $36,980 to $85,926. EY's tax staff in the UK earns an average salary of $42,000.
  • Middle East: The average salary of audit staff in India is $5,933 with an average additional pay of $503. Additionally, tax staff in India has an average salary range of $337 to $470.
  • Africa: EY's audit staff in South Africa earns a salary range from $25,400 to $27,500.

Research Strategy:

To provide salaries/ranges for people working at EY in the EMEA region, we looked into EY's annual report and job postings among others. We have provided figures and estimates based on EY salary reports provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. For uniformity, we presented the average salaries for each level of seniority by sub-region of EMEA and the currencies presented are converted to USD.

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