Etteplan Briefing

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Etteplan Strengths and Weaknesses

Etteplan offers a wide range of products, from engineering to digital solutions, and one of the company's many strengths is its expanding presence in China.

Product Overview


  • Etteplan offers customers efficient engineering services that is "based on the principle of continuous development."
  • Its engineering services include cost reduction projects, industrial 3D printing, machinery and product safety, simulation technologies, and strength calculations.

Embedded Systems

  • Etteplan utilizes its big-picture expertise to develop, regulate, or prototype embedded solutions that provide customers with an advantage over their competitors.
  • The company’s solutions include electronic designs, cybersecurity, antenna and RF design, electromagnetic simulation, and embedded software designs.

Software and Digitization

Testing and Test Laboratory

  • The company offers testing services that assist with software testing, embedded product testing, and testing automation designed for application development.
  • Etteplan’s testing services include accredited EMC testing, EMC testing, failure analysis, HVAC testing, and software test automation.

Product and Asset Information

Products in Development

Outsourcing-Partnership with Scanfil

  • In 2019, Etteplan agreed to a strategic partnership with Scanfil, which is a systems provider that services the electronics sector and operates as a global contract manufacturer.
  • This deal entails the outsourcing of the product development resources and projects from Scanfil to Etteplan.
  • The agreement is specific to Finland, however, it bolsters future collaborations in Germany, Sweden, and Poland.

HyperSTE SaaS

  • The HyperSTE serves as a content check tool developed with the intention of enhancing clarity, quality, and consistency in compliance with STE standards.
  • The release of the HyperSTE SaaS version is a step towards supplying digitization to the company’s technical documentation business. The company observes significant market potential for this offering in markets located in areas like India and China.
  • The software shortens written English content by around 30%, reducing translation and print materials cost.

Company Strengths

  • Etteplan is among the world’s top providers of engineering, digital solutions, and software services in the company's markets.

Company Weaknesses

  • The company’s technical documentation business slumped in growth due to a decline in its clients' investments in brand-new operating models.
  • There was also a decrease in the number of recent outsourcing agreements, which also contributed to the reduction in growth of the company’s technical documentation business.

Research Strategy:

Our research began by visiting Etteplan’s company website to gain company insights. We then visited the company’s product offerings page and gathered information on its products and services. The search revealed that the company provides services related to engineering, embedded systems, product and asset information, software and digitalization, as well as testing and test laboratory.

The next step was to obtain information on the products the company has in development. We performed general searches that returned press releases on Etteplan’s recent and current developments, including a strategic partnership for the outsourcing of Scanfil’s projects and the introduction of HyperSTE, a new product meant to simplify technical documentations. Next, we gathered information on Etteplan’s strengths. We utilized the most recently available annual report, which provided most of the information on this topic. We also used Etteplan’s annual report to obtain information on the company’s weaknesses.
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Eteplan Competitive Landscape

Componenta, AF AB, Semcon, and Thornton Tomasetti are the four competitors of Etteplan, a Finnish company that offers solutions for plant engineering and industrial equipment.

Etteplan competitors

  • Etteplan is a Finnish company that offers solutions for plant engineering and industrial equipment. They also provide embedded solutions and software to manufacturing companies on a global level.
  • Etteplan offers services across five areas — engineering, embedded systems, testing and test laboratory, software and digitization, and product and asset information.
  • Etteplan's estimated revenue is $269.9 million.
  • Competitors of Etteplan are therefore defined as companies which are specializing in providing solutions, equipment and/or software solutions to manufacturing companies, which can include engineering, testing, and system solutions, that have a similar revenue and operate on a global level.
  • Componenta is an international technology company that sells equipment and software solutions to global customers, who are manufacturers of vehicles, machines and equipment. The company has an estimated revenue of $138.1 million.
  • AF AB is an international consulting and software solutions provider that sells its services to energy, industrial and infrastructure markets that has a revenue of $1.6 billion. According to the company website, AF AB offers "highly qualified services and solutions for industrial processes, infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT systems."
  • Semcon offers embedded solutions for manufacturing companies, including plant engineering and industrial equipment. The company operates globally and has an estimated revenue of $223.2 million.
  • Thornton Tomasetti specializes in providing engineering analysis services and solutions to clients in the manufacturing industry globally, no mater the size and level of complexity. The company has an estimated revenue of $280 million.
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Eteplan Competitive Landscape (2)

Componenta is an international technology company. The company has an estimated revenue of $138.1 million. AF AB offers engineering and consultancy services in the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets.


  • These components are used in the manufacture of vehicles, machines and equipment parts.
  • Componenta's product line is solely focussed on the production and distribution of cast iron solutions only.
  • The company produces cast iron components of varying sizes ranging from a few kilograms to hundreds. These products are used in the production and manufacturing of vehicles, machines and equipment parts.
  • Componenta has not announced any new products or services in development.


  • AF AB is an engineering and design company that was founded in 1895. The company offers engineering and consultancy services in the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets.
  • AF AB has an estimated revenue of $1.6 billion.
  • The CEO of AF AB company is Jonas Gustavsson. His company email address is His office phone number is+46 10 505 00 00.
  • AF AB's business segment has five divisions namely; infrastructure, Industrial & Digital Solutions, Process Industries, Energy and Management Consulting services.
  • These divisions offer services across the three sectors of energy, industry and infrastructure markets.
  • AF AB has not announced any new products or services in development.

Research Strategy

To provide the required data on Componenta and AF AB, we commenced our research by scouring for information on these companies' websites. Here, we found data on product lines and CEO. To identify the company revenue and CEO contact details, we searched through third-party profiling databases such as ZoomInfo, Rocketreach and Hunter. Using the data identified from these sources, we were able to provide the required data on the contact details of the CEO and company revenue.

We were unable to identify information on new products in development for either company. After a search of these companies' websites, with specific focus on the press and media release sections, we proceeded to search for this information on company financial reports/annual reports. Here, we were able to identify the annual revenue of each company. However, we could not identify the new products in development for either using this approach.

Next, we scoured through patent databases in an attempt to identify the new products in development for these companies. We searched through patent databases such as but could not identify any data on recent patents granted to these companies.

As a last resort, industry conference proceedings where either company presented were analyzed. However, we could not identify any actionable data through this approach.
Therefore, we assumed that information on new products in development is currently not available in the public domain. This could be because neither company has made any announcement related to new products or services in development.
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Eteplan Competitive Landscape (3)

Semcon is a Swedish international technology company with a revenue of almost $200 million. Thornton Tomasetti, on the other hand, is an engineering company headquartered in New York, USA.


  • Established in 1980, Semcon is an international technology company that collaborates with companies in the life science, automotive, energy, and industrial sectors to create products based on human behaviors and needs.
  • The company has more than 30 locations in eight different countries, including China. It is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Semcon claims that its "deep knowledge of users, design and technology across all product development areas" makes it unique and contributes to its quality customer experience.
  • The company has over 2,100 employees globally. Its 2018 revenue was SEK 1.84 billion or $194.6 million.

Product Lines

  • Semcon's main business segments are Product Information and Engineering & Digital Services.
  • Engineering & Digital Services: Semcon helps customers develop facilities, products, and systems that "strengthen competitiveness through innovative solutions for the entire development chain, from requirement studies to the finished product."
  • Product Information Solutions: The company offers complete services and solutions in information production and distribution. These services include the facilitation of customer service, troubleshoot, getting the right spare part, and efficiently repairing and maintaining parts.
  • Semcon's activities are segmented into three divisions: Automotive Research, Design & Development, and Informatics.
  • Automotive Research and Development: This includes services such as design, testing, simulations, and calculation offered to the automotive industry.
  • Design & Development: Semcon offers industrial and plant design services, including production and product development.
  • Informatics: The company provides "information solutions for the aftermarkets and interactive market communications."

New Products In Development & CEO Details

  • Semcon has not announced any new products in development.
  • In October 2019, the company partnered with Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus (VWCO) to create an e-Delivery truck with the ability to carry up to 14 tonnes.
  • Within the next few years, Semcon plans to develop and expand its digital offerings to a wide range of business sectors globally.
  • Semcon's President and CEO is Markus Granlund. His LinkedIn account can be found here. His company email address is

Thornton Tomasetti

  • Headquartered in New York, New York, Thornton Tomasetti offers comprehensive engineering services, including engineering design, analysis, and investigation.
  • These services are offered at all stages of the building life cycle and across all building types. It has an estimated revenue of $280 million. 
  • Thomas Z. Scarangello, P.E. is the Executive Chairman and CEO of Thornton Tomasetti. His LinkedIn profile can be found here. His office phone number is 917-661-7800.

Product Lines

  • Thornton Tomasetti explains on its website that its services are "available as a standalone offering or as part of an integrated design package."
  • Some of its core services include Forensics, Renewal, Applied Science, Property Loss Consultation, and Façade Engineering. Others include protective design & security, construction engineering, and structural engineering, among hundreds of other services.
  • Forensics: The company investigates issues around building environments and offers evidence-based solutions founded on rigorous science to deal with said issues.
  • Renewal: Thornton Tomasetti offers "owners and managers with a home for solutions to a wide range of structural, envelope and building systems needs for existing properties of every use, age and construction type."
  • Applied Science: It uses a unique mix of technologies and expertise in science to offer practical solutions to national and international problems related to buildings.
  • Façade Engineering: The company provides "façade consulting services to architects, building owners and developers." Its "suite of specialty analyses helps solve complex design challenges, improves constructability, maximizes energy efficiency and increases security."
  • Thornton Tomasetti has not announced any new products or services in development.