Breathability in Furniture

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Breathability in Office Furniture

Purple and Modvel are examples of brands that are using cushions to market breathability, temperature control and support in office furniture. These brands use unique designs and materials to make premium office chair cushions.

Purple Brand Overview

  • The Purple brand is renowned world over for its advanced cushioning products. The company holds over 30 patents that are licensed to leading manufacturers of premium cushioning products.

Purple Office Furniture

  • The Purple brand produces seat cushions that are specially engineered to offer comfort for prolonged working hours. The cushions feature a three-layered design with a breathable and super-stretch cover and non-slip bottom with super-grip texture sandwiching a Purple Grid™layer.
  • The Purple Grid features an open-grid design that allows natural airflow and is engineered to relax under pressure.

Purple Seat Cushions' Competitive Advantage

  • According to Wirecutter, consumers who reviewed Purple cushions reported that they offered both support and comfort in a simple design compared to competitor cushions that have either too hard memory foam or come in fuzzy covers.
  • Purple offers consumers a wide range of cushions to pick from such as the Royal Cushion, Ultimate Cushion, and Simply Cushion. These products come at varied prices thus allowing the brand to accommodate clients with varied budgets.

Purple Seat Cushions' Value Proposition

Trademarked Material

  • Purple uses trademarked Purple Grid for its seat cushions. The grid is made from a temperature neutral material that adapts to one's unique body shape.

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Modvel Brand Overview

  • Modvel focuses on providing orthopedic products that help consumers get through their normal activities with comfort and reduced pain. These include orthopedic office chair cushions that help improve and encourage healthy lifestyles at the workplace.

Modvel Office Furniture

  • Modvel office chair cushions come in a 100% memory foam construction with a flute groove and arch cupped design for added breathability and comfortable support respectively.
  • The cover is made from a breathable material that further reduces sweat while the foam is infused with raw coffee extract and natural castor seed oil to wade off bacteria and bad odor.
  • A high-tech soft gel is used to offer a cooling effect on the cushions for added comfort to consumers who sit for extended periods.

Modvel Seat Cushions' Competitive Advantage

  • Modvel seat cushions are versatile and can be used for various uses. Consumers can use them on seats in offices, cars, airplanes, and trains.
  • The cushions come in a portable design that allows clients to own one for multiple uses.

Modvel Seat Cushions' Value Proposition

  • Modvel seat cushions are designed to offer relief from the pain associated with sciatica nerves, spine, leg joints, lower back, and coccyx. They also help with correct back posture and blood circulation while offering maximum comfort over long hours.
  • Its Gel Seat Cushion offers a unique cooling effect by 1.5 -2° C thus preventing heating and sweating.

Trademarked Material

  • Modvel doesn't appear to be using trademarked materials for the construction of its office chair cushions.

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Breathability in General Furniture

QQbed and Swift Sofa are examples of the general furniture brands that are using cushions or textiles to market breathability, temperature control, and support. The brands focus on making products that can fit any household space and give the consumer the flexibility of customizing these solutions to their unique needs.

QQbed Brand Overview

QQbed Outdoor Patio Deep Seat Memory Foam Cushion

  • QQbed takes pride in manufacturing premium outdoor patio cushions using gel-infused memory foam. The foam is engineered to conform to the hip shape for added comfort.
  • The high-density memory foam is designed to offer increased air circulation that enhances superior temperature control during the summer, besides offering sufficient support to body weight.

QQbed Outdoor Patio Cushions' Competitive Advantage

  • The QQbed memory foam cushions come in a universal design that allows consumers to use them on a wide range of outdoor seat designs such as single chairs, Love Seats, and sofas with individual cushions.
  • These cushions come in varied sizes and with internal waterproof covers of different shades to suit diverse customer tastes and preferences.

QQbed Seat Cushions' Value Proposition

  • QQbed outdoor patio deep seat memory foam cushions are designed to offer support while reducing pressure on lower back muscles. It also offers luxurious cooling comfort with its temperature control mechanism.
  • The cushion covers come in a two-layer design that is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear for added durability.
  • Moreover, the memory foam is hypoallergenic making it safe to consumers who are prone to allergies.

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  • Details of the QQbed outdoor patio cushions can be found on the company's website and Amazon storefront. In addition, here are images of the products.

Swift Sofa Brand Overview

  • Swift Sofa is a brand that is wholly owned by Seam Craft, Inc. and specializes in manufacturing high-end ready to assemble furniture. The company makes a wide range of household furniture ranging from chairs to sofas.

Swift Sofa Furniture Products

Swift Sofa's Furniture Competitive Advantage

  • Swift Sofa products come in 5 styles and multiple shades that allow consumers to pick designs that appeal to them. These sofas feature premium designs that utilize materials appropriately to optimize temperature control qualities.

Swift Sofa's Value Proposition

Trademarked Material

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