Breakfast Restaurants with Florida Headquarters

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Breakfast Restaurants Headquartered In Florida - Part One

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe, Brooklyn Water Bagels, Metro Diner, Maple Street Biscuit, and Shakers American Cafe are restaurants in Florida where the breakfast is the main attraction.

Keke's Breakfast Cafe

  • Founded in 2006 and based in Orlando, Florida, Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is a chain devoted to serving breakfast with exceptional service and low-cost food every day from 7 am to 2:30 pm. Its motto is "It’s like your hometown diner grew up and went to the city." The company has a grassroots approach to marketing to businesses and residences within three miles of the location.
  • The company was established by two brothers, who have full ownership of the business, but only own three of the restaurants. The other locations are franchised.
  • It currently has 45 locations throughout Florida, and four more coming soon.
  • In 2017, the company's system-wide sales amounted to $4.7 million, according to Restaurant Business Online. Glassdoor estimates the revenue to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Brooklyn Water Bagels

  • The Brooklyn Water Bagels’ corporate office is located in Delray Beach, Florida. The company utilizes a proprietary water system to replicate the water flowing from the Catskill Mountains to Brooklyn, which is then used to make their beverages and baked goods.
  • The chain has 21 various locations situated in four states, which are Massachusetts, California, Florida, and Georgia.
  • The Brooklyn Water Bagel Company generates an estimated annual revenue of $53.8 million, according to Crunchbase.
  • Derek Kirk is the VP marketing executive at Brooklyn Water Bagels.
  • The public relations and marketing consultancy Be In The News lists Brooklyn Water Bagels as one of its clients.

Metro Diner

  • Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Metro Dinner was first established in the year 1992, in Jacksonville. The chain has a classic American diner environment and menu. The chain was eventually relaunched in 2009 to represent a modern diner chain.
  • Metro Diner restaurants serve breakfast throughout the day.
  • The chain currently operates 67 different locations. Out of those, 57 are company-owned.
  • The estimated revenue generated by Metro Diner is $54 million, according to ZoomInfo.
  • Crafton Bryant IV has served as the company's director of marketing since the year 2016.
  • In 2018, Metro Diner chose PPK to serve as the restaurant's agency of record.

Maple Street Biscuit

  • With its headquarters in Jacksonville, Maple Street Biscuit has a fast-casual breakfast/brunch concept. The company nurtures a distinct atmosphere and when customers place an order, they do not give their names, but provide an answer to the question of the month. The menu is "comfort food with a modern twist."
  • Cracker Barrel is in the process of acquiring the company to help extend its offerings within the "breakfast and lunch market." However, Maple Street Biscuit will remain as a stand-alone brand.
  • In seven states, the restaurant operates five franchised and 28 company-owned fast casual locations.
  • Maple Street Biscuit generates an estimated $28 million in revenue annually.

Shakers American Cafe

  • Considered by several publications to be the best breakfast eatery in the Orlando area, Shakers American Café opened in 1993.
  • The restaurant has a single location (Orlando, Florida).
  • Shakers American Cafe produces an estimated annual revenue of $14 million.
  • Mpact Orlando, which is a local firm that promotes restaurants, lists Shakers American Cafe as one of its clients.

Research Strategy:

During our research, we were unable to locate all the requested information. The research strategies we employed are available below.

Our research began by scouring through several news articles, publications, among others. We identified four restaurant chains that either only serve breakfast or make breakfast a priority, along with one well-known breakfast restaurant.

We were unable to find the CMOs for Maple Street, Shakers, or Keke’s. We first visited the companies’ websites and profiles on different databases, but the information was not available. It is possible that these companies do not employ marketing executives, or they do not disclose information related to the position. Next, we checked their LinkedIn profiles and current employees, but again, information about marketing executives was not publicly available. Finally, we performed a press scan, locating articles about each company to search for mentions about the professionals. Again, the sources did not provide the names of the CMOs.

For agencies of record, we initially looked for information on press releases, case studies, and news articles. After that strategy failed, we searched for marketing campaigns for each restaurant, hoping it would lead us to the agency in charge. Most of the companies have implemented minimal marketing efforts, and no agencies were mentioned. Our final strategy was to examine the restaurants’ social media profiles, looking for photos and videos promoting their brands, hoping they would tag one of the agencies, but the information was not publicly available.

Regarding Shakers American Cafe's revenue, we attempted to locate the information by exploring multiple databases and sources. However, since this is a small, privately held company, it did not publish its revenue. Owler was the only available source for this figure. However, Owler does not always offer reliable information. Due to the lack of other resources, we provided information presented on the site.

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Breakfast Restaurants Headquartered In Florida - Part Two

Dixie Belle’s Cafe, @ The Diner, Se7en Bites, Holler&Dash and Briarpatch Restaurant are five additional breakfast restaurants that are headquartered in Florida. All the restaurants listed below are top-rated in their own unique creations and majorly operate only in the first half of the day.

1. Dixie Belle’s Cafe

  • Chief Marketing Officer — Marketing service outsourced to Ordereze
  • Revenue — $4.9 million (Estimated)
  • Company Overview — Dixie Belles Cafe is a breakfast and lunch family-owned restaurant founded in 2007 in Orlando. The restaurant was started as a bar by Michael Agosto for his wife who passed away before it really got going. The restaurant features a blend of classic American home cooked favorites with some traditional Mexican dishes. They have a mission to provide customers with great service, excellent food and a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere at a great meal value. Dixie Belles Cafe is a pet-friendly place with a seating capacity of up to 100 people.
  • Number of Locations — 1; HQ at 7125 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32809
  • AOR — Ordereze

2. @ The Diner

  • Chief Marketing Officer — Being a family-owned restaurant, they do not have a separate marketing team or person.
  • Revenue — N/A
  • Company Overview — @ The Diner started off in Florida in 2017, and is a family-owned/operated restaurant. The owners are native New Yorkers with over 20 years experience now residing in Florida with a motive to provide "food that tastes like home and the service feels like family." The specialty restaurant provides only breakfast and lunch, being open from 7AM - 3PM on all days and is one of the highest rated breakfast Cafes of Florida.
  • Number of Locations — 1; HQ at Lake Cay Shopping Center, 9938 Universal Blvd Orlando, FL 32819
  • AOR — The restaurant is growing to a scale to have an AOR; however, it is currently not associated with any agency.

3. Se7en Bites

  • Chief Marketing Officer — Danielle Davis, The General Manager takes care of all operational, merchandising and marketing.
  • Revenue — $1.8 million
  • Company Overview — Se7en Bites is a breakfast, lunch and brunch specialty restaurant established in 2016 and located at the heart of Orlando. The restaurant has been ever growing since its inception and specializes in a 'delectable' Chicken Pot Pie that is available only on select days and times. The restaurant is typically open only until 3PM on all days.
  • Number of Locations — 1; HQ at 617 N Primrose Drive, Orlando, FL, 32803
  • AOR — The company does not engage with any agency and all advertising details are taken care of by Danielle. The company also engages a website designer named Steph Mettler.

4. Holler&Dash

  • Chief Marketing Officer — Jean-Paul Mendes, Market Director
  • Revenue — $13.9 million
  • Company Overview — Holler&Dash is an authentic southern food restaurant serving breakfast, brunch and lunch only at seven locations across the United States with its headquarters at Florida. They specialize in biscuit-based menus to pay tribute to the South in a fresh new way. The owners know the delicacies of southern hospitality well which is evident in their menus. The restaurant operates daily between 7AM - 2PM only.
  • Number of Locations — 7; HQ at 6268 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Celebration, FL 34747; Other locations at Homewood, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, Brentwood, TN, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC.
  • AOR — Holler&Dash does not engage with any AOR at the moment and produces all contents internally.

5. Briarpatch Restaurant

  • Chief Marketing Officer — Outsourced to Findsome & Winmore
  • Revenue — $3.8 million
  • Company Overview — Briarpatch is considered to be one of Winter Park’s most iconic restaurants being established in 1980 with a specialty of serving contemporary American cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant necessarily serves breakfast and lunch from 7AM to 5PM on all days. The Briarpatch team "uses the freshest of local ingredients in order to showcase its seasonal Florida flavors" and presents the culinary in an outdoor patio as well as a retreat inside focusing on sandwiches, homemade pastries and cakes.
  • Number of Locations — 1; HQ at 252 Park Avenue, North Winter Park, FL 32789
  • AOR — Findsome & Winmore

Research Strategy:

Revenue information for @ The Diner could not be ascertained despite multiple efforts. The reason attributed to the missing information is the private nature of the restaurant and the niche level of operations in the region. Additionally, some restaurants have outsourced their marketing and advertising operations to an agency of record and do not have a dedicated marketing professional on staff. Some restaurants being family-owned, do not engage any AOR and do all marketing activities in-house to achieve greater profits. The main reason of not having either a marketing officer or an outsourced AOR may be because of their special expertise and unique selling points that outweigh the need for such a person or agency.

The restaurants chosen were based on top reviews or special culinary achievements as indicated by rating sites and news sites. The provided restaurants were cross-checked with a list of top breakfast restaurants in Florida and all restaurants cited in the earlier versions have also been found thus implying that the current chosen restaurants are on track. Despite intensive research some information has still been missing due to reasons mentioned below. Thus, an additional approach of deducing such information was also adopted.

The research team looked for the missing information via company websites, company-related news and press, presentations and other notes. However, most of the companies being private and belonging to the restaurant industry, do not have a dedicated news or public financial section. We also tried triangulating the revenues based on the per plate price and average footfall. However, the scarcity of any or all of these data, led to the failure of the approach. We further checked into leading food-related rating sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp in order to gauge their pricing range that could have led to a fair estimation. However, these websites only produced reviews comments and menu information without a focus on any pricing. Next, we changed paths to look through information on leading restaurant forums and associations like the Restaurant Activity Report, Restaurant Business Online, and Technomic to gain insight on the market players in the breakfast category. However, such a niche focus into the sub-category could not be found. We continued with our approach to look into the restaurants' social media pages (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, etc.) since they often market and advertise through these sites. However, nothing more than the user reviews and hashtags could be deduced. A deep dive into leading restaurant marketing agencies like Advertir, The Foodie Agency, Cardinal Digital Marketing, etc. also could not establish relevant information.
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Breakfast Restaurants Headquartered In Florida - Part Three

The 5 additional breakfast restaurants headquartered in Florida are The Pancakery, Breakfast Station, Stout's Restaurant, Doc's Diner, and Mama Clemenza's.

The Pancakery

  • Overview: The Pancakery started in Destin, FL, in August 2011. The Pancakery has expanded down the coast to a second location in Panama City Beach, FL, in 2017. The Pancakery is open every day from 7am to 2pm. The Pancakery breakfast menu includes a variety of Gourmet Pancakes, Belgian Waffles, Omelettes, Crepes, French Toast, Sandwiches, Salads, and Over-Stuffed Potatoes.
  • Locations: 2; 960 Highway 98 East, Ste #104 Destin, FL 32541 and 13800 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Ste #110 Panama City Beach, FL 32407.
  • Agency: N/A

Breakfast Station

  • Chief Marketing officer: N/A
  • Annual revenue: N/A
  • Overview: Breakfast Station was founded in 1995 with the first location in Port Richey, Florida. Fast forward 23 years, and Breakfast Station now has 13 locations throughout Florida with the newest location in Melbourne, FL.
  • Locations: 13
  • Agency: N/A

Stout's Restaurant

Doc's Diner

  • Chief Marketing officer: N/A
  • Annual revenue: N/A
  • Overview: Doc's Diner is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Florida, voted 1st and 2nd Place In The Upper Keys People's Choice Awards Year After Year. Their breakfast menu includes homemade pancakes and waffles, omelets, eggs, and many more.
  • Locations: 1; 99696 Overseas Hwy Key Largo. FL 33037.
  • Agency: N/A

Mama Clemenza's

  • Chief Marketing officer: N/A

Research Strategy:

To provide 5 additional breakfast restaurants headquartered in Florida, we consulted business listings like yelp, google maps, tripadvisor, and other restaurant databases. Unfortunately, most of the requested data points for each breakfast restaurant we have provided are not publicly available such as annual revenue, CMO, and current marketing agency of record after performing several search strategies. Also, all the additional breakfast restaurant we provided are just small family operated business, and their websites contain minimal information to provide the requested data points. Most of the big breakfast chains headquartered in Florida are previously identified in the strategy job, part one, and two of the request project, which instructed by our research criteria to be excluded.
Chief Marketing officer search strategies
  • We checked each breakfast restaurant website hoping to find the company CMO by looking at their about page, contact us page, team, and others, but none of the 5 breakfast restaurants has CMO. We also tried checking their Linkedin page that aims to find their CMO. However, none of these breakfast restaurants has a Llinkedin page. We assume that these breakfast restaurants don't have any CMO since they are just small businesses, and the majority of them are family-owned operated businesses.
Annual revenue search strategies
  • We visited each breakfast restaurant website, but none of them has a publicly available annual report on their website. We consulted third party websites that provide estimated annual revenue, such as Zoominfo, Crunchbase, Hoovers, Glassdoor,, and others. However, these sites also don't have any records of the estimated revenue of these restaurants. We assume that their annual revenue is not pre-existing on the web since these breakfast restaurants are small, privately held companies, and are not obligated to publish their revenue.
Current marketing agency of record search strategies
  • Although these 5 additional breakfast restaurants don't have any marketing efforts based on their website structures, we still tried searching any press publications related to their marketing campaign or agency that handles their marketing strategies, but this didn't yield any fruitful information. There has little no data on the press publications related to these breakfast restaurants. We switched gears and tried scanning their social media page posts like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, hoping to find if they have posted any marketing campaign that includes any marketing agency on their post. Most of their page posts are pictures of their menu and other non-related details for the requested information. Lastly, we tried searching for any related case study available made by marketing or advertising agencies to these 5 breakfast restaurants, still, there is no pre-existing case study available, and there was no marketing agency related to them on the web.


From Part 02
  • "Se7en Bites recently moved into the former Sunshine School Fashions space at 617 N. Primrose Drive, a 4,000-square-foot space next to Pho Hoa Noodle Soup on North Primrose Drive, to accommodate more hungry guests. Propst said since last speaking to OBJ, when the bakery's revenue was roughly $1 million, it has experienced a 65-75 percent growth and added beer and wine to its beverage offerings."
  • "Topping the list is Se7en Bites. Located at 617 N. Primrose Drive in Colonial Town Center, the restaurant, which offers coffee and tea and more, is the most popular breakfast, brunch and lunch spot in Orlando, boasting 4.5 stars out of 1,647 reviews on Yelp."
  • "We’re about everything that comes before it. From the handmade sign that welcomes you, to the woodcut prints on our walls. It all leads up to that first bite at the table, surrounded by good friends and good stories. That’s why we started Holler & Dash – for those moments. Proudly serving breakfast, brunch and lunch at a city near you."
  • "Nothing says comfort like a biscuit. It’s one of the most authentic Southern foods there is. But don’t let the history of this humble bread fool you. Biscuits make the perfect platform for all kinds of new flavors. And that’s what we’re all about. We grew up with a passion for creating great food and memorable experiences. Now we’re bringing that to the table in our own unique way with our Holler & Dash™ restaurant."
  • "Our biscuit-inspired menu pays tribute to the South in a fresh new way. With chef-driven recipes, fresh ingredients, and layers of flavors like you’ve never tasted before (plus a few you know and love). And because we were born and raised in Tennessee, we know a thing or two about Southern hospitality. Like good food means good living. And good company means good times. All you need is a big kitchen—and the right biscuits."
  • "We believe comfort food should sizzle with excitement. And while our menu is rooted in traditions from the South, it’s far from standard fare—with big bold flavors, premium ingredients and heirloom recipes reinvented for the way you want to eat right now."