Brand Anniversary Marketing

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Brand Anniversary Marketing - US

Three examples of marketing campaigns from FMCG or CPG brands celebrating anniversaries in the US include Kraft Food, Chicken of the Sea, and Mars Chocolate. All three brands celebrated a milestone anniversary and were able to create a unique and disruptive experience through their marketing efforts.

Kraft Foods Group: America's Favorite Cheese Brand Celebrates 100 Years

  • Kraft Foods celebrated 100 years in collaboration with their cheese fans.
  • The company also enlisted the help of country star Brad Paisley for their summer-long celebrations.
  • In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Kraft created an integrated marketing program titled "For the Love of Cheese."
  • Through its multiple brands, including Kraft Natural Cheese, Kraft Singles, Velveeta®, Cracker Barrel and Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the company offered fans the chance to win a lifetime supply of cheese and a VIP Brad Paisley concert experience.
  • Fans were also able to earn a bonus sweepstakes entry by tweeting about what they would do for their love of cheese with the hashtag #fortheloveofcheese.
Why the campaign was considered disruptive
  • Kraft enrolled the country music superstar Brad Paisley to help spread the cheese love across the country. The company sponsored his 2014 World Tour that kicked off in Philadelphia on May 16.
  • His fans were able to show their love of cheese in a variety of fun and engaging ways, including the opportunity to take part in Kraft's "Cheese-loving Karaoke," where fans sing along to some of Paisley's biggest hits and share their music video on social networks.
  • Paisley also co-created and co-directed humorous videos in collaboration with Kraft to show his love of cheese.
  • The company also invested in "For the Love of Cheese" signs and promotional displays in more than 25,000 grocery stores nationwide. The advertisement was also featured on more than 4 million Velveeta® packages.
Results of the campaign
  • Kraft's "For the Love of Cheese" campaign is a winner in the 2015 Pro awards and received second place in Best Caused-based Campaign of 2015.

Chicken of the Sea celebrates its 100th anniversary

  • In 2014, Chicken of the Sea celebrated its 100th anniversary as a leading provider of healthy and sustainable seafood with its “100 Years of Good” initiative.
  • The San Diego-based company provides tuna, salmon and seven other varieties of seafood in cans, cups and pouches as well as innovative new products that build on the idea of seafood as a healthy ‘new’ protein choice in America.
  • Chicken of the Sea wanted to try something different to celebrate its centennial to set itself apart from the competition.
  • According to company executives, while the consumer is loyal to Chicken of the Sea, they need to be reminded of the brand’s long-standing history and commitment to operate a socially and environmentally responsible business.
  • Therefore, rather than talk about itself for a year, Chicken of the Sea chose to celebrate its 100th anniversary by paying it forward.
  • As such, Chicken of the Sea invited consumers to engage in an ongoing conversation by creating a contest to name the famous mermaid, providing $10,000 gratitude awards, and multiple traditional and social media efforts.
Why the campaign was considered disruptive
  • Chicken of the Sea partnered with Amusement Park to develop one of the largest cause-related marketing initiative in consumer packaged goods history. The advertisement was designed to boost awareness for the seafood provider through unique national media placements.
  • A major initiative in this year’s national campaign has been the publication of the “Great American Gratitude Tour,” designed to take the brand’s iconic story, recipes, culinary traditions and pay-it-forward spirit to Americans in 39 cities throughout the country.
  • Chicken of the Sea is also investing $1 million in gratitude awards to 100 charitable individuals and nonprofits to allow them to continue their grassroots community service.
Results of the campaign
  • Four months into the tour, the groundbreaking “100 Years of Good” campaign and its Great American Gratitude Tour has helped build upon Chicken of the Sea’s stance as an industry leader while re-enforcing its commitment to American culture.
  • The campaign was able to generate 1.7 billion impressions through television, radio, print and online outlets.
  • Thirteen major U.S. markets (including Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Dallas and Detroit) have featured Chicken of the Sea in morning news shows as well as in newspapers, and magazines.
  • National television segments were secured on Fox and Friends, Better TV and The Daily Buzz.
  • The 100 years of Good campaign was also recognized in the 2015 Pro awards and received third place in Best Caused-based Campaign of 2015.

Mars Chocolate — M&M’S 75th Anniversary Campaign: "Celebrate with M"

  • To celebrate their anniversary, M&M's decided to celebrate with their fans throughout the whole year.
  • M&M’s 75th anniversary provided the backdrop for Mars to not only showcase the brand’s history but to create a modern experience completely centered around M&M’s most beloved asset: the spokescandies.
  • Life-sized apartments were specifically designed for all six M&M’s spokescandies in NYC.
  • The entire evening was capped off by an exclusive live performance of M&M’s 75th anniversary anthem “Candyman” by Aloe Blacc and DJ Zedd, right in the spokescandies’ living room.
  • In 2016, M&M's launched one of the largest marketing campaigns in the brand's history: "Celebrate with M."
  • The campaign featured star-studded events, product innovation, iconic collaborations and unexpected partnerships that cemented the brand's place in pop culture history.
  • On February 29, M&M's announced that fans can follow the #CelebratewithM hashtag in social media to win epic birthday surprises, exclusive access to one-of-a-kind experiences, and the ability to determine the next M&M'S flavor to hit store shelves.
  • The company focused on building brand awareness among Millennial and Generation Z consumers by introducing modern elements to classic themes.
Why the campaign was considered disruptive
  • More than 400 guests attended the party, including 140 media/influencers, whose shares resulted in 6.9 million impressions, with many sharing more posts than their original contracts.
  • To ensure that those who could not make it to the super-secret apartments could have the same immersive experience, 360-degree videos were shot for each room to create an exact replica of the apartments using virtual reality.
Results of the campaign

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Brand Anniversary Marketing - Europe

Four examples of marketing campaigns from CPG brands celebrating brand anniversaries in Europe involve the companies Captain Birdseye, Sacla UK, Walkers, and Kraft Heinz. Examples of screenshots from these campaigns are included in the attached Google Doc.


1. captain Birdseye

2. Sacla UK

  • Sacla UK is a famous pesto brand in the U.K. (as its name implies), with a 57.1% market share for pesto products in the region.
  • In 2016, Sacla UK celebrated its 25th brand anniversary.
  • The following is a description of the campaign from the advertising firm behind the campaign: "As well as undertaking traditional media relations around the event, including creating a pesto gelato to celebrate the anniversary and highlight the versatility of pesto, we wanted to help Sacla’ UK hold an engaging, memorable and unique anniversary party. In the Vinyl Factory in Soho we created an immersive Italian experience for hundreds of high profile guests, including Nancy Dell’Olio, Craig Revel Horwood, Tom Parker Bowles, Ainsley Harriott, Francesco Mazzei and Theo Randall."
  • The next day, that same venue was open to the brand's customers for the purposes of encouraging them "to become brand ambassadors" and "sharing the celebration and our Sacla’ stories with even more people."
  • This YouTube video is an example of advertising surrounding the campaign.
  • This campaign was considered disruptive because, as the advertising firm behind the campaign explained: "Our campaign generated media buzz and social activity and engagement before, during and after the events. The special anniversary and related brand stories were broadcast far and wide, with a quarter of a century of pesto in the UK rightly celebrated as a culinary milestone!"
  • The aforementioned statement also addresses the campaign's success/results.

3. Walkers

  • Walkers is an iconic potato chip brand in the U.K., which recently celebrated its 70th brand anniversary.
  • The campaign was a multi-channel one, which included two TV advertisements and the launch of six new flavors of potato chips.
  • This link is to one of the campaign's commercials.
  • This campaign was disruptive because it offered a prize for a store renovation for one retailer plus a community party, featured a quirky TV commercial as a throwback to how the brand has evolved over the past decades, and included the launch of six new flavors of potato chips that were available for a limited time only in commemoration of its anniversary available.
  • Those new flavors were even "inspired by the nation's favorite foods over the decades." Moreover, the flavors launched as part of the anniversary campaign connected back to a campaign the company ran on social media the previous year, thus adding to the disruptive nature of this campaign as it was multi-faceted.
  • The campaign also involved custom product packaging design, with the tagline "Celebrating 70 years of the nation’s favourite."
  • The following is a description of the first commercial comprising this campaign: "The ad . . . offer[s] fans a glimpse back in time, showcasing fashion highs and lows, a younger Gary Lineker, and the evolving pack design for Walkers. The film looks back over the past 70 years and shows how Walkers has been inspired by the quirky and evolving tastes of the British public, whilst celebrating all the little moments in life where no matter what the decade or fashion of the time, Walkers has been an integral part of people’s lives."
  • The following is a description of the second commercial comprising this campaign: "The ad . . . will specifically support the roll out of the new flavors and feature the colorful packs to help raise awareness, alongside engaging digital content and in-store activation."
  • This campaign was successful, as is demonstrated by the widespread, positive press coverage it received from numerous that we reviewed throughout our research.

4. Kraft Heinz

  • Kraft Heinz celebrated the 50th anniversary of its famous slogan "Beanz Meanz Heinz" in the UK. This campaign was of particular importance because that slogan is actually an inductee of the Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame, as voted into "by a panel from the UK's advertising industry."
  • The campaign "included 50 special, limited edition labels on 15 million cans of Beanz, a fully branded #BeanzMeanzHeinz double-decker bus and a microsite offering the public the chance to personalize their Beanz can labels."
  • The customized double-decker bus drove around through nine UK cities and the general public was "invited on board to join in the anniversary celebrations with a sit down Heinz Beanz dining experience on the upper deck." Meanwhile, on the lower deck of the bus, people "could engage with the Heinz Beanz recipe card wall, taking home a selection of bespoke Beanz recipes thanks to the Food Network and Heinz Beanz — a seven-month media partnership developed by OMD Create . . . in addition to ordering their own personalized limited edition Beanz can."
  • Influencers were also invited to ride the bus, in order to drive awareness of the anniversary campaign. In addition to the touring bus, the campaign was also aired on radio where daily prizes were given away worth 2,000 Euros.
  • Social media was also a key part of the campaign, which "was amplified across Heinz UK social channels by Multiply and OMD UK with an always on content strategy to drive brand affinity."
  • The campaign was disruptive because it included a customized double-decker bus and even a pop-up shop.
  • This link is an example of the double-decker bus advertising.
  • This link is an example of the commemorative can advertising and this link is an example of the pop-up-shop advertising.
  • The campaign was successful because it received an award, as is illustrated in the following statement about such: "The successful campaign has won a D&AD Graphite Pencil in Packaging Design."

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy:

We identified the above anniversary campaigns by looking for CPG brands celebrating such specifically in the U.K. recently. All the campaigns we found were launched in 2017 or more recently, since we prioritized more-recent campaigns over older ones. Two of the brands included (Sacla and Walkers) are specifically UK brands, but we included Heinz as the third brand because the anniversary it was celebrating was specific to the UK. The sources we consulted were primarily ad agencies and news outlets. We also included links to and examples of creative elements of these campaigns both above and in the attached document.
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Brand Anniversary Marketing - Australia

Kit Kat's 80th anniversary campaign, Heinz's 150th anniversary campaign, and Blackmores' 85th anniversary campaign are some examples of marketing campaigns from FMCG brands surrounding and celebrating anniversaries in Australia. Detailed below is more information about each of these campaigns.



  • KitKat celebrated its 80th anniversary in Australia with "moment marketing."
  • The brand continues its 60-year-old classic tagline "Have a break, have a KitKat," which has become synonymous with the brand.
  • KitKat came up with a pop-up studio in Sydney to commemorates KitKat's 80th anniversary. The studio was created in partnership with award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou.
  • Anna designed her own KitKat desserts and treats for the pop-up, including a "caramelized Anna" bar that's embellished with candy popcorn, sea salt, and yellow graffiti.



  • The brand enticed customers to try the customizable dessert, and fans joined the fun by tagging their photos with #kitkatstudio and #createyourbreak.
  • The hashtag #kitkatstudio was used in 3,167 posts and #createyourbreak in 1,615 posts.
  • The campaign also has a press coverage by the Daily Mail UK, which detailed the campaign, brand presence, locations for the pop-up studio in Australia, and special edition KitKats. This press coverage has 59 shares and three comments.


  • Nestle plans to take its KitKat Studio global after the success of the popup studios in both Sydney and Melbourne.





  • More than 85,000 individuals sang “Happy Birthday” in one venue to mark Heinz's 150th year in the business at the Collingwood Football Club.
  • To mark their 150th year in the business, the brand attempted to break a world record at the event by having the most people to sing “Happy Birthday” in one venue.
  • The campaign launched the iconic ketchup brand with billboards at the Sydney Airport and Melbourne’s Young and Jackson site.


  • The iconic food brand attempted to hit a world record at the event by having the most people to sing “Happy Birthday” in one venue.



  • In 2018, Blackmores' 85th anniversary was celebrated in Australia, highlighting their strong naturopathic heritage.
  • The brand celebrated Super Brand Day and their 85th anniversary in July 2017, which includes a live stream with the famous Chinese tennis player Li Na.
  • The event also included a joint PR conference with the CEO of e-commerce unit Kaola.
  • For their 80th anniversary, the brand also launched the idea of "More," a creative property to deliver the many benefits of the products of Blackmores to remind Australians why they consider the brand the most trusted vitamin brand in the country.



  • The live stream with Li Na has one million unique views, making Blackmores the most viewed brand.
  • The "More" campaign was originally for the celebration of the brand's 80th anniversary; however, the company liked the idea so much that they adopted it into a marketing campaign.



To provide examples of FMCG/CPG brands that have created brand communication around celebrating their brand anniversary, we first looked for brands in Australia that just recently or are currently celebrating their brand anniversary. We looked through industry reports, media publications, and press releases related to the celebration or completion of such milestones. After collating the brands that were mentioned in the initial sources found, we then dug deeper to identify how they created brand communication, their marketing campaigns and relevant activities, the result of their activities, insights on advertising examples, reasons why the campaign was considered disruptive, and the data or information that shows the result of the campaign. Blackmores, though, is a wellness and natural health company, but since it has been mentioned among the top FMCG companies in Australia, it has been added in the findings.

Since quantitative data of the brands' campaign success wasn't always available, we used other factors such as the popularity of the campaign among major publications to gauge the success of each brand's communications around celebrating its brand anniversary. Also, though we prioritized the most recent examples, we had to rely on sources older than the standard time frame of 24 months after exhausting more recent examples because only a few FMCG brands celebrated their brand anniversary within the last 24 months.

Since all regional campaigns do not provide quantitative data on the performance to qualify as disruptive (i.e., award-winning for creative disruption, trending on social media, or extraordinary press coverage), for Heinz, we used the total number of members of the football club whom Heinz celebrated its 150th anniversary with, trying to break a world record of the most number of people singing "Happy Birthday" in one venue. We assumed that all members were present in the anniversary celebration and sang the Happy Birthday song. Therefore, due to lack of information on the number of views, shares, tweets, likes or any related extraordinary press coverage, we have used the number of club members as proxy information.

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