Bovine Colostrum Brands

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Bovine Colostrum Brands

We were unable to determine the top-selling bovine colostrum brands for humans. According to a MarketReportWorld research report on Bovine Colostrum, available only behind a paywall, the top selling bovine colostrum brands for humans, based in the US, are Imu-Tek and PuraLife. The top rated brands on Amazon are Synertek, Hearthy Foods and Sun Star Organics.


  • Imu-tek is listed as the sixth largest seller globally of Bovine colostrum and the first in the US.
  • Its head office is in Fort Collins CO.
  • Imu-tek sells Bovine colostrum products for humans through its website.
  • It's brand name is Immuno. It sells Immuno Powder — 7 oz. for $49.95 USD, Colostrum-5 Capsules for $29.95 USD and Colostrum-5 Powder 24 oz. for $99.95 USD.
  • The last item, Colostrum-5 Powder 24 oz. is advertised as "contains the finest colostrum available on the market today. It is pure 100% all natural bovine colostrum, certified harvested within the first 5 hours of milking from US Grade A Dairies."




  • Sold on Amazon as Synertek 1st Six Hour Colostrum Powder.
  • Made by Synertek, based in Wyoming and sold through their website.
  • It is also sold on Amazon where it has 4.4 / 5 score and has 38 five star reviews.

Hearthy Foods

  • Hearthy Foods Halal Colostrum Pure Protein Type I and Type III is the name of the product sold on Amazon.
  • Head office is in Los Angeles, CA and their website is here.
  • They have five reviews on Amazon, all with five stars, giving them a 5/5 score.

Sun Star Organics

Research Strategy

We were unable to find any sales figures specific to bovine colostrum brands for humans, so we could not identify the top-selling brands by this method.

First we searched for sales figures for bovine colostrum in annual reports on some brand's web sites. We looked at various brands websites including Sovereign and Swanson but found no indications of top sellers or sales figures.

Because Bovine Colostrum is classified as a nutraceutical, we then turned our search to magazines and sites targeted to that market to see if we could find any mention of top selling brands. We found an article on the top ten by quality, but not by sales. We also found some recent research articles on the efficacy of bovine colostrum, which we have attached for interest.

We then searched for and found a market research report on bovine colostrum. However, it is behind a paywall so no information was available. However, an advertisement for that report on a local news station's website listed the top brands by "production, price, and revenue (value) and market share for each manufacturer". We researched all the companies on the list and discovered that only two were in the US. We provided information for the top American brands identified in that report.

However, in researching those products, it became obvious that while the two companies may be among the top sellers by total sales, their main product was Bovine colostrum for animals and the human products seem to be ancillary. They are not the most popular or well-known brands in the US.

We therefore looked for another way to determine popular brands, even if we could not provide sales. We turned to Amazon and searched for bovine colostrum products for humans. After filtering for brands with four star reviews, the results were three products of bovine colostrum for humans. While we have no sales figures for those, we did provide the product's name, the production company, their website and the product page on Amazon showing their reviews.