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Importance of SEO Strategies

It is increasingly becoming important for companies to follow updated SEO methods to enable them accomplish business goals, create brand awareness and customer experience to thrive in the modern e-commerce world to increase online visibility of websites due to rapid changes in consumer and web-user behaviors, rise of new technologies, and changes of algorithms of search engines. Importance of widely recognized SEO strategies such as content, user-friendliness/accessibility, search optimization, shifting into HTTPs and loading speed has gained more importance over the past years.

importance of SEo strategies that have changed over time

1. Content

  • Previous years matching keyword is prioritized but now SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) focus more on content.
  • Search engines such as Google are prioritizing and focusing on content quality in 2019.
  • Contents should be well optimized by including more updated versions with newer statistics and data.
  • For modern audiences, content should be educational, but also interesting, relevant, engaging, and shareable such as webinars, infographics, podcasts, blog posts and video content.
  • Diversifying the content is more important as it should reach all types of audiences. This is because current audiences have different intents at various stages and content should be optimized to show up in relevant search results with more relevant keywords that serves all stages of the marketing funnel, not just the bottom.

2.user-friendly and accessibility

  • Google algorithm has changed to focus more on mobile searches as today 58% of google searches are done through mobile devices.
  • Optimizing for all devices and increasing accessibility is more important to get a high SERP rank.
  • In previous years, Google used to show one set of search results for desktops and a different search results for mobile users. But now it uses an algorithm that shows only one set of search results for all users and prioritizing their mobile searches.
  • If the website is not mobile friendly it hides the content which makes it impossible for Google's spider bot to read the content, thus it affects the websites ranking. strategies- optimizing for voice searches

  • With increasing usage of home assistance and audio only devices such as Alexa and Siri, it is more important to optimize voice searches and contents that are compatible with audio devices.
  • Voice searches are going to be more prominent and a game changer in multilingual and multinational websites.
  • Searches are going to evolve from specific results to answers for longer conversational types of searches.
  • 40% of adult Google users search by voice at least once daily and the rate of Google voice searches has increased by up to 3500% since 2008.
  • Having a good domain authority rather than page authority and comprehensive content of over 3000 words are the best ways to increase the chances to appear in voice searches.


  • HTTPS is the newer version of HTTP which indicates the security of a website.
  • From 2007 Google recommends domain owners to switch to HTTPS from HTTP. Recently, Chrome has been flagging websites without HTTPS as 'not secure', this leads to an error page which may result in a drop of the website rank.
  • Websites with HTTPS get a higher rank in SERPs than websites which still use HTTP.
  • Although HTTPS does not have much impact in ranking, it affects the website traffic and audience engagement by building a trustworthy image which makes it an important SEO strategy from the past.


  • With the latest updates from search engines such as Google, the site load speed has become more important to maintain a higher SERP.
  • Modern audiences prefer the fastest loading platforms and it is observed that with longer loading time, the bouncing rate gets higher.
  • High speed is getting more important especially with the higher usage of mobile devices and voice searches.
  • Nearly 50% of consumers prefer websites to load within two seconds which makes longer visit times.

Importance of SEO in general

  • Better SEO strategies is a tie breaker for companies that sell the same products and make them win over their competitor.
  • With the increasing use of e-commerce on more online browsers, SEO is an important factor to standout in today's competitive market.
  • Most internet users do not click past the first page of SERP or even the first three results that show up in SERP.
  • Online visibility of websites always evolves with the changes in consumer and web-user behaviors, rise of new technologies, and changes of algorithms. As such, it is more important than before to follow updated SEO methods to accomplish business goals, brand awareness and customer experience to thrive in the modern e-commerce world.

Research Strategy:

The search was through credible industry specific websites, media and press releases. We came across various sources that list common SEO strategies. To determine most widely recognized strategies, we only selected the strategies that have been mentioned in at least three of the sources. We also focused on strategies than have changed in their importance over time. As such, all the strategies listed have gained more importance during the past years due to evolving technologies, user habits and change of algorithms by popular search engines.

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How Good SEO Strategies Affect Businesses

Website is a powerful tool for attracting organic customers — the better an SEO strategy works — the higher the volume of the attracted traffic. Having content on product pages and keeping the content up to date is how a good SEO strategy impact B2B. The use of local SEO strategies are important for B2C; especially the service based ones — by using a search engine like Google My Business and Yelp businesses can find local customers and reduce transportation costs.

Impact of SEO

  • SEO is a very powerful marketing channel for businesses, because it specifically targets people who are already in need of a product, service or information.
  • According to Search Engine Journal, the results from an online survey shows that products are seen in search, customer reviews and online articles are likely to encourage people to actually buy the product or service which shows how SEO strategies can affect the volume of customers.
  • One of the primary jobs of the website is to drive organic traffic to the website by making it possible for customers to find products in the search engines.
  • Users seem to trust search engines which means achieving a top spot in search engine rankings signals to searchers that your site is probably a credible source so the higher a site can rank in results pages, the more likely it is to get clicks and traffic.
  • User experience in any type of business is a big part of getting a better organic ranking and maximum visibility.
  • Understanding SEO can help you better understand the environment of the web and the audience.
  • SEO is relatively cheap when comparing with other marketing methods and the huge impact it can have and it is a long term investment.
  • General SEO strategies like making the website mobile friendly and Better UX can improve any type of business.

Seo for b2b

  • B2B products and services are more complex; resulting the need for clear details and information on the websites.
  • The B2B space is probably smaller and more competitive than B2C, that can mean your SEO strategy needs to account for high-value, very low-volume keywords.
  • Whether it’s B2B or B2C, there are people who are searching for what they need; SEO strategy needs to be about the people you’re trying to reach.
  • Since many B2Bs are about long term partnerships, a good SEO for B2B should emphasize leadership and branding.
  • More than 70% of B2B decision-makers will probably start their search process with a web search, and most of them prefer to do their own search before having a conversation with a salesperson.
  • Since many regulations and situations can change over time, keeping the content up to date can be more important in SEO for B2B.
  • B2B brands often overlook the importance of having content on product pages, which is crucial in UX and SEO.
  • Making high quality information sources can turn general readers into future partners.
  • Other quantities are usually much higher than other types of business which will increase the overall cost of consumers so B2B firms should clearly include discounts or show that negotiating over price is completely possible.

SEO for b2c

  • Local SEO strategies are really important for B2C specially the service based ones, by using search engine like Google My Business and Yelp businesses can find local customers and reduce transportation costs.
  • The B2C market is often very competitive and your costumers can get tired easily so every click should mean something.
  • Making your product available in shopping feeds like Google Shopping can improve the overall trustworthiness of your company and makes buying process faster and easier.
  • Making it extremely easy for an online shopper to find all the details they need about a product within the same page is very important if customers won't be sure of a certain product detail there are less likely to buy the product.


  • Branding and demand generation support SEO in the longer time periods so D2C SEO strategies should focus on Branding.
  • Coupons are very likely to encourage buying so the website should include a coupon page to attract more traffic.
  • Based on a survey conducted on 512 e-commerce and marketing decision — makerson in D2C field finds that SEO is on of the top acquisition channel for most brands — 51%.
  • Social Media apps can be effective as D2C brands are increasing their spend on social media ads — 49% — are spending more on Instagram ads and 52% are spending more on Facebook ads.
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How New Data Privacy Laws Affect SEO Providers

New data privacy laws are affecting SEO providers/agencies and brands in terms of ad rates, privacy settings, email marketing, location-based marketing, loyalty programs, and subscription-based services. GDPR enactment hindered personalized marketing of US brands, which raised the prominence of SEO and content marketing for attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.


Impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • GDPR was enforced on May 25, 2018.
  • GDPR enactment hindered personalized marketing of US brands, thus raising the prominence of SEO and content marketing for attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers.
  • GDPR made the optimized contents of SEO the primary source of reliable client generation. This law had some impacts on the following.
  • After the implementation of GDPR, the ad rates of US websites increased by 10% but in the EU, it reduced.
  • The implementation of GDPR is causing US brands to focus on contextual targeting over personalized advertising.
  • GDPR is impacting the privacy settings of US Brands. Companies such as Apple, Facebook are asking users to check their privacy settings and are introducing new privacy icons.
  • The implementation of GDPR increases the opportunity of an SEO team to discover new ways to produce high-value pages, and it inclines companies to allocate more budget on SEO needs, such as appointing data protection officers.
  • There will be a huge impact on email marketing for US companies, as companies will need to disclose the purpose for collecting every single email as per GDPR.
  • As per GDPR, location data collected should be non-personal and anonymized. This rule will impact location-based marketing services profoundly.
  • U.S., companies such as Verve and Drawbridge, operating in the EU, and which adapt location-based marketing are quitting from the EU market.
  • Some other companies, like Gimbal and Cuebiq, focused on raising funds and acquisitions, as GDPR disrupted location-based marketing.

Impact of The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • CCPR will be enforced on Jan 1st, 2020. This law had some impacts on the following.
  • The Implementation of California's data privacy law may affect the loyalty program of US brands, as it is considered discrimination by CCPA when customers receive additional perks for opting to disclose data as part of a loyalty program.
  • This law requires that companies provide a mandatory unsubscribe option and also restrict subscription auto-renewal.

Research Strategy

Your research team began by looking for information on new data privacy laws such as GDPR and the new California data privacy law, as well as how they are affecting SEO providers/agencies and brands in the US. The team took a deep dive into multiple business reports and SEO articles such as Digiday, Forbes, Best SEO Companies, ClickZ, and Marketing Land, among others, to garner the ways by which GDPR and California data privacy laws are affecting SEO providers/agencies and US brands. Based on the data obtained, the team concluded that SEO companies are being impacted positively by implementation on GDPR and California data privacy laws because the enactment of these laws hinders personalized marketing of US brands and this raised the prominence of SEO and content marketing for attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers. However, US brands are facing multiple obstacles in reaching their target audiences.

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How Amazon is Affecting the SEO Landscape

Amazon is affecting the SEO landscape through the offering of a single platform for product search and purchases, which affects the SEO search demand. Amazon web services ensures that there is improvement in page load speed, website accessibility. Below you will find an overview of how Amazon affects the SEO landscape.


  • On Amazon, consumers are given a single platform where they can find almost any product that they are looking for, especially ones which are not available to buy in their particular area, and this affects SEO search demand.
  • It has become a consumer trend to go directly to the Amazon website for shopping tangible products instead of first using search engines.

Amazon web services


  • The customer reviews section affects product visibility because reviews impact a product's relevance and search ranking.
  • Star ratings and customer reviews enhance click-through rates by up to 17%.
  • Organic listings with 4 and 5-star ratings enjoy a slightly higher click-through rate than listings with no stars. Higher click-through rates indirectly enhance one's rankings in the search results.
  • Through the customer reviews, there is creation of fresh user-generated content that boosts long-tail keyword traffic.

Amazon’s Search Algorithm-a9

  • Amazon’s search algorithm is referred to as A9. It manages search and advertising technologies that are scalable, highly available, and cross-platform for Amazon and other clients.
  • Through A9, one is able to influence these ranking factors directly by the strategic use of relevant keywords in their product’s title, seller name, and Amazon backend keywords aspects that impact SEO rankings.
  • The backend keywords are the meta tags that tell Google what a webpage is about. This helps the search engine figure out when to show the page to people searching for specific information.
  • Amazon allows for the provision of images in the Amazon product page. The products that feature high-quality images consistently have a higher conversion rate.
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How Voice Search Might Impact the SEO Industry

Voice search will impact the SEO industry in areas such semantic search, site structure and content development, mobile-first, structured data optimization, and featured snippets. Voice search will require brands to use conversational tones and use long-tail keywords to become relevant in semantic search. In addition, websites will require FAQ pages in different sections to answer user questions through voice search.

Semantic Search

  • Voice search will see semantic search increase in importance.
  • Search engines rely on various factors besides keywords to deliver the most relevant search results to the user. This is referred to as semantic search.
  • Semantic search takes into account factors such as geographical location when searching for results. It focuses on the context of a search query to answer interrogative statements.
  • Since people are more conversational in voice searches, brands will have to optimize their keywords so that they are long-tail for their SEO strategies to be effective.
  • Furthermore, semantic search will require brands to use conversational tones in their content.

site structure and content development

  • Voice search will require content strategists to map questions at several points of the customer journey to ensure that the brand is available through voice search at any state of the purchase process. Therefore, FAQ pages will need to be included in each section of a website.
  • Websites will have to focus on informational intent such as how-tos and guides since they are effective in voice search optimization.
  • Content that focuses on navigational intent such as customer service information and store locations will also be useful in voice search optimization.
  • Content will also have to focus on transactional intent such as product comparisons and information.

mobile first

  • Having a mobile-first website will be a basic requirement due to voice search.
  • A majority of people use voice search on their mobile phones and 50% of people use it while driving.
  • Websites that are not mobile friendly will have low rankings on search pages.
  • As it stands, Google has already announced that it is shifting to a mobile-first world. Therefore, to survive organically, brands must adjust accordingly.
  • If one’s website is too slow on mobile, there will be a high bounce rate.

structured data optimization

  • Unlike regular search where the second and third results can attract traffic, voice search only produces one result to users. Therefore, it will be imperative for brands to make their content as relevant as possible to the search engines for specific queries.
  • Brands will have to ensure that their web pages are easy to crawl.
  • Furthermore, brands will have to utilize structured data markup or schema to ensure that Google bots understand their content.
  • Structured data markup will assist SEO strategists to develop metadata for their content.
  • The metadata will inform Google what the content is about but will not have any effect on the content’s appearance to users.

featured snippets

  • As it stands, voice search uses the Rich Answer Box found on top of the search results page to answer questions. These boxes provide information in the public domain such as the number of ounces in a pound.
  • Conversely, featured snippets are extracted from websites and put at the top of the results page. Google credits the brand for these snippets on voice and regular search.
  • For the above reason, featured snippets are more attainable than striving to be position one. Therefore, as voice search use continues to increase, brands will have to focus on long-tail keyword research to find relevant questions and provide the right answers in their content.
  • The content should be easy for the search engine to read and comprehend by using header tags to frame the question then briefly answering it.

research strategy

To find the requested information, we focused on looking at industry sites, such as Search Engine Journal, Page One Power, and Effective Spend. We used these sources to gain an expert view on the impact of voice search on the SEO industry. We found useful information using these sources and selected the 5 ways voice search will impact SEO by considering those that were mentioned the most by all the sources.

From Part 01
  • "In 2019, you also must at least consider optimizing for devices, said Kristine Schachinger, digital strategist and SEO consultant."
  • "Ultimately, this all requires the best content on the fastest platforms geared to meet the users wherever they’re coming from, according to Keith Goode, IBM’s senior SEO strategist, security intelligence."
  • "Anyhow, this year, Google has made several huge changes which can affect your site big time unless you make the necessary changes"
  • "Google had warned in the beginning of 2018 that site-owners should move to HTTPS from HTTP as it would be included as one of Google’s ranking factors."
  • "The days when you accessed the internet on your desktop is over. Mobile internet isn’t a luxury; it is the present and it has come to stay."
  • "Millions of people use voice to search Google. And the number is just going to increase. "
  • ""
  • "it’s a great time to add additional content to older posts, including recent research and statistics, and start the year producing a lot of really well-optimized articles."
  • " it’s also important to take note of the entire user experience, and speed is a major factor that contributes to that."
  • "Make sure your content is accessible."
  • "Google has been encouraging web domain owners to switch their sites over to HTTPS since 2007, but pretty soon any forms or search boxes on your site that run using HTTP could cause an error message in Google Chrome"
  • "Keeping in mind the best practices for keyword targeting, user experience, readability, and speed optimization, you’re more likely to remain in the top SEO rankings and improve customer engagement."
  • "Content is a vital part of SEO because it’s the vehicle you use to reach and engage audiences. "
  • "Another reason SEO is critical is because all the time you put into generating great content and optimizing your site with on-page SEO improves the usability of your site, and this creates a seamless and positive customer experience. "
  • "Similarly, by increasing your page load speed, you'll reduce your bounce rate and encourage visitors to spend longer on your site. Nearly 50% of consumers expect a page to load within two seconds, and the longer the load time, the higher the bounce rate and the lower your conversions."
  • "SEO can help you build better relationships with your audience, improve the customer experience, increase your authority, drive more people to your site, give you an edge over the competition, and increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business. "
  • "Content plays an integral role in SEO success, and it’s also an area where diversification is needed most. Diversity within content starts with the audience – you need to diversify your content to reach all of your audience."
  • "Diversification plays a major role in SEO success. SEO changes and evolves quickly, meaning you’ll want to spread out your marketing eggs into multiple baskets."
  • "Search engine optimization is nowadays more important than ever and it is necessary for every webmaster to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for every business."
From Part 03
  • "Ad rates have increased 10 percent in the U.S. since May 25 and dropped in Europe, according to research from analytics firm Ezoic."
  • "GDPR is also part of the reason why Facebook is asking users to review their privacy settings, covering things like whether advertisers can target them based on religious and political views or their sexual orientation. Even though Facebook is a U.S. company, the rules affect how it operates in other countries, because its users are connected globally."
  • "Consumers will have a right to be informed about the collection of their information. Apple, for example, has introduced privacy icons to explain when it is gathering data on users."
  • "For example, if you collect their email address so that you can “email them your free white paper”, that is the only purpose for which you can use their email address. You cannot add that email address to a mailing list or otherwise use it for email marketing (or anything else)."
  • "This means that you have to disclose every single way that you might use their email address – clearly and in plain language – at the time that they are giving their consent. If a particular use of their email address was not clearly disclosed at the time they gave their consent, then it wasn’t informed consent for that purpose, and you cannot use their email address for that particular use."
  • "And fines are hefty. Up to 20million euros or 4% of a business’ gross annual worldwide income, whichever is higher."
  • "U.S. firms like Verve and Drawbridge recently decided to quit the EU market. Location-based marketing firm Gimbal later acquired Drawbridge’s adtech business and location intelligence company Cuebiq recently raised $27 million in growth capital, suggesting investors still see an upside for the market."
  • "The technical issue is this: The GDPR’s requirements mean location data must be completely anonymized and made nonpersonal. For that to happen, more generalized data such as city or region must be used so that it applies to many people in that area, rather than a specific person’s residence."
  • "As personal data becomes harder to reach, content marketing and SEO are likely to become techniques for attracting new visitors and building relationships through less aggressive methods. Optimized content could likely become a primary way to reach new customers and users, with the assumption that fewer data subjects will be willing to share their personal data for advertising purposes, after getting to know their rights."
  • "According to the Breach Level Index report, there were a total of 1765 breach incidents. Equifax is one of the best-known examples. Even before the GDPR, businesses (particularly those that handle sensitive data on a daily basis) had to employ a cybersecurity expert or even an in-house security team."
  • "Civil Code Section 1798.125 prohibits businesses from “discriminating” against consumers who have opted out of data sharing. Some might argue that loyalty discount programs (for example, where a brand emails coupons or promotion information to its customers) "
  • "could potentially violate this section: in the event of customers opting-out of personal data-sharing, such customers will not receive the same benefits as customers who do not opt-out of personal information sharing."
  • "The law goes like this: companies now have to offer a way for customers to unsubscribe from services online."
  • "Prohibits businesses from charging a consumer’s card for an automatic renewal for a discounted price without clear consent"
  • "companies will also no longer be able to: Make an automatic renewal or continuous service offer at the end of a trial period without clearly stating and explaining the price that will be charged when the trial ends"
  • "Now, with GDPR, the addition of the privacy policy link to the page allows the SEO team a new way to flow crawlers from these high-value pages."
  • "Now that GDPR is upending attribution it is causing a rethink of paid budgets, funds that are released from paid campaigns could end up being more available for SEO needs."