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Boston Cancer Support

American Cancer Society in Massachusetts is an example of an organization, group, and/or community in Boston, Massachusetts that provides cancer support, and is large and has extensive member engagement. The organization provides a wide range of cancer resources in Massachusetts.


  • The organization' s purpose is to provide cancer information and resources in Massachusetts. It organizes fundraising events, cancer support programs, and patient support that helps in the fight against cancer in the Massachusetts community.
  • Some events for 2019 are Kilos for a Cure MA, Cable Classic Pledge It MA, Officials Vs Cancer MA, and Bark For Life of Arlington MA.
  • The organizations offer treatment support to help patients on treatment options. Support offered include helping patients understand their diagnosis, answers on treatment payments, details on treatment side effects, challenges on family, support to caregivers, and hospice care.
  • The organization also provides patients with free resources such as transportation to treatments, advocacy, a hot line for cancer information and lodging facilities to those patients who seek treatment far away from home.
  • The organization has acquired a large/extensive member and supporter engagement through its social media channels.
  •  Communication methods used by the organization are through its support groups, email, social media and through a dedicated phone number.
  • The organization partners with brands such as Walmart, CVS Health, Avon, Delta, Kroger, Chevrolet, and Kohl's in the fight against cancer.
  • American Cancer Society in Massachusetts events "are inspiring, uplifting, and great at bringing the fight against cancer directly" into the community.
  • The center's social media engagement with its supporters are as follows:
    • The center's Facebook page has over 3,265 likes and 3,335 followers. Daily posts have over 50 average likes.
    • The center's Twitter page has over 558 followers and 1,439 following count. Daily tweets have over 10 average hearts.


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