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Bodytalk and Animal Therapies in NSW

Tristan Bond (Practice Acceleration), Dr. John Veltheim, Jacquie McIntyre, Allison Bachmeier, and Ange Trenga- Anderson all have operating websites that they primarily use as advertising mediums. Only Practice Acceleration ran paid advertising on Facebook and none of the revenues of these practitioners were available in the public domain.

Tristan Bond (Practice Acceleration)

  • Tristan Bond, through his firm Practice Acceleration, appears to advertise through social media. Its Facebook and Instagram pages show synchronized postings using banners in its bold company colors of red, black, and white. Facebook's Ad Library lists a total of 10 ads that ran between 2018 and 2019. Ad repository Moat did not list any ads by Practice Acceleration.
  • The content on social media appears to promote the company's free guides, books, and product offerings. It promotes Tristan Bond, Founder and CEO, as an industry thought leader as he appears in the short videos posted on both platforms, discussing various aspects of Practice Acceleration's offerings. Most of the posts, whether video or written snippets, include calls to action that encourage the audience to take a step to either subscribe, purchase, or take part in Practice Acceleration's services.
  • Its website also appears to be another advertising tool employed by the practice. Its landing page showcases different client success stories in form of short and bright testimonial videos shot with Practice Acceleration clients. Each caption mentions the profession(s) of the clients and how the firm has helped them succeed. The success metrics are shown as monetary figures or increase in number of patients.
  • The website also focuses on Tristan Bond as an industry influencer, linking episodes of his podcasts that touch on various bits of the business and industry below the testimonials. Practice Acceleration's YouTube channel is similarly fashioned, with almost all the 72 videos involving Tristan and/or other podcast members discussing various aspects of practice building like team performance, marketing, patient acquisition, among other topics.

Dr. John Veltheim

  • Dr. John Veltheim's main advertising tools appear to be his website and his personal Facebook page. He is renowned as the founder of the BodyTalk System and the International BodyTalk Association, experiences that largely feature on both his website and Facebook page, which has over 1,600 followers.
  • His website is dedicated to appointment scheduling for his private practice. It lists a telephone number and email address. It also contains two links that expound more on Dr. Veltheim's practice.
  • Dr. Veltheim uses his Facebook page to post about his online classes, available training, and recently, to introduce his new website. He does have a LinkedIn account but appears to have no posts. Facebook's Ad Library and Moat does not list any ads run by Dr. Veltheim.

Jacquie McIntyre

  • It appears that Jacquie McIntyre's advertising medium of choice is her website, that lists of all McIntyre's services, courses, and upcoming events. The website also has links to her blog and shop where ready-made items are available for sale. The website primary color is white, which lends brightness and has an easy-to-follow layout.
  • Her blog posts include promotions of upcoming training events and group sessions, as well as opinion pieces. The website mentions the Wix app, which clients may use to contact and interact with McIntyre's products and services.
  • Her social media platforms include Facebook and Instagram, that both show synchronized postings. Each post leverages bright pictures with snippets of affirmation, as well as product photos and pictures of McIntyre herself. These posts mention courses and her ready-made products that are on sale.
  • Her YouTube channel may also be another form of advertising as it has over 100 videos that touch on various themes and content such as mind training and rewiring, healing remedies for pets, communication and relationships, among many others.

Allison Bachmeier

  • Allison Bachmeier's website, the Vibrant Transformation, communicates all of Bachmeier's offerings that include private sessions, online workshops, and in-person seminars. It also incorporates customer testimonials and a shopping option for clients.
  • Her YouTube channel contains about 30 videos from 2013 that includes content on certification exams for BodyTalk practitioners, "balance, Buddhas, and butterflies", and how to market and promote one's practice, among others.
  • Bachmeier's personal Facebook page appears to also be an advertising platform for Vibrant Transformation, as she posts about upcoming or current courses, sometimes embedding a link back to her website in some posts. Her posts include the use of banners with affirmation, funny memes, emotional and thoughtful posts which appears to elicit the most reactions.

Ange Trenga- Anderson

  • For Ange Trenga-Anderson, her main and apparently only advertising tool appears to be her website, Anderson Integrative Medicine (AIM) for Animals. Here, class descriptions, customer's testimonials, and Ange's qualifications and experiences are listed. Her courses are also listed on BodyTalk System's website. Despite a thorough search, AIM for Animals does not appear to have a social media presence.

Research Strategy

To determine the revenues of Tristan Bond (Practice Acceleration), Dr. John Veltheim, Jacquie McIntyre, Allison Bachmeier, and Ange Trenga- Anderson, the research team began by searching through their website for corporate information in the hopes of finding financial reports or earning calls. We were unable to find any financial information that would provide the information required by this brief from the website or on analytical business websites such as ZoomInfo, Dun and Bradstreet, or Owler. All the practices are privately held, thus they did not publicly declare their revenue.

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