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Competitive Landscape - Bottle Bright, Bite, and By Humankind

Bottle Bright is an effervescent tablet designed to clean drinking containers while Bite's Toothpaste Bits' replace the use of toothpaste tubes. Finally, By Humankind designed biodegradable mouthwash tablets, among other products. Find the competitive landscape of each company in the attached spreadsheet and a brief summary of our findings below.


  • Bottle Bright has created a tablet that cleans different drinking containers with effervescence.
  • The tablet is made of natural components and is environmentally friendly.
  • The product has positive reviews with a 4.7-star rating in Amazon from 1,612 reviews.
  • It has received press coverage in the past 12 months from news and online magazines like Business Insider, US Weekly, Real Simple, CNET, and Outside Magazine.
  • To advertise its product, the company makes regular social media posts on Twitter and Instagram, and participated in the TV Show Shark Tank.



  • By Humankind is a New York company founded in 2018 by Brian Bushell and Joshua Goodman.
  • The company creates innovative personal care products like deodorant, mouthwash tablets, and shampoo bards designed to reduce plastic waste.
  • For advertising, the company uses social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and an official hashtag #MyBodyOurPlanet.
  • They also create advertising and instructional videos in their YouTube channel.
  • The company received press coverage from TechCrunch, Core77, DeZeen, Business Insider, Fast Company, and PSFK in the last 12 months.
  • By Humankind has received a negative rating with 1.9 points out of five on Product Hunt. Some comments made specifically for the company's mouthwash tablets on its Instagram profile were also very negative regarding its components and flavor.
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Competitive Landscape - Blueland and Dazz

All requested details including an overview, products, marketing, and advertising initiatives, recent press coverage, and recent reviews for Blueland, and Dazz have been filled in rows 3-8 of the attached spreadsheet.


  • Blueland was found this year in April by Sarah Paiji in New York, US. It supplies refillable bottles that just need some water and their tablets to be added for performing cleaning action at home.
  • Some tabletized products include Hand Soap Starter Set and Multi-Surface Starter Set.
  • Blueland is marketing its tabletized products by posting on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram and by promoting its content through magazine articles.
  • The News Crunch on September 29, 2019, published an article focusing on the journey of Blueland and featuring Blueland products on Shark Tank on season 11 episode one.
  • Recent reviews include: "Great product, great cause!", "Great product, very effective, great scent. Love not having to throw away tons of plastic bottles. And it's fun to use!", and others.


  • Dazz, based in Colorado, US provides ecofriendly, pet-friendly, and child-friendly cleaning tablets that need to be added to water for cleaning action at home or other places.
  • Some tabletized products include Bathroom Cleaner Tablet Refill Kit and Dazz Bathroom Cleaner Tablet Starter Kit.
  • Dazz is marketing its tabletized products by promoting content on magazines including Business Insider and making the use of social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.
  • The only press coverage in the past 12 months on Dazz is by Fast Company magazine. It published an article on April 22, 2019, focusing on the tabletized products of Dazz.
  • Recent reviews include: "Great cleaners & environmentally responsible", "This product works!", and others.

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