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Blonde Beer - Overview


Craft beer such as blonde ale is a popular alcoholic beverage in the US, with 40% of Americans listing beer as their top choice, and the majority of these consumers wanting to explore various craft beers. Blonde or golden ale is a popular choice, specifically as refreshment during warm spring and summer months, and trends with less experienced beer drinkers for its subtle flavor.


  • Blonde ale, often also referred to as golden ale is a beer known for being low in malt or hop flavor.
  • The type of craft beer may have added flavors such as honey or fruit, but is typically light in color (with an SRM of 3-5).
  • The bitterness rank is also on the low end (IBU 15-25).
  • Hops aroma is also typically low to medium in blonde ales.
  • There is typically a light malt sweetness, with the flavor of wheat or toast common.

Purchase Trends

  • Top blonde ales in the US are mostly from craft breweries rather than large companies.
  • Top blonde ales by rank include Citra from Tree House Brewing, Keller Kolsch from McKenzie Brewing, Kirby from Echo Brewing, Blonde from Fortnight Brewing, Miss Conduct from Moonraker Brewery, and Scottsdale Blonde from Huss Brewing.
  • Blonde ale is purchased year round, but tends to peak during warm weather.
  • The beverage is refreshing and light and tends to be popular during spring and summer, sometimes even referred to as 'summer ale'.
  • It's also more approachable for less experienced craft beer drinkers than heavier beers with more distinctive malt or hop characteristics, with one source noting new drinkers find it appealing.

Location & Regional Trends

  • Blonde beer tends to be purchased often at craft breweries or at specialty grocery retailers (vs. large chain grocery stores).
  • While in the past, regions of the US tended to have distinctive types of preferred craft beer, it's noted that in recent years, there is less of a regionality to type of ale.
  • However, it's also noted on the West Coast, IPAs tend to be more boldly hopped than on the East Coast, where subdued craft beers including lighter ales such as blonde ale are slightly more preferred.
  • However regional differences in preference for golden ale or other type of craft beer varies less by US region now due to "wider distribution networks and more idea sharing between brewers at beer festivals, conferences, internet forums and classes".

Research Strategy

In order to provide trends and insights into blonde ale in the US, we referred to beer specialists, industry reports related to alcohol and beer consumption in the US, as well as traditional media sources, locating information both specifically on blonde beer as well as related trends in the US craft beer space as a whole that were relevant to understanding purchase trends of blonde beer.
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Blonde Beer - COVID-19 Reflections

While alcoholic beverages sales have witnessed a spike during the pandemic, COVID-19's impact on beer and craft beer sales has been reported as uneven. Data from April 2020 shows that while beer sales rose by 42%, craft beer categories, including blonde beer, witnessed an 11% decrease in the number of units sold. Disruptions by the pandemic have caused beer and craft beer companies to innovate around packaging and delivery, as their main source of revenue had been shut down by shelter-in-place orders, lock-downs, and social distancing measures put in place. Research included findings from craft beer, the larger category that includes blonde beer.

Effect on Current Sales


  • According to Nielsen, beer has experienced a 15.4% growth in sales during the pandemic in the week ending March 7, 2020. According to an article written in April 2020, Forbes reports that beer sales had risen by a whole 42%.
  • Nielsen also found that consumers are trading up to larger sizes, with sales among 30-packs and 24-packs witnessed 20.9% and 19.8% growth respectively.
  • Additionally, Nielsen found that 69% of Americans are only purchasing from brands they know and trust, which the market research firm asserts is only benefiting some larger well-known brands. Retailers are also doubling down on the number of beer items they sell, focusing on a smaller set of key products.

Craft Beer

  • ISWR, provider of global beverage trends, notes that craft beers' reliance on on-premise sales has left them largely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Data from April 2020 from Nielsen's study found that craft beer sales experienced an 11% decrease since the onslaught of the pandemic and consequent measures.
  • Forbes asserts that at least 70% of craft beer revenues is tied to on-premise sales. Despite the spike in demand for bottled beer, craft beer producers have yet to leverage on this, as most do not offer bottled product.

The Future


  • ISWR asserts that beer sales will continue to drop as the social distancing measures that have curtailed sporting activities and major events like festivals will continue for the foreseeable future. These, the article asserts, were the traditional sale drivers of beer.
  • ISWR continues to assert that beer sales will likely get back to 2019 levels in 2024. Beer will "rebound better" than other alcoholic beverages such as wine and hard spirits.

Craft Beer

  • ISWR predicts that many craft brewers will not survive the harsh economic effects of COVID-19. This is supported by an article by Eater Chicago that found that most of the craft brewers in Chicago have realized a 90% drop in revenues since the start of the pandemic.
  • ISWR also asserts that after the pandemic abates, the craft beer industry should expect a new generation of craft brewers who will be key in the "rehabilitation of the global beer sector".
  • The beverage trends provider continues to assert that e-commerce will be a saving grace for many craft brewers, as it notes that many are working on their online sale capabilities. The article also reports that some US craft beer makers are offering drive-through, click and collect, and/or pick-up orders on their premises.
  • Social media platforms are also emerging as the new replacement of the taproom experiences that craft brewers created on-premise. Virtual tastings and happy hours are becoming more commonplace on platforms such as Facebook Live and Zoom.
  • Relevant Essential Denver also notes that packaging and transportation are key considerations that have come into shape focus in the craft beer industry as a result of COVID-19. It makes note of Tivoli Brewing, maker of Fallen Heroes blonde beer, that have leveraged on their canning capabilities to increase its sales.
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Blonde Beer - Fastest Growing Companies

Firestone Walker is among the fastest growing companies/brands in the United States blonde beer market. The Brewers Association listed the top breweries in the United States in 2019, and Brew Pound provided the once that grew the most by volume. The list below is based on growth percentage.

Firestone Walker

  • Headquartered in Paso Robles, California, Firestone Walker's production grew by 16% year-over-year to reach 525,294 barrels in 2019. The brand makes up 10% of the total annual production by Duvel Moortgat, which was the fifth-largest craft brewing company by volume, according to the Brewers Association.
  • 805 Blonde Ale is Firestone Walker's sole blonde beer offering. Firestone produces other beer varieties, including lagers, stouts, wild ales, barrel-aged, and pilsners.
  • 805 Blonde Ale is rated 4.7 from 1,130 reviews on Beer Advocate. October Co. and Craft Beer & Brewing feature reviews that focus on the taste or quality of the beer.

Bell’s Brewery

  • Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bell's Brewery's production grew by 5% year-over-year to reach 494,081 barrels in 2019. The brand was the seventh-largest craft brewing company by volume in 2019, according to the Brewers Association.
  • Venus (The Bringer of Peace) and Tessie's Golden Ale are Bell's blonde/golden beer offerings. The company produces other beer varieties, including Indian ales, stouts, wheat ales, IPA, and pilsners. Tenemu and Beer Street Journal feature reviews that focus on the tastes or qualities of Venus and Tessie's, respectively.

New Belgium

Odell Brewing

Southern Tier BrewingCompany (STBC)

  • Headquartered in Lakewoo, New york, STBC's production grew by about 4% year-over-year in 2019. The brand typically produces over 100,000 barrels per year, and it is part of Artisanal Brewing Ventures, which ranked 10th by volume in 2019, according to the Brewers Association.
  • 8 Days a Week is STBC's sole blonde/golden beer offering. The company produces other beer varieties, including ales, IPA, and stouts. October Co. and Passion Vines feature a review that focus on the tastes or qualities of the brand.

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Blonde Beer - Insights and Trends

Three marketing trends in the blonde beer industry are "keeping it local", coffee-flavored blonde beer, and targeting women. A deep dive into these trends has been provided below.

Keep it Local

  • A survey by Nielsen found that for 67% of craft beer consumers aged 21+, and 71% craft beer consumers aged 21-34, "local" was "very/ somewhat important" in the purchase decision. The brand's local origin is significantly more important to craft beer consumers than beer consumers (45%, 53%), wine consumers (34%, 34%), and spirit consumers (23%, 25%).
  • Firestone has been marketed as a local brand in California, which accounts for 77% of its sales. The brand has also expanded to other parts of the West Coast and is currently available in "14 states throughout the West."
  • Firestone Walker recently "launched an ad campaign for its 805 Blonde Ale featuring acclaimed car builder Matt Noble who is as deep-down California as the beer." "Matt Noble is one of the most respected car builders in the world and is based in the heart of 805," said Troy Powell, 805’s brand director.
  • In May 2020, Firestone Walker 805 "launched a new community support campaign under the banner of 'Keep It Local,' honoring the frontline people who are working hard to keep their neighborhoods well fed." Firestone leveraged its local identity during the Covid pandemic to make a simple suggestion to millions of its local consumers: "Order in. Take out."
  • “Our partners and communities need us more than ever,” said Dustin Hinz, Firestone Walker’s chief marketing officer. “We are proud to be a Central Coast brewery and wanted to provide a bit of encouragement.”

Coffee-Flavored Blonde Ale

  • Molson Coors Brewing Company launched (in Nov 2019) the Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde beer, a “blonde-colored wheat ale with bright coffee aroma and mild malt sweetness,” but without the caffeine.
  • Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde has been available locally, in Denver, and has already garnered a following; however, Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde will be the "first nationally available blonde coffee brew."
  • Spiked coffee beverages are already a rage and companies have been offering coffee products to appeal to millennials. "Ready-to-drink coffee has seen double-digit growth over the last five years and coffee flavor is inspiring products across many different categories from ice cream to granola."" Major players in both beer and coffee have jumped into the spiked coffee space including Pabst Blue Ribbon and La Colombe."
  • "Perhaps due to the decline of beer and alcohol sales in recent years reported by the IWSR — a trusted source for drink market analysis and alcohol trends — companies in alcohol production and sales are looking for new ways to provide spiked beverages or new brew ideas to appeal to the changing industry."
  • "Though pale coffee beers have grown in popularity recently (Arizona’s Huss Koffee Kolsch comes to mind), traditionally, coffee tends to be used in dark beers like stouts and porters, since both beverages have similar notes of chocolate and roasted bitterness."

Targeting Women

  • According to a "Nielsen-Harris poll conducted in 2018, 31.5% of craft beer drinkers in the U.S. are female and 68.5% are male. The number of female drinkers is going up, slowly." In 2015, the Nielsen-Harris poll found that "craft drinkers were 29.1% female and 70.9% male."
  • The women's share of the craft beer market has been increasing over the years. Nearly half of the 14.7 million new craft beer drinkers added between 2015 and 2018 were women (6.6 million).
  • In some markets such as Portland, Oregon, 52.7% of craft beer drinkers are female.
  • "Forty percent of U.S. households with children under the age of 18 include a mother who is the primary or sole breadwinner. Additionally, women control 51 percent of wealth in the U.S., and they hold 52 percent of all management and professional jobs."
  • While beer marketing has traditionally been gender-oriented, catering mainly to the male audience, more recently, given the array of options, craft beer brands have been focusing "on values rather than identity or gender." Craft beer lovers have been prioritizing "supporting breweries whose ideals and ethics mirror their own."
  • Women who drink craft beer are more confident (than wine-drinking women) and "don’t like to be treated as an afterthought or a stereotype."
  • "Until recently, it wasn’t uncommon to see a busty blonde adorning a bottle of blonde ale. Recently though, as the craft beer industry continues to mature and set aside its DIY roots for a more professional approach, women are leading the charge when it comes to elevating beer design. 'We don't want to alienate anybody,' Hedlund says. 'We don’t want to put anybody in a position where they feel uncomfortable purchasing our product because of the artwork—ashamed walking up to the teller with it.'"
  • According to Nielsen, "20% more women than men preferred blonde ale/golden ale." Major players in the industry such as Firestone Walker now feature women in their beer advertisements, although they are still predominantly marketing to men.
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Blonde Beer - Social Media Scan

Five Blonde beers that are featured heavily across social media include Flat Hat American Ale, Scottsdale Blonde, Organic California Blonde Ale, Luke's Original, and Hell's Keep.

1) Flat Hat

  • Flat Hat is a blonde beer crafted by Flat Hat American Ale, whose parent company is the Hook Point Brewing Company.
  • The blonde beer product is featured prominently throughout the various social media pages for both the Hook Point Brewing Company (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and Flat Hat American Ale (Twitter, Facebook).
  • One of the more popular posts for the beer on the Hook Point Brewing Company is from December 9, 2019, and it features the product in a glass sitting on top of a coaster, with a blurry background. The post has 20 likes and contains the caption "We are now small-batch brewing our Flat Hat American Ale right here in Collierville, TN. There’s more to do before we can open to the public, but for now you can find Flat Hat on tap locally at Jim's Place Grille, The Casual Pint (Highland Row), Pimento’s in Collierville, and more."
  • Another post on Instagram from the Hook Point Brewing Company was published for the July 4 holiday in 2019, and it features the product in a can with the Flat Hat product design and a background consisting of the American Flag and a set of wings. The post has 19 likes and contains the caption "Happy Fourth of July from all of us here at Hook Point Brewing! Celebrate the holiday with a brew to match: our @goflathat American Ale."
  • While the Hook Point Brewing Company tends to post the same kind of images and promotions across its social media channels, the posts differ slightly from those presented by its subsidiary Flat Hat American Ale. Flat Hat American Ale's posts are primarily centered on interviews, along with pictures from nature and other miscellaneous photos. Meanwhile, the Hook Point Brewing Company mostly focuses on posting pictures of the actual product and breweries.
  • Examples of some of the most popular posts are available in the attached Google doc.

2) Scottsdale Blonde

  • Scottsdale Blonde is a beer product crafted by the Huss Brewing Company.
  • Scottsdale Blonde is heavily featured on the Huss Brewing Company's social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • One of the most popular of Huss Brewing's posts for Scottsdale Blonde was published on March 26, 2020, on its Instagram page. It is a video with over 4,000 views and 144 likes. The video's caption reads, "Scottsdale Blonde Pool Party for one! How do you Arizona?! Need more Huss beer in your life? Go to to find it near you! Want it delivered to your door with your favorite #hussuptown grub? Click the link #hussuptown link in our bio (some restrictions apply) Or order ahead at the #husstempe link in our bio and swing by the taproom for pick up!"
  • Another post from Huss Brewing for Scottsdale Blonde was published on March 20, 2020, on its Instagram page. It is also a video with more than 600 views and 72 likes. The video's caption states, "Arizona! We were built for this! How do you Arizona? Find Scottsdale Blonde and all your Huss favorites at a retailer near you this weekend at or stock up at our #husstempe and #hussuptown taprooms!"
  • Huss Brewing's posts for Scottsdale Blonde tend to vary depending on social media platform. Of course, all the posts on YouTube are in video format and are from the last eight months, but while its Instagram (videos and pictures) account contains several posts from the past 12-18 months, those on Twitter (almost exclusively videos, with only two videos) are mostly outdated, with only a few from the specified time frame.
  • Examples of some of the most popular posts are available in the attached Google doc.

3) Organic California Blonde Ale

  • Organic California Blonde Ale is a blonde beer that is crafted by the Eel River Brewing Company.
  • The Eel River Brewing Company has vigorously advertised/highlighted Organic California Blonde Ale through its Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • One of the most popular of the Eel River Brewing Company's social media posts for Organic California Blonde Ale in the past 12-18 months was published on February 18, 2020, on its official Facebook page. It features the product in both bottle and can packaging, along with a glass cup filled with the ale, sitting on a table in front of one of the Eel River Brewing Company's facilities. The post has 16 likes and is captioned "This Saturday is National California Day and to celebrate, we’re offering discounts on our 2-time GABF Gold Medal winning Organic California Blonde Ale! $6.99 6-packs and 1/2 off pints ALL DAY!! Plus discounts on select merch."
  • Another post was published on the company's Instagram page on February 28, 2020. Like the post described above, this one features the ale in front of one of the company's facilities, while showing off a gold medal earned by Organic California Blonde Ale. The post has 67 likes has a caption that reads, "Fri-nally the weekend is here! What’s a better way to treat yourself than with the treat of gold medal winning beer? Our Organic California Blonde Ale says cheers."
  • Most of the company's posts for the ale are similar across its social media platforms, and the pictures are typically shot in the same settings, notably in or around one of its facilities.
  • Examples of some of the most popular posts are available in the attached Google doc.

4) Luke's Original

  • Luke's Original is a blonde beer that is crafted by the Lucky Luke Brewing Company.
  • The Lucky Luke Brewing Company mostly utilizes its official Instagram account to promote Luke's Original, but it also uses its YouTube channel and Twitter to a lesser extent.
  • One of Lucky Luke Brewing's most popular posts for Luke's Original in the past 12 months was posted on July 13, 2020, on its Instagram account. It features a can of Luke's Original set on top of the wheel of an automobile. The post has 181 likes and contains the caption "I spy with my little eye, Luke’s Original. 👀🍻 this award winning American Blonde is a fan-favorite, and we love it too! What’s your go-to beer when you are on an adventure??"
  • A more popular Instagram post for the product was published on May 23, 2020. The post features a female drinking a can of Luke's Original. It has 265 likes, and its caption reads, "Luke’s Original is one of our personal favorites for sunshine days. 🍻☀️Whatcha sippin’ on during this fine weekend??"
  • Lucky Luke Brewing's social media posts for Luke's Original differ greatly across the various platforms. The posts on Twitter only contain text, while those for Instagram mostly feature pictures of the product.
  • Examples of some of the most popular posts are available in the attached Google doc.

5) Hell's Keep

  • Hell's Keep is a Belgian-style golden ale crafted by Squatters Craft Beers.
  • Squatters Craft Beers actively promotes Hell's Keep via its official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.
  • One of the most popular posts from Squatters Craft Beers for Hell's Keep in the past 12 months was posted on Instagram on October 5, 2019. The post features the Hell's Keep product perched upon an individual's upper thigh. It has 187 likes and has a caption that reads, "WE GAVE ‘EM HELL👹 Hell’s Keep won silver at the @greatamericanbeerfestival making this demon-child a 6 medal winner! Thanks everyone for supporting and cheers to a great GABF!"
  • Another post from the past 12 months comes from the company's Twitter account, and it was posted on February 10, 2020. The post consists of a close-up shot of an individual opening a can of Hell's Keep. It has four likes and is captioned "Monday afternoon... time to crack open a cold one! Devilishly delicious, Hell's Keep Belgian-style Golden Ale brings complex malt notes while being deceptively refreshing and drinkable. Check out our beer finder to grab a few of these horned beasts yourself."
  • While most of the posts on Twitter only consist of text, nearly all the other posts on Instagram are photos of the product in different settings. However, many of the posts on both Instagram and Twitter contain close-up shots of Hell's Keep set against various backgrounds, mostly shots taking place outside.
  • Examples of some of the most popular posts are available in the attached Google doc.

Research Strategy:

To find popular or well-known Blonde beers that are featured heavily on social media, we evaluated lists of award-winning or recognized ales that fall into that category. These included Blonde beers acknowledged by the 2019 U.S. Open Beer Championship, the 2019 Great American Beer Festival, and Beer Info's list of America's top Blonde ales. We then examined the website and social media pages of the companies that craft the beers to see if they are still in operation and whether they frequently post about their Blonde beer products. We decided to choose the Blonde beers with multiple posts on social media within the past 12-18 months.
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Blonde Beer - Demographics

The typical blonde beer consumer is 21-44 yrs old, earns between $75,000 and $99,000 annually, has a bachelor's degree or higher, and is likely to be located in the warmer regions of the US, mainly on the West Coast. While Nielsen's research suggests that more women than men prefer blonde beer, Firestone Walker 805, the leading blonde beer brand in the US, primarily targets men.


  • According to Nielsen, "20% more women than men preferred blonde ale/golden ale."
  • According to a "Nielsen-Harris poll conducted in 2018, 31.5% of craft beer drinkers in the U.S. are female and 68.5% are male. The number of female drinkers is going up, slowly."
  • Also, while Nielsen's research suggests that women have a stronger preference for blonde ale, Firestone Walker 805 creatives feature more men than women.


  • The typical craft beer consumer "makes between $75,000 and $99,000 annually."
  • A Firestone Walker 805 pack of 12 costs $18.99 and a Kona Big Wave Golden Ale pack of 6 costs $9.99. Firestone Walker 805 and Kona Big Wave Golden Ale have roughly 80% share of the top-10 selling blonde beers.
  • The Blue Moon Beer Variety Pack (pack of 12) and the Samuel Adams Seasonal Variety Pack (pack of 12), the top-selling craft beer brands in the US, cost $16.99 and $17.39 respectively. The average price of a case (24 cans) of craft beer in the US is $37.41 versus $21.67 for a case of premium beer.
  • While blonde beer is marginally more expensive than the average craft beer, it is within the same price segment, and therefore, as affordable to the $75,000 and $99,000 income segment as craft beer.


  • As higher income is correlated to higher education levels --bachelor's degree holders earn a median weekly salary of $1,173 ($60,944 annually)--it is likely that craft beer consumers have a bachelor's degree or higher.


  • The average craft beer drinker is 21-44 yrs of age.
  • Firestone Walker 805's creatives feature individuals in the 21-44 age group.


  • FireStone Walker 805 Blonde Ale accounted for a lion's share of the blonde/ golden ale off-premise beer market in the US in 2016; among the top 10 selling blonde beer brands, FireStone Walker 805 Blonde Ale accounted for roughly half of dollar sales. The brand has enjoyed continued success, growing 32.5% in 2018 and 12.7% in 2019.
  • FireStone Walker's primary markets are California, Arizona, and Nevada. Blonde beer is also known as the "summer ale", suggesting that it is suited for warmer climates or summer.
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Blonde Beer - Psychographics

We could not find four psychographic insights about golden/blonde ale consumers in the U.S. We were able to find one psychographic insight about the closely related pale/IPA ale consumers. The best information we could find for additional insights pertained to demographics/consumption habits.

Psychographics, Demographics, and/or Consumption Habits — Golden/Blonde Ale

  • According to data from Nielsen, "20% more women than men preferred blonde ale/golden ale."
  • A recent study (results published in 2020) conducted by the Penn State Sensory Evaluation Center surveyed 109 beer drinkers (approximately 50% males and 50% females) and found that "[p]ale ale and IPA beer drinkers are more likely to be risk-takers and sensation-seekers." Those takeaways were further explained as "people who seek novel sensations and perceive bitter tastes more intensely are more likely to prefer bitter, pale-ale-style beers and drink them more often."
  • The aforementioned study also found that "64% . . . of . . . [the] weekly pale ale consumers were also weekly lager consumers."
  • In December 2019, "a leading craft brewing company[] announced . . . the launch of La Rubia Blonde Ale in New York and Connecticut." The company's Senior Brand Director stated the following about the launch: "We see a real opportunity to grow La Rubia Blonde Ale among U.S. Hispanic adults, who gravitate toward easy-drinking, light-colored and with sabor! brews that can be enjoyed at any occasion."
  • Results from a 2019 study published by Statista showed that of the 538 respondents in the U.S., 29% "stated that they usually drink pale lager."

Research Strategy

We conducted thorough research in looking for four psychographic insights about golden/blonde ale consumers in the U.S., but we could not find such. In looking for that information, we implemented three research approaches. First, we conducted wide-ranging searches for articles that might have provided that information from industry sources such as Beverage Daily and news sources such as Forbes. Second, we searched the Statista database and looked for consumer research reports about golden/blonde ale consumers in the U.S., but there were no such reports available. Third, we expanded the scope of our research to include lighter ales, as those resemble golden/blonde ales. By expanding the scope of our research, we were able to find some insights about U.S. consumers, though we didn't find psychographic insights.

From Part 03
From Part 04
From Part 05
From Part 06
  • "And while these styles overall aren’t the biggest craft sellers, 20% more women than men preferred blonde ale/golden ale – a significant style in overall size."
  • "In terms of craft style preference, amber lager and pale ale scored highest across all age groups."
  • "Craft IPAs continue to grow – dollar sales were up 14.1 percent at MULC stores – and more sessionable offerings such as golden ales and pale lagers are trending upward, growing 16.5 percent and 30.6 percent, respectively. "
  • "Those gains are likely driven by the continued success of Firestone Walker’s 805 Blonde Ale, of which dollar sales were up 32.5 percent. Meanwhile, Boston Beer’s Sam 76 grew dollar sales 77.8 percent during the period."
  • "According to recent data from IRI, as reported by Brewbound, 805 ranked No. 9 in the top 10 best-selling craft beer brands in off-premise retail locations in 2019. Dollar sales for the blonde ale grew 12.7 percent last year, to $60.4 million, a sum that’s helped boost Firestone Walker to the 20th best-selling brewery within those metrics."
  • "Kona’s increasing popularity as a global lifestyle brand is led by its award-winning flagship, Big Wave Golden Ale, which posted a 30% increase in fourth quarter depletions, driving a 26% increase in depletions for the full year. Kona also expanded its national portfolio of island-inspired craft beers during the year with the launch of Kanaha Blonde Ale, a refreshing 99-calorie ale that was the seventh largest new craft brand as measured by Nielsen."
  • "Other top performers included Cigar City Brewing’s Jai Alai IPA, which is owned by the Canarchy Craft Brewer Collective, and Kona Brewing’s Big Wave golden ale, which is owned by Craft Brew Alliance. "