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Blogs and Digital Media Websites (A)

A list of 50 mid-sized blogs and digital media websites that focus on African American and/or Hispanic audiences has been compiled and documented in rows 13-62 in the attached spreadsheet. Some examples of blogs that cater to the African American audience are The Black Detour, Bianca Dottin, Wealth Noir, Honeycomb Moms, Noir Online, Baydian Girl, Money Smart Millennials, Bernetta Style, Honey + Lime, and Urban Geeks.

Examples of Blogs that Focus on the African American Audience

  • My American Meltingpot: This parenting blog, written and managed by an African American mother, features posts on the black community culture, parenting, and content that intersects real-life and race.
  • AdoptiveBlackMom: This parenting blog is written by an African American mother for other Black women. The blog contains stories of the blogger’s journey as an adoptive mother.
  • Mocha Manual: The Mocha Manual was founded by Kimberly Seals Allers and is a fast-growing online community for Black women.
  • Growing Up Blackxican: This family blog is written and managed by a mixed-heritage family and provides its readers with posts covering a wide range of topics, from food and travel to bilingualism.

Research Strategy

An extensive search through several media reports, demographic-specific content, and various blog articles provided us with numerous pre-compiled lists of blogs written by African Americans for African Americans. Some of these lists include the Top 40 Black Millennial Blogs and Websites to Follow, Top 10 African-American Lifestyle Sites for Men and Women, 20 Black Bloggers You Need to Follow, 14 best blogs for black moms by black moms, and Top 40 Black Travel Blogs, Websites and Influencers in 2020. Each of the websites/blogs from these lists was individually researched to determine if they were mid-sized and catered to the African American and Hispanic communities alone. We were then able to pick out 50 blogs and websites that were written, managed, and focused on the African American community. Please note that none of the blogs/websites chosen provided any readership information.

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