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Royal Gourmet, Brasero, and Camp Chef all make griddles that are standalone, while Little Griddle, Cuisinart, and Weber only make griddles that need to be placed on a grill. The aforementioned information, as well as other details on these companies and their griddle offerings, have been provided below.

Royal Gourmet

  • Royal Gourmet is headquartered in Georgia, Georgia, in the United States.
  • The company sells six models of griddles: GB5000S, GB4001, GB4000, GB8000, GB2000, and the GD401 model.
  • The number in the model number after the letters indicate the number of burners available on each model. For example, GB5000S means the model has five burners, while the GB2000 model has only two burners. Consequently, the number of burners on griddles manufactured by Royal Gourmet range from two to eight.
  • All six models are made with stainless steel and are standalone. They also come with a bottom area that can serve as a storage space; they are also equipped with wheels for easy moving.
  • Additionally, each burner on all the griddles produces 13,000 BTU cooking power.
  • The cooking area (all in square inches) available on each model is 799, 792, 660, 950, 449, and 584.
  • Royal Gourmet's Amazon storefront can be found here.
  • The price of the griddles ranges from $177.05 for the two-burner model to $369.99 for the eight-burner model.
  • Two brick-and-mortar stores that sell Royal Gourmet include Lowe's and Home Depot.


  • Brasero "and associated brands are owned by Favex." Favex is headquartered in Paris, France. The company itself is located in Essex, Connecticut in the United States.
  • The company sells three models of griddles: Coroa, Rio, and Coroa II. The size of the griddles (all in square inches) is 331, 380, and 403.
  • Each griddle is made with 430 stainless steel and enameled cast iron. The griddles do not need to be placed over a gas grill for them to work.
  • The BTU output of the Coroa model is 9,500, while the Rio and Coroa II models both have a BTU output of 19,500. Similarly, the Coroa model only features a single burner while the Rio and Coroa II models have two burners each.
  • Brasero sells an outdoor griddle cart separately that users can place their griddles in.
  • Brasero does not seem to have a storefront on Amazon. However, the research team found one of its products on Amazon, the Coroa II listed on the retail website.
  • The Coroa II is priced at $149 on Amazon.
  • According to its website, Brasero products are currently not "available for purchase at a retailer."

Camp Chef

  • Camp Chef is headquartered in Hyde Park, Utah.
  • The company sells three models of flat top grills that have flat-top griddles. They also sell detachable flat-top griddles that can be placed over gas grills and hot surfaces.
  • Camp Chef offers three flat-top grills including the 475, 600 and 900 models. These models have a griddle cooking surface of 468, 604, and 877 square inches.
  • The models also have a varying number of burners: three for the 475 model, four for the 600 model, and six for the 900 model. All the burners have a cooking power of 12,000 BTU.
  • The detachable griddle tops also come in different cooking areas, including 448 and 224 square inches.
  • Prices for the flat tops grills are $385 for the 475 model, $440 for the 600 model, and $715 for the 900 model; the prices for the detachable griddles are $126 for the griddle with 448 square inches, and $70 for the 224 square inches griddle.
  • The Amazon storefront for Camp Chef can be found here.
  • Brick and mortar store that Camp Chef can be purchased includes Sprinkler Supply Co. and Jax Outdoor.

Little Griddle



  • Cuisinart is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • The company primarily makes food processors and kitchen tools and resources. It also makes some griddles, which are classified under its cookware products.
  • The available griddles are made from different materials such as ceramics and some made with pure aluminum at the core, but with a stainless exterior.
  • In most cases also, the handles of the griddles are made with stainless steel.
  • The griddles are all grill-tops and do not standalone.
  • The price for the griddles ranges from $29.95 to $59.95.
  • Cuisinart's Amazon storefront can be found here.
  • Two brick and mortar stores that sell Cuisinart's products include Basic Plus and Fuller's Home & Hardware. [Found using the store locator on Cuisinart's website.]

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