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BitMob - What makes it Stand out? is aiming to stand out from its competitors by specializing in completing small coding tasks which can be integrated into a client's code rather than the development of a full product from scratch, and by utilizing machine learning and pattern recognition to be able to automatically develop code to meet frequently repeated and similar client requests. By far the largest competitor of BitMob is Topcoder, and an emerging competitor is Koder, both of which operate on a similar model of crowdsourcing coding work. Unfortunately, because is still in its Beta phase and has not yet been publicly launched, there is relatively scarce information available about the company beyond its broad goals and vision. In the brief below, I'll go through how we searched for BitMob's sales leads and USP, and why detailed information about them is not available, as well as providing the helpful information we were able to find.


We began by seeking to identify BitMob's top competitors through company database platforms like Owler and Crunchbase. Unfortunately, none of these platforms include BitMob. We then moved on to simply researching crowdsourcing as a means of outsourcing software development work, and found two main companies in the space: Topcoder and Koder. We then looked at top competitors for those companies through the databases mentioned above, however all the competitors listed were in the software development outsourcing space more generally, and none used crowdsourcing. Therefore, they were determined not to be direct competitors of BitMob.

We then searched for news articles, interviews, reviews, and the companies' own websites to determine what made BitMob stand out from its nearest competition. Unfortunately, there was virtually no independent media coverage of BitMob except for a single interview on ESPN radio. Moreover, detailed searching found that according to LinkedIn BitMob has just one full time employee - its founder. According to the website ranking database SimilarWeb, does not have enough visitors to determine the exact number of visitors over any given period, however they rank as the 12,450,280th most visited website in the world. This compares poorly with their key competitors Topcoder and Koder, who are ranked 59,588th and 5,286,141th, respectively. Topcoder has achieved a remarkable 1.26 million visits. Given its very low traffic levels, it is unsurprising that there is hardly any coverage of BitMob.

Moreover, in his radio interview, the founder of BitMob, Rob Patrick, states that BitMob is still in Beta phase and is limited to LA at the moment, with its public unveiling not scheduled until mid-2018. This is confirmed by the BitMob website, which states if you try to join or submit a request that if you provide your email, you will be, "notified when we launch", indicating that it is indeed still in Beta testing. For that reason, there is extremely limited information available about BitMob. However, there was some basic information we were able to find out about what will distinguish BitMob from its competitors when it does launch later this year, and that is detailed below.

bitmob usp

In his one public interview, BitMob's founder Rob Patrick lays out two things which distinguish BitMob from its competitors. Firstly, BitMob focuses on small coding tasks, which will be integrated into a larger project, rather than start to finish software development. He specifically states that this service is meant to supplement existing software teams, and allow companies to keep their software development staff costs down. As an example of the type of task BitMob would be useful for, Patrick points to app integration with Facebook. Many apps want to make it possible for their users to login through Facebook, and may turn to BitMob to write the code for this integration.

Secondly, Patrick plans to use machine learning to solve an important problem in software development outsourcing. Clients own the software that they pay for, which means that even if a software development outsourcing company has to write the same software over and over, they're not legally allowed to keep the code in a library so they can re-use it, because that code is the intellectual property of the client who paid for it to be written. However, Patrick plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to study how developers write code for frequent tasks, and from this repetition, learn to do it automatically. This would eventually lead to programs which learn themselves to write the types of code which are most commonly requested on the site, saving both time and money.

competitor information

Even though there is only very limited information available about BitMob, we are able to provide some basic information about its largest competitor, Topcoder.

Revenue - $8 million
Employees - 125
Facebook followers - 29
Twitter followers - 171,300
Website visitors - 1.26 million

conclusion is still in its Beta testing phase, and therefore very little information is available about it. However, according to the single publicly available interview with its founder, BitMob plans to differentiate itself from the competition by focusing on small programming tasks rather than A-Z software development, and by using AI and machine learning to automate more of the software development process than has previously been possible. BitMob's largest competitor is Topcoder, and another emerging competitor is Koder.