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Biographical Data - Tutiya Disphanurat

Tutiya Disphanurat, the managing director at FCBBangkok, is an alumnus of Webster University with a Masters of Arts in media communications. From March 2006, served as the client service director of the Bangkok Metropolitan area until December 2010.



  • Tutiya Disphanurat became the assistant vice president in charge of marketing communications at DTAC in October 2002 and served until December 2004.
  • From January 2005, she then became the assistant vice president in charge of broad marketing at AIA until February 2006.
  • From March 2006, served as the client service director of the Bangkok Metropolitan area until December 2010. She served as a chief operating officer from January 2011 to December 2014. From January 2015 to date, she serves as the chief planning officer.
  • She is currently the managing director at FCBBangkok for BBDO company located in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Tutiya Disphanurat has more than 19 years of formidable experience in the marketing communications field.
  • She has business expertise in integrated marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising, with industry knowledge in marketing communications, digital marketing, brand development, as well as customer insight.


  • She has an interest in raising awareness against the abuse of women through a movement that she participates in, championing for the rights of women and encouraging them to be able to stand up and speak out against intolerable social behavior.


  • She attended Webster University and has a Masters of Arts in media communications, having attained first-class distinctions.
  • She also has a degree from Thammasat University in journalism and mass communications with a first-class honor majoring in broadcasting.


  • Pictures of Tutiya Disphanurat are available here, here, and here.


  • "FCB Bangkok's main goal is to create a free form of business solution to meet the needs of customers in each business with different needs, which will result in ideas for solving problems for customers from all directions, with no need to separate between online or offline." This statement came during the acquisition of FCB Bangkok by the digital marketing group, YDM Thailand.
  • "Joining force with YDM Thailand is to strengthen us and to make our services complete."
  • "We have been working with Xhabition for more than five years through many accounts, i.e., FedEx, Doritos, Bridgestone, Snickers, etc. We are quite happy with Xhabition's service in terms of speed, understanding of ideas, and creativity."


  • She has an Instagram page with 224 followers.
  • She has a LinkedIn page with 191 connections.


The research team began by searching through the professional identity management forum, LinkedIn, for the professional background of Tutiya Disphanurat. There, we were able to identify her professional background, including work history, what she currently does, as well as the finer details of her business expertise.

Next, we sought to find out any information about her personal background and interests, including marital status, number of kids, if any, as well as hobbies. To do that, we employed a five-pronged approach. First, we tried to find out if she has a website of her own, any published articles written by her, which could provide a personal context to her life. We found out that she doesn't have a website of her own, and neither has she published anything over the years that would reveal the personal attributes to her life.

We dug deeper to look for any interviews that had been done about her that talked about her personal life, being that she is a public figure in a high profile position. That approach too, unfortunately, did not yield any positive results. We then went further to search for her social media profiles, the rationale being that people usually reveal their relationship status on social media platforms as well as their leisure activities and post other personal identification markers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We found out that she does not have a Facebook profile but has an Instagram page with 224 followers, where she posts some social event photos. However, other than that, she does not seem to be an avid social media user and is silent on the required data.

With the assumption that such high profile company executives are at times, invited for events and official functions, we decided to find out if she had ever graced an event or held a talk/lecture, the rationale being that such speakers usually use such platforms to reference their real lives to make the audience connect with them faster. Using this approach, we found out that she had been invited as a special speaker to Mahidol University as a special teacher for a master’s degree international program, which was for an Advertising and Marketing Communications course. Unfortunately, going through the transcript of the speech she gave that day, she did not reference her personal life.

So, we sought to find out if there had been any success stories written about her in the media, which would provide insights into her personal life. Through this approach, we discovered that she is an avid campaigner in raising awareness against the abuse of women through a movement that she participates in, championing for the rights of women and encouraging them to be able to stand up and speak out against intolerable social behavior. This gave insights into her interests, without much on her personal life, marital status, children, if she has any, or the number thereof.

As a last resort, we searched through her company's website to check if there is an "About" section, or an organizational chart, which would speak something about her family or her life success. We found the website's Management section, but it only highlights the title of the executives and displays their respective pictures without giving away any other personal info.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find her personal info, we got the impression that she may not be comfortable sharing her personal details on public forums, and so the info on her personal life and marital status, as well as hobbies, is unavailable in the public domain.
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Biographical Data - Alan Cerutti

Alan Cerutti has worked for 12 years in the advertising industry and has been named one of Campaign Asia Pacific’s 40 under 40 talents in 2015. He travels as a hobby, and creativity is essential to become a successful account manager.


  • Alan Cerutti has around 12 years of experience in branding and communication, mostly in an international environment.
  • He is currently working as the co-Founder and CEO of the Creative Connectivity Agency, Happiness Saigon.
  • He was recognized as one of Asia Pacific’s 40 under 40 talents by Campaign Asia Pacific in 2015.
  • Happiness Saigon was recognized by Campaign Asia as one of the Top Creative and Independent Agency of the Year in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2017 and 2018, the agency was also recognized by Campaign Brief Asia as Vietnam’s Hottest Creative Agency.


  • Before Happiness Saigon, Cerutti worked on integrated global campaigns for Dove & WWF as Global Account Director of Ogilvy & Mather from 2012 to 2014.
  • Cerutti has also worked in Happiness Brussels from June 2010 to October 2012, first as Account Manager and then as Account Director.
  • He was also the Business Developer for Bliss-Interactive, Vietnam, from April 2010 to June 2012.
  • From February 2007 to March 2010, Cerutti worked as an Account Manager for Troy Agency.


  • Alan Cerutti travels as a hobby and as inspiration for creative ideas.
  • He also likes to play sports, with a preference for team sports. He likes playing tennis and going cycling and mountain biking.




  • Photos of Alan Cerutti can be found on his social media pages, together with some examples of his agency’s works.


  • Our approach to Happiness Saigon is about taking risks. It’s much easier to have a storyboard. But we believe an agency’s role is to provide guidance on a brand’s direction.”
  • “There’s this creative revolution happening, and you guys are a part of it. You look around, and you can see communities growing. People are coming up with ideas, and they are able to execute them.”
  • Creative people will become more and more inclined to be responsible for creative agencies. The big firms are the ones putting these traditional processes in place because at the end of the day; for them, creativity is not the bottom line. It’s finances.”
  • “Creativity is an exciting thing and if you’re only doing numbers or only talking about KPI’s as an account manager, you will burn out very, very quickly.”


Research Strategy

We were unable to determine Alan Cerutti’s marital status and whether he has any board affiliations.

We first searched through his social media pages for this information. Out of all of them, only LinkedIn and Twitter was available for public viewing, although part of his Facebook profile can also be viewed publicly. His LinkedIn and Twitter pages did not give any insights. Some photos and comments on his Facebook profile seem to suggest that he’s married and with a family, as one of the comments mentions giving regards to him and his “little family,” however it is unclear as the picture in question is not available publicly. No information about board affiliations came on this search.

We then looked through interviews and press releases from credible sites such as Forbes, Vietcetera, and Vietnam Business for information regarding any board affiliations and his marital status. We were able to find an interview of Alan Cerutti that revealed his interests, hobbies and other information and some regarding his job as CEO of Happiness Saigon. However, neither revealed any information on board affiliations and marital status. His interview with Vietnam Business, however, featured a picture of him and presumably his partner (on page 2 of the PDF file of the Vietnam TV file), as evidenced by the subtext “I love her, and she digs me too.”

As a final resort to looking for the missing information, first for his marital status, we attempted to identify the person in the picture of him featured on his Vietnam Business interview. We did this by looking through publicly available pictures of Alan Cerutti and matching the two pictures together. The closest match is a picture found on his Facebook page from 2015. Looking through the tagged person’s Facebook page did not reveal her specific relationship with Alan Cerutti.

For board affiliations, we looked through the official website of Happiness Saigon for any insight that may lead to this information. We were able to find that in 2017, Alan Cerutti was part of the jury for Tangrams Asia. However, no information regarding any board affiliations was found through this search.

After exhausting all strategies, we were still unable to determine Cerutti’s marital status and any board affiliations reasonably.

We have attached a Google document of some of Alan Cerutti’s pictures found on his social media pages as part of this request.
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Biographical Data - Sony Nichani

Sony Nichani joined FCB Jakarta as its Strategic Planning Director in 2008 and was promoted to Managing Director in 2016. Her interests include watching TV shows on Netflix and reading. In 1997, Nichani graduated from the K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDBA) in marketing, advertising, and statistics.


  • Nichani served as the Vice President of the Association of Youth for a Better India from 1993 to 1998. It is assumed that this role is a voluntary position as the years served overlapped with her next role and Nichani has mentioned that the job interview with Ulka was the only interview that she had ever attended.
  • Nichani joined India-based Ulka (now known as FCB Ulka India) in 1997 and served as its Group Manager until 2003.
  • She served as the Deputy General Manager - Marketing at Tata Teleservices from 2003 to 2008.
  • Nichani joined Indonesia-based FCB Jakarta and served as a Strategic Planning Director from 2008 to 2011. According to Nichani’s LinkedIn profile, she also held the role of General Manager from 2008 until present. She was promoted to Managing Director in 2016.
  • As the Managing Director of FCB Jakarta, Nichani’s responsibilities include working with her team during the planning and development process for advertising projects and leading the business and working with a “mix of global, regional, and local clients.”
  • Nichani’s main business expertise is strategic planning. She spent six years “understanding consumer behavior and communication strategy” at Ulka’s strategic planning department and helped to launch the FCB Jakarta’s strategic planning function.
  • FCB Jakarta’s campaign for Nivea Men called The Untold Story of Bepe was one of the nominees for the 2017 Spikes Asia advertising award in the film category. Nichani has been credited as part of the team for this campaign.
  • FCB Jakarta was one of the nominees for Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival’s Digital Agency of The Year in 2018.
  • Nichani has also been credited as part of the team that created the Live in Levi’s campaign in 2018. The TV spot attracted over 20 million views on YouTube.
  • Nichani is not affiliated to any boards.



  • Nichani graduated from Bombay Scottish School in 1989. It serves students up to the 12th grade in India.
  • She has received a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) in economics and accounting from the H. R. College of Commerce & Economics in 1994.
  • Nichani attained a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDBA) in marketing, advertising, and statistics from the K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research in 1997.


  • Some pictures of Nichani have been provided on these links: solo and family.
  • Other pictures of Nichani are also available on her Facebook page.
  • Quote on work-life balance: “Working with clients and network partners in different time zones and having their own challenges makes it difficult to switch off. But at work we are particular about weekends for family time, so that helps restore some sense of balance. I am also lucky to have an extremely supportive husband who is very involved in the care of our child.”
  • Quote on women leaders: “It should be like sisterhood, a place where there are no judgments, and only the ability to honestly share your own experiences and challenges and help each other find their way. Behind every successful woman is really a tribe find your own and support each other.”
  • Quote on the Live in Levi’s campaign: “Ramadan is a time introspection and discovery. It’s also a time about actively making improvements and changes in your life and your surroundings. Using this insight and our brand platform of inspiring authentic self-expression every day, we use our influencers to seed the idea of how simple change in perspective can lead to good things.”
  • Nichani has 312 followers on Instagram. The content is not visible to the public.
  • She has 56 followers on Twitter. The content is also not visible to the public.
  • Nichani’s followers and friends lists on Facebook are not publicly available. The majority of the content that she has posted on Facebook are related to the advertising industry.


The majority of the information for Sony Nichani such as professional background, personal background/interests, education, pictures, quotes, and social media followings are publicly available. This information were obtained by examining Nichani’s LinkedIn profile, social media pages, and other articles published online. Only the information about awards won by Nichani are not available in the public domain.
We began the research for awards won by Nichani by examining content published by her and FCB Global/Jakarta. It is assumed that Nichani and her employer would be proud to talk about awards that Nichani has won or other accolades. However, Nichani’s LinkedIn profile did not mention any awards and achievements and her Facebook page only featured posts about awards won by other agencies under the FCB umbrella such as FCB New York. Similarly, FCB’s website and FCB Jakarta’s Instagram page have only published content about awards won by FCB Global or other agencies based in other regions.
Next, we examined articles that talked about Nichani. It is assumed that these articles would feature interviews where Nichani talked about her achievements or award-winning advertising campaigns created by FCB Jakarta. However, interviews with Nichani only focused on her work experience in general, family, and her thoughts on women leaders. Articles that talked about campaigns created by FCB Jakarta such as the ones for Levi’s and Anlene only contained a description of the campaigns and quotes from Nichani and other executives. As the TV spot for the Live in Levi’s campaign had gone viral with over 20 million views on YouTube, we have considered this campaign as one of the “accomplishments” for Nichani and FCB Jakarta.
Lastly, we examined the websites of major advertising awards organizers based in Asia such as Spikes Asia, Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival, Campaign Asia, and others. It is assumed that these websites would provide information on whether any campaigns created by Nichani and her team have won any awards. Based on publicly available information, FCB Jakarta and/or their works have only been nominated for awards such as Spikes Asia advertising award in the film category and Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival’s Digital Agency of The Year.

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Biographical Data - Shaun Tay

The details about the professional background, personal interests, qualifications, pictures, quotes, and social profiles for Shaun Tay is presented in this report. It is found that Shaun Tay has previously worked in two agencies, i.e., Bates 141 and TBWA before being promoted to his current position as CEO of FCB Group Malaysia. He is also married with two children and is an avid golfer.



  • Shaun Tay was the Senior Account Manager at Bates 141 in Malaysia from the year 2000 – 2004. Shaun then rose to become the Accounts Director at Bates 141 and was posted to Singapore from Oct 2004 to Sep 2006.
  • In October 2006, Shaun joined TBWA as the Accounts Director; he worked as the Director of Business Leadership at TBWA from 2008 to 2010.
  • Mr. Tay led the account management team for TBWA as the Head of Account Management from 2010 to 2012. During this period, Shaun co-developed the Pirate Academy, a highly successful training program. Later, he served as the General Manager at TBWA from January 2013–2015.
  • In July 2015, Shaun joined FCB Kuala Lumpur as the Managing Director and was shortly promoted as the new CEO of the FCB Group in 2016. Shaun is currently the Co-Owner and CEO of the FCB Group Malaysia.
  • Shaun's skills include advertising, account management, business development, brand planning, among others; he has received numerous endorsements from colleagues for his skills set.
  • Some awards Shaun has won include APPIES Gold, Effie's Silver, MARKIES Gold, among others.




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Biographical Data - Diana Lesaca

Diana Lesaca currently holds the position of the president and chief operating officer (COO) at Weber Shandwick in Manila, Philippines. Also, Diana Lesaca focus area is on digital client communications. Below are the details of our findings.



  • Diana Lesaca is currently the president and chief operating officer at Weber Shandwick Based in Manila, Philippines.
  • She supervises both strategy and operations across all practice areas of the firm.
  • Diana Lesaca focus area is on digital client communications.
  • She has over two decades of experience in advertising, communications, and managing client accounts.
  • Diana Lesaca has previously worked in the food and beverage, consumer goods, and telecommunications industries.
  • Diana Lesaca has previously spent 11 years at Weber Shandwick’s sister agency DraftFCB before her appointment as the COO.
  • At DraftFCB, she served as senior vice president and new business division head.
  • Diana has previously worked at J. Walter Thompson and Lintas Manila.
  • According to Baxter Jolly, the Vice Chairman of Weber Shandwick, Asia Pacific, Diana was appointed COO due to her localized experienced leadership and also as a result of her expertise in the new business opportunity.
  • She was among the team to receive an Anvil Award at the 49th Anvil Awards in the Philippines for Children’s Health Advocacy for their work on the campaign.
  • Diana is currently the CEO of FCB Manila Advertising Agency.


  • Diana Lesaca hailed from Benguet, Philippines.
  • Her Facebook posts suggested that she is a lover of series such as the office finales and the walking dead.
  • She likes to spend time with friends, as 14 of her 33 Facebook pictures are all related to her timeout with friends.
  • She is also a lover of works of art and nature, based on her Facebook pictures.
  • There is no picture of her with a husband, child, or children considering her Facebook pictures.
  • On Relationship Science platform, Diana Lesaca RelSci Relationships number is 36.




  • Diana Lesaca posted several quotes by Paulo Coelho on her Facebook wall.
  • Some of Diana Lesaca's personal Facebook quotes can be accessed here.
  • At the Weber Shandwick 10th year celebration in the Philippines, Diana opined that; “We’ve had an exciting first decade in the industry, and we’re grateful for the experiences we’ve had with our clients and business partners,”.
  • "We look at this challenge as an opportunity to flex our creativity and strategy muscles. We definitely live in exciting times".



  • Diana Lesaca joined Facebook in December 2009, with a total of 47 posts on her wall.
  • Currently, she has no Facebook friends, followers or review.
  • Diana Lesaca has a total of 33 uploaded pictures on her Facebook wall.
  • Diana Lesaca last Facebook post in 2018 had received 220 reactions and 37 comments.


  • She has a private Instagram account with 914 posts, 150 followers, and she is following 452 others.



To address the research request, the research team scoured through media articles, news outlets, social media platforms, biography databases to identify the required information regarding Diana Lesaca biography data. Our search was successful in identifying some relevant information regarding Diana Lesaca. In the course of our search, we discovered that the majority of Diana Lesaca's social media accounts are private, which left us with the Facebook account to make inferences from.

To determine the marital status of Diana Lesaca, the research team performed a thorough search through Philippine news articles, news agency publications, and online media sources in search of any proof of a change of name after marriage, but this search was not successful. The research team progressed to search through the Philippines family record finder, civil registration vital records, church records, and the genealogical records of the Philippine government in an attempt to find any information on the previous or current marital status of Diana Lesaca. Again, we could not identify Diana Lesaca past or current marital status using this approach. Also, we endeavored to identify Diana Lesaca various pictures on public data to find any past or current pictures that might suggest her marital status, but unfortunately, we could not identify such.

Going forward, we also endeavored to analyze Diana Lesaca Facebook pictures and posts, given that she has been the user of Facebook for nearly 10 years. We discovered that Diana Lesaca posted about her good times with friends, colleagues, and personal likes, interests, and hobbies, but we could not find any picture that relates to any family member, be it husband, children, parents, and in-laws. Also, we analyzed some of her full-sized pictures where her fingers were visible enough. Here, we could not identify any wedding band/ring which is the most common means of marital identification. From all our findings and analysis, the research team concluded that Diana Lesaca might not be married or there is a lack of publication of her marital status on public data.

From Part 01
  • "FCB Bangkok’s main goal is to create a free form of business solution to meet the needs of customers in each business with different needs which will result in ideas for solving problems for customers from all directions, with no need to separate between online or offline."
  • "We have been working with xhabition for more than 5 years through many accounts i.e., Fedex, Doritos, Bridgestone, Snickers, etc. We are quite happy with xhabition service in terms of speed, understsnding of idea and creativity"
  • "Joining force with YDM Thailand is to strengthen us and to make our services complete."
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From Part 04
  • "Married with two sons aged one and two, Shaun Tay was an avid tennis player but took up golf eight years ago as a way to spend more time with his dad. Describing it as “a thinking man’s game”, he plays off a handicap of 13 and his best score carded was 73. Shaun Tay currently plays on the Hugo Boss Golf team that competes in the Business Times Corporate Golf league."
  • "Describing himself as “extremely” loyal, Tay said FCB is only the third agency he has worked with after TBWA where he spent nine years growing its business and earlier, Bates 141 about six years in which at one point, he was posted to Singapore as account director for two years."
  • "Tay joined TBWA as its group account director in October 2006 and parted ways with the agency when he was appointed by FCB Malaysia as managing director in mid-2015. The last hat he wore at TBWA was of a general manager’s."
  • "Proving his worth at FCB Malaysia, Tay climbed the rank fast and was promoted to his current CEO role in a short span of 10 months"