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Beverage Brand Sponsorships - CosPlay

Overall, we were not able to find comprehensive data on the customers' perception and the activities of the participating beverage brands in various costumer play or comic convention events around the world. Nevertheless, we have included in this research some examples of the ways that the Coca-Cola and the Pepsi brands participated in these events. Some of their activities include offering themed bottles, providing drinks that match the occasion, having on-site vending machines, featuring well-known characters in their booths, participating in fan exchanges, and setting up a photo booth. The screenshots of the brands' presence in the various comic conventions or costume play events found were pasted in the linked document.


London MCM Comic Con

  • As indicated in the picture, Coca-Cola has installed several vending machines with hip designs within the site of the London MCM Comic Con.
  • There were no other details on whether the brand has given-away products or if there are brand-related activities during the event. There was also no brand-specific chatter found on their social media sites.

Puerto Rico Comic Con

  • Coke's booth in the Puerto Rico Comic Con features personalized Coke bottles that participants can purchase. There are no details found on whether the brand offer giveaways.
  • Coke also featured several costumed characters stationed at the front of their booth.
  • One of their booths also has a cartoon mural where the coke brand is prominently featured in the story.
  • Based on the comment of the Wonderful Paradise Photography, the brand's "awesome booth" elicited smiles from the participants.
  • Coke's social media posts about the features in their booths elicited several likes and positive comments.

Argentina Comic Con

  • The Coca-Cola company took part in the 2017 Comic-Con in Argentina through the on-site presence of its announcers from its "Coca-Cola For Me" web radio.
  • The radio team interviewed participants and tackled topics such as self-confidence, sympathy, and other topics. The brand's web radio platform also played a major part in promoting the convention online.
  • Based on the videos, the fans were enthusiastic to be interviewed about what they liked on the event.

San Diego Comic Convention

  • During the 2017 San Diego Comic Convention, the FANDOM entertainment fan site collaborated with Pepsi to organize a special fan celebration.
  • The celebration includes having a food truck that will offer pop-culture themed foods with Pepsi drinks to match. Some specialty food being offered include spicy "chimichanga" matched with a regular Pepsi drink, a Pepsi "Fire and Ice Float" drink, an Ichiraku Ramen Taco matched with Pepsi Zero Sugar®, and a Wookiee Cookie served with Diet Pepsi®.
  • Pepsi also offered an animated photo booth for the 2017 Comic-Con fandom party. Based on the article, the guests enjoyed having their fun pictures taken with realistic movie props.
  • Based on the latest metrics, an increasing number of participants prefer spending time in these booths that are outside the official program of the convention.
  • These booths are seen to play a larger part in the convention experience of the participants. Brands such as Pepsi can also have the opportunity to communicate with their consumers in a more focused setting in these booths.
  • These booths are also considered as setups that can contribute to the vibe of the official convention. These installations can also take the burden off on the crowded main convention venue.
  • However, the booths should maintain a balancing act in order not to take too much focus, attendees, and money away from the main convention.


We searched for directly available information on how major beverage brands have participated in costume play or comic conventions globally. We looked for this information in various sites such as in entertainment sites such as Insider Entertainment, E!, and other relevant sites; social media platforms such as in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others; marketing campaign sites such as Moat, Adage, and AdForum, and related sources; press releases such as those from Globe News Wire, Cision, and other similar sites; publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, and others; media outlets such as CNBC, Huffington Post, and other relevant sources. Based on this search approach, we were able to find several reports that provide some information on how beverage brands participate in these events. However, the information is limited and do not offer the detailed activities of the brands such as whether they sell or give away freebies. The sources also did not include comprehensive consumer perception with regard to the participation of the beverage brands.
We then searched for some of the costume play or comic conventions around the world and checked their official sites. We hoped to determine if there are comprehensive articles there on how these brands participated in the conventions, and how the participants perceived them. However, these details were not found on the sites. What we found were a few pictures of some of the beverage brand sponsors.
We then checked if there are after-event surveys or reviews that contain the customer perception of the beverage brands' participation in the various events we found. We also looked through the review section of the social media accounts of these events to determine if there are comments from the participants about the brands' presence in these events. As per this approach, we were not able to find significant details of the perception of the beverage brands' participation in any surveys, reviews, or in the social media sites. What we obtained were very limited details such as posts that mention the brands' participation. However, there was not much social media chatter around the brands' full activities and perception was found.
Overall, we were not able to find significant data on the perception of the participating beverage brands in the specified events. What we found mostly were images of the booths or setups that the major beverage brands have in these events. There were also some limited information on the specific merchandise offered and the activities of the brands in their booths. The screenshots of the brands' presence in the various comic conventions or costume play events found were pasted in the linked document. The findings on the brands' participation in the events were outlined in the section above.

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Beverage Brand Sponsorships - K-Pop

While we could not find detailed examples from 3-5 different major beverage brands participating in Kpop events, we've used the available data to provide information on five relationships between beverage brands and Kpop. Red Bull has sponsored three Kpop related conventions, Lotte Beverage was a sponsor for the Korea Times Music Festival and Bacchus was a major sponsor and held a brand activation booth at the Super Popcon 2017. We also found information on one advertising campaign linking Coca-Cola with major Kpop band Bangtan Boys.

Red bull sponsored Toronto and Vancouver kpop cons 2018

  • The websites for both the Toronto Kpop Con and Vancouver Kpop Con mention energy drink Red Bull as a sponsor.
  • However, other than this graphic on their website, there is no other information about how Red Bull participated in either convention.
  • We checked photos on the official convention websites and hundreds of social media posts from both events. We looked for any display banners, booths, stands, persons wearing Red Bull clothing or people holding Red Bull drinks.
  • A then broader search of the public domain for photos, articles or other information associating Red Bull with either convention also turned up no meaningful results.
  • As a final strategy, we checked Red Bull's Facebook page for posts or photos from around the time of both events. The brand has not posted any material related to its sponsorship.

Red bull sponsored lvl up expo

  • Similar to the Canadian Kpop conventions, Red Bull was also a sponsor for the LVL UP Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The official event website does not have a description or any photos from last year, so we turned to the event's Facebook page for information about last year's event.
  • None of the pictures from this event featured Red Bull in any way.
  • We also checked thousands of Instagram photos from the event, looking for any banners, booths, stands, clothing or products featuring Red Bull.
  • No images or information about Red Bull's participation in the LVL UP Expo was available.

lotte beverage was a sponsor for the Korea times music festival

  • According to the event website, Lotte Beverage was a sponsor for the Korea Times Music Festival in 2018.
  • The event had two major Instagram hashtags: #ktmf and #koreatimesmusicfestival.
  • We checked all images posted under both hashtags for any pictures featuring Lotte brand beverages. No images about Lotte Beverages's participation in the Korea Times Music Festival was available.
  • An additional Google Images search also yielded no results.

Bacchus sponsored super popcon 2017

  • Energy drink Bacchus sponsored a fundraising concert in 2017 called Super Popcon.
  • At the event was a Bacchus-branded booth, where attendees could hold up a placard of their favorite artist and have their picture taken.
  • Pictures on the Bacchus Facebook page show fans as excited, happy and positive, so we assume that the perception of the brand during the event was good.
  • Social Buzz gives a very positive sentiment score to all social conversation from the event referring to both the event and Bacchus.
  • The booth also featured giveaways of "exclusive prizes", but we could not find any information on the exact nature of the prizes.
  • Screenshots of the event have been included in the attached document.

Coca-cola introduces kpop band packaging

  • Since we could not find any information about a Coca-Cola brand beverage participating in or sponsoring in any way a Kpop convention or event, we searched for any alternative data points possible for Coca-Cola and Kpop.
  • This led us to information that last summer, Coca-Cola released special packaging featuring popular band Bangtan Boys (BTS).
  • It planned to produce seven different bottles and cans, each featuring a different band member.
  • Images have been added to the attached document.

Research strategy

Our first strategy was to visit the websites of major Kpop conventions around the world, looking for their vendor and sponsor lists for any beverage brands listed. After examining several websites, many of which did not contain a full sponsor or vendor list, we discovered beverage brand sponsors at Toronto Kpop Con and Vancouver Kpop Con. We used several pre-compiled lists of major Kpop conventions to methodically ensure we did not miss any major gathering of Kpop fans. We also ensured that we thoroughly checked the biggest Kpop convention in North America, KCON, for any beverage brand sponsor details. After checking both the websites for KCON LA and NY and social media posts, we concluded that no beverage brands participated in or sponsored booths or displays at either KCON event last year.
As this approach did not yield robust enough results, we broadened our search from just 'conventions' to other types of large gatherings of Kpop fans. From there, we also found a beverage sponsor for the Korea Times Music Festival. We stayed away from individual concerts, as this did not seem to be the focus of this request (which seems to want a wide variety of fans, not just those of an individual artist). Another relevant event that came up was the LVL UP Expo in Las Vegas, which is a wider gathering of anime, video game and comic fans, but the event does include some Kpop elements, so we deemed it relevant to this request.
Lastly, we individually searched for major beverage brands in Korea for any stated association with a Kpop convention or event. This turned up energy drink brand Bacchus sponsoring the Super Popcon 2017 event. Searching for every other major global or Korea-specific beverage brand did not yield additional results. We found several articles about Kpop celebrities doing commercials and endorsements for beverage brands, but no information about beverage brands participating in Kpop events or conventions.
Therefore, we concluded that the only examples of major beverage brands participating in some way in a Kpop event or convention are Toronto Kpop Con, Vancouver Kpop Con, the Korea Times Music Festival, LVL UP Expo and Super Popcon 2017. It is possible there have been other links between beverage brands and Kpop conventions that simply have not made it into the news or social media. With possibly hundreds of booths at each convention, information about every vendor or exhibitor will not necessarily make it into the public domain. Additionally, it is possible that some Kpop event websites or information are in other languages and therefore did not come up in our search.


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