Best Practices-Press Release Distribution

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Best Practices in PR Distribution

Some best practices for PR distribution include using quality distribution channels and building media relations. These best practices provide greater chances for press releases to reach a wider audience.

Use Quality Distribution Channels

  • Using quality distribution channels is a best practice because these channels are likely to have relationships with top media outlets that guarantee placement in their publications.
  • Professional distribution channels will have the necessary experience to provide assistance in helping clients to create press releases, as well as help with editing and package selection.
  • Utilizing quality distribution channels that have tools and resources, such as its strong reputation, connections with media outlets, and mixing of multimedia types will get press releases the support they need to generate positive market results.

Building Relationships with the Media

  • An indispensable part of the press release distribution is media relations. This is so as one of the best ways of gaining traction for press releases through building relationships with media representatives.
  • The practice entails building long-standing relationships with representatives from established media outlets, such as TVs, radios, and magazines.
  • This practice will require putting effort into communicating with media representatives on different platforms. For example, the retweeting of posts or sharing of stories can build familiarity.
  • Having relationships with media representatives will allow a press release a greater chance of being acknowledged on different media platforms.
  • Through interaction and relationships, people take a genuine interest in a business. Interacting and building relationships with the right people will generate positive news to float across media platforms.
  • It helps institutions to maintain professional and open lines of communication. Open lines of communication will better promote news releases and positive press that positively impact the institution's reputation and reach.

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Best Practices in PR Distribution (2)

Two additional best practices in PR distribution include handpicking journalists and offering free services. Details regarding these best practices have been provided below.

Handpicking Journalists

  • Instead of sending a press release randomly to many journalists, it is best practice to handpick professionals who are in the same industry as the company. Journalists should be specialists in covering industry-related news.
  • In addition, it is better to select journalists who have covered similar topics as the one in the press release. After identifying the journalists, it is crucial to know where their contact information can be found. Social media pages and reputable online email address directories are good places to start.
  • After finding the right journalists, one should strive to establish long-term relationships with them. These relationships can be fostered by engaging in their social media posts and sharing them.
  • Handpicking journalists is considered best practice as it has been mentioned by industry professionals.
  • Edelman, a PR consultancy firm, pairs with journalists from top broadcast news outlets. It also collaborates with journalists from top tier print, social, and digital outlets.

Offering Free Services

  • Attaching a free sample, demo, or consultation of the product or services being discussed in the press release is considered best practice. Free samples will enable journalists to have a deeper understanding of the press release and give positive reviews in other articles.
  • Furthermore, showing journalists how a service or product works is an effective way of building a one-on-one relationship with them. A relationship can be fostered by also answering any questions that they may have about the company.
  • By offering free samples, journalists are made aware of how valuable the business is and the benefits of the products or services offered. This will enable them to trust what is being said in the press release and any other news worthy content they get from the company.
  • Offering free services is considered best practice since it has been highlighted in more than three industry websites.
  • An example of a company that employs this practice is FleishmanHillard, which offers scholarships and diversity fellowships to journalists.