Best Practices for Marketing B2B Outsourcing Services

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Best Practices for Marketing B2B Outsourcing Services

The best marketing practices for BPOs are online marketing, social media marketing and the use of business directories. The details are outlined below.


  • Online marketing plays a major role in BPO companies. The sales potential online is vast. As such BPOs must market and promote themselves online.
  • Creating a business website and utilizing search engine optimization techniques is highlighted as a best practice for online marketing.
  • With online marketing, BPOs have the opportunity to improve their search engine ranking, achieve better conversion rates, build brand awareness and most importantly, assist with finding new customers and assist growth.
  • An example of a BPO that use online marketing is the Employee and Administrative Support Enterprise in Montana. The company has an official website that is used to market their services to groups and individual medical providers as well as to display their expertise in staffing and management services.
  • Another example is DIS technology in Montana that markets via their company website by displaying their service and product offerings




We commenced this research with a general search on the best practices for marketing BPO companies. From the search, practices such as online marketing, social media marketing and the use of online directories were chosen. Information on online marketing as a strategy for BPOs was sourced from sites such as Seezoomz, Smallbiztrends, and Allianz. Information on social media marketing was sourced from Smallbiztrends and Forward BPO. Lastly, information on business directories was sourced from Magellan Solutions. After gathering information on the best practices of marketing BPO companies the next step was to find companies that employed the practices identified. From the search results, Cience, Employee Administrative and Support Enterprise, DIS technology and Information Systems of Montana was chosen. For each company chosen, their official company website and their social media pages were visited to gather marketing techniques. A general search was then conducted on each individual company. The search returned sites such as Mapquest and Yelp which provided the information necessary to be used as examples.

These are general best practices in relation to BPOs. Information specific to US was not available as the US usually outsource or turn to other countries for BPO services. Therefore, we triangulated the information found by finding at least two companies in the US that are implementing each best practice and are having success using them. We also found more than one expert who agreed on the best practices.

To find best practices specific to the US, we searched industry reports and the websites of US-based BPOs such as Near Shore Americas, Open Access BPO, and Heflo. These spoke about BPO processes and best practices in general.
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BPO Marketing Analysis: Montana

Some ways that BPO companies market their company is through the use of social media channels, an official online website, an online directory profile, testimonials and success stories.




  • DIS Technology uses online marketing and social media to bring awareness to the brand. Their Twitter page provides information in a way that will lead customers to want to know more about their product offerings.
  • In their marketing, they display their of knowledge BPO services.
  • The company endorses its products and services to customers and the level of expertise the have on each of those services.
  • They provide easy to read articles which supply a wealth of information that potential customers are seeking. This allows the company to easily contact potential customers with its accessible contact tools.
  • DIS Technology endorses the company through digital marketing on their Twitter page. On the Twitter page, the company provides security tips for customers, myths about security systems and how customers can better protect themselves. With this, they offer eye-catching images and colorful banners to engage customers on the platform.
  • DIS Technology also does marketing through its official website. The website takes on a minimalist approach with clean, distinct, and easy to read pages. The website is also easily navigable for those who may not be tech-savvy.
  • On the website are its numerous services and product offerings as well as information on their experience working with the government.



  • Through its Facebook page, customers are able to see a summary of the company’s product offerings and service provisions. Its Facebook page is rated at 5/5 stars, has 481 followers and 471 likes.
  • Customers are able to read current news feeds, events and sales the company is promoting.
  • The company’s LinkedIn page shows the company’s efforts to bring awareness to digital privacy and introduces its website as a means to protect privacy. Its Twitter page consists of 1,503 followers and promotes security tips and the security services they provide.
  • Stratus Point IT promotes its brand through success stories found on its website. These include listings of various companies and how they have benefited from using StratusPointIT as a supplier.
  • Examples of this are of real estate companies providing efficient customer service through onsite support provided by StratusPointIT and financial firms using the IT company to aid in its ‘regulatory requirements’. Through these methods, StratusPoint IT is able to use credible and factual data to market its brand to customers.

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BPO Marketing Analysis: West US

San Francisco startup, Cience Technologies is the highest ranked and fastest growing voice services and CRM consulting company, serving over 600 clients from more than 130 industries globally. With only nine years in operation, WePay an integrated payment processing and back office services company was acquired by JP Morgan for approximately $400 million in 2017 and currently transacts $1.4 trillion in payments per year.



  • Cience acts as a PaaS (People as a Service) business that provides conversion optimization, as well as voice and CRM consulting and SI services.
  • The company operates a multi-channel outreach using specialized, cutting-edge tools to locate the appropriate target audiences and specialized teams in agency strategies to work on sales conversations.
  • The company has multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Cience Technologies Twitter account has a 100% engagement rate, 8,200 tweets, and 906 followers on Twitter.
  • The company is listed in app review and company directories, including Clutch, Cloud Reviews, Google, and G2.
  • Cience Technologies is a customer-oriented organization as they have a buying guide session for their clients to explain their work and practice high standards of hiring, strict training, and far-reaching lead generation expertise, comprising sound sales operations professionals, researchers, and sales development reps to advance sales results.
  • Every engagement with the company is managed intensively and detailed, from weekly campaign reports to email deliverability to precise sales intelligence.
  • The company has offices in Mexico, Russia, Alaska, Philippines, etc., while its headquarters is in San Francisco, California.
  • Since their start in 2015, Cience Technologies have attained a growth rate of about 200% per annum, served over 100 clients internationally, including Armatic, Phase Genomics, MLconf, Elevated Internet Marketing, IWT, Barnett Strategies World Challenges, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), NetApp, Alfresco, Myers-Briggs, SendBird, US Bank, etc.
  • Cience has achieved a constant rating of 4.5 in over four consumer review websites including Clutch, G2, Google, and Cloud Reviews with excellence in accurate lead generation, data-driven campaign optimization, multi-channel outreach, persona development, CRM scrubbing and data enrichment, timely reporting on activities, results, sales funnel analysis, and specialized teams.
  • Currently, the company operates seven offices based in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Manila, and Kyiv, and has served more than 131 industries with over 600 clients.
  • Cience generates an annual revenue of approximately $12 million.


  • WePay serves as a provider of integrated payment processing with 270 employees that supply services related to non-voice BPO and back office. WePay provides services to clients from several sectors, such as nonprofit, healthcare, and IT.
  • WePay operates social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram, along with GitHub to interact with clients and developers.
  • WePay is a major contributor to seminars and conferences aligned to the payments' sector (fin tech) and certain events of interest, such as tech podcasts, leadership events, tech events, and interviews.
  • WePay a developer support page with full documentation and support resources, including books that assist clients with FAQ, self-assistance when setting up payments and learning.
  • Founded in 2008, the company's headquarters is in Redwood City, California.
  • It has additional offices in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • After running for only seven years, in 2015, the company was valued at $220 million.
  • WePay has the ability to assist online businesses such as crowdfunding sites and marketplaces, while its API solution can manage complex payouts, fraud detection, and payment processing.
  • According to INC Fact, WePay scooped the Fast Growing and the Brain Power (IP awards).
  • As listed by Crunchbase, JP Morgan Chase Bank acquired WePay for approximately $400 million. Meanwhile, WePay generates an estimated revenue of $75 million annually.
  • Wepay manages payments of $1.4 trillion per year and currently has access to more than 4 million small business customers.

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  • "Cience is a PaaS (People as a Service) company based in Los Angeles. It has offices in Ukraine and Manila and was established in 2015. Their team of more than 550 employees offers voice services, conversion optimization, and CRM consulting and SI services. "
  • "ABBY CONNECT Abby Connect is a virtual receptionist firm in Las Vegas. Established in 2005, the team now has 40+ employees. They provide virtual receptionist and answering services for small businesses and mid-market companies in the financial, legal, and business services industries. "
  • "CIENCE helps businesses grow fast with proven, multi-channel outreach. Our outsourced prospecting teams use cutting-edge tools to find the right target audiences, then feed our trained appointment setters armed with agency strategies to open sales conversations for you."
  • "CIENCE supports your sales with teams with Sales Research, Lead Response, and Sales Ops. Learn more about the CIENCE 10-day GoToMarket* Strategy"
  • "CIENCE Is recognized by Clutch as Leader among B2B Lead Generation Companies and Call Center Services companies"
  • "CIENCE is proud to have served 100s of clients over its brief history, spanning 65 industries. A few of our shared success stories are below."
  • "CIENCE is People-as-a-Service (PaaS). Our team members are accomplished, well-trained, positive forces of business change for our client companies. Our culture empowers our team to quickly solve problems and drive results for our clients. We work with the best brands, enterprise companies, and startups around the world."
  • "Trusted by leading B2B brands, large and small (soon-to-be large)"
  • "In our most recent Employee NPS Survey, we’ve found that CIENCE scores above industry averages. The CIENCE workforce is unique in many respects:"
  • "CIENCE offers human-driven and machine-powered b2b lead generation services and solutions. The CIENCE Outbound method begins with highly-accurate, bespoke research on target audiences. Utilizing multi-channel outreach and appointment setting best practices, our specialized SDR walk prospects through a personalized Prospect Experience, resulting in more consistently-set meetings. "
  • "Key clients: Google, SOC Telemed, Square, Uber, Classy, Okta, iGenomX, Microsoft, ScaleFast, Fivestars, Instapage, CapGemini, Grow, Flashvote, SAP, Segment, Tuxedo Air, ML Conf,, ThruPore, Office Space, University of Texas, ReputationX, Yamaha, MUD\WTR, Qatar Airlines, Fairygodboss,, InfiniteMD, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), NetApp, Alfresco, Myers-Briggs, SendBird, US Bank"
  • "Payments you can bank on Powerful APIs built for platforms, powered by Chase"
  • "$1.4T in annual payments Leverage the scale and reliability of the largest wholly-owned merchant acquirer in the world."
  • "Access to 4 million SMBs Market your product to Chase customers through our marketing and distribution channels."
  • "WePay launches Same-Day Deposits to Chase bank accounts at no additional cost."
  • "This COO is Changing FinTech Culture: Interview with WePay's Tina Hsiao"
  • "Tearsheet Podcast JUN 24, 2019 WePay’s Tina Hsiao: ‘We’re still able to innovate but with the breadth, scale, and mission of JPM Chase’"
  • "Welcome to WePay’s API documentation, developed and designed to help your engineering team get set up as quick and easy as possible accepting payments."
  • "Welcome to WePay’s comprehensive onboarding guide. These docs are intended for a more technical audience looking to integrate one of the WePay products, but should provide a comprehensive product overview. This page will guide you through the set-up process for the Partner Center. You’ll register for an account, create and grab necessary credentials, and set your bank account up for payouts. Once you’re done, you can move on to the API Basics page."
  • "A merchant’s primary financial relationship used to be with its bank. But payments companies have now snagged that prized position, thanks to their central role in online transactions and modern point-of-sale solutions. Increasingly, merchants view their payments relationship–more than their bank relationship–as the gateway to financial services including loans, payroll management, and customer rewards."
  • "Enter Wall Street giant JPMorgan Chase, which yesterday announced its acquisition of WePay, a payments startup founded in 2008 and valued at around $220 million in 2015. WePay serves online businesses like marketplaces and crowdfunding sites. Its API solution can handle payment processing, fraud detection, and complex payouts."
  • "The two parties did not disclose the terms of the acquisition, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the purchase price topped WePay’s prior valuation, making the deal Chase’s first major fintech buy."
  • "Wepay's annual revenues are $10-$50 million (see exact revenue data) and has 100-500 employees. It is classified as operating in the Offices of Certified Public Accountants industry."
  • "WePay is a payment provider focused solely on meeting the needs of online platforms that need to settle money between their users. Founded in 2008, it provides everything an online marketplace or cloud software provider needs to provide integrated payments from within their app while maintaining trust and safety. This includes not just credit card.."
  • "CIENCE offers managed services for lead generation. Its process includes researchers, Quality Assurance (QA) and management in the building of lead lists for its clients. CIENCE provides leading-edge sales development tools, including chat software, marketing platform, sales engagement platform, sales intelligence, lead scoring, research, dialer, real-time chat, scheduling, project management, and CRM access. "
  • "CIENCE is a lead generation agency, offering a unique blend of specialized sales services, ranging from research to sales development. Solana Beach, California, United States"
  • "CIENCE has $12M in estimated revenue annually. CIENCE competes with movingDneedle, Salesify, and Aberdeen."