What are the best early stage investors post series A but pre series B that do bridge investments in the software technology space?

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What are the best early stage investors post series A but pre series B that do bridge investments in the software technology space?

In order to determine some of the relative post-series A but pre-series B investing companies that focus on software and technology investments, research was done to find current tech-related businesses that are raising money through investment companies. Further investigations into stated investor groups helped to determine current investment statuses (post-series A, pre-series B). While there is no specific way to determine a ranking of investors, the companies below are well-known and focus heavily on investing in the technology and software space. Below you will find a list of seven different investor companies that are post-series A and pre-series B, as well as a description, link to their webpage, relative contact information, and a range of deal sizes.

SBI Investment Co., Ltd.

SBI Investment Group is the leading venture capital group in Japan. Established in 1996, they primarily focus their investments on high-growth sectors like technology, biotechnology, and life sciences. They assist the businesses that they invest in with building management systems, as well as capital policies.

Deal Size Range: $10-$11 M
Contact Info: inq-all@sbigroup.co.jp
Co-Founder: Yoshitaka Kitao
Co-Founder: Katsuya Kawashima

JSW Ventures

Located in Mumbai, India, JSW Ventures is an investment company that focuses on technologies for businesses functions. Some of their primary investments include SaaS, eCommerce, health technology, and Fintech. This investment company states that they are specifically looking for "next-gen" products.

Deal Size Range: $3-$6 M
Contact Info: jsw.ventures@jsw.in
Co-Founder: Rahul Dash


Ventureast was founded in 1997 in Chennai, India. The company currently is funding over 100 businesses worldwide, with around $325 M in assets. Their primary investment industries include technology, healthcare, and environmental cleanliness. They believe in investing in companies that have clearly defined advantages over other similar companies in the market space.

Deal Size Range: $2-$37.5 M
Website Link: http://www.ventureast.net
Contact Info: info@ventureast.net
Co-Founder: Raghuveer Mendu
Co-Founder: Sarath Naru

FoxConn (Hon Hai Precision Industry Company, Ltd.)

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai, was founded in 1974 in Taiwan. By 2012, this investment company helped to acquire over 55,000 patents worldwide. They generally invest in nanotechnology, heat transfer, wireless technology, and material and green sciences. The services that they provide aside from financial support include global supply chain management and software development/programming.

Deal Size Range: $10-$16 M
Website Link: http://www.foxconn.com
Contact Info:
— Simon Hsing, Spokesperson: simon.cp.hsing@foxconn.com
— Wen-min Chu, Deputy Spokesperson: wen-min.chu@foxconn.com
— Media: media@foxconn.com
— IR Contact: ir@foxconn.com

Nissay Capital

Nissay Capital was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1991, and currently has invested in over 1,000 companies. They tend to invest in businesses that show a high-growth potential. Their primary investment industries include IT, biotechnology, and manufacturing.

Deal Size Range: $1.17-$6.6 M
Contact Info: toushi@nissay-cap.co.jp (for investment inquiries)

Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network is an investment company located in Redwood City, CA, USA. They were founded in 2004 and primarily invest in companies in the emerging technology and financial industries. With their financial contributions, Omidyar also provides strategy consultations and new talent for a given business.

Deal Size Range: $3-$47 M
Website Link: https://www.omidyar.com
Contact Info:
— Sponsorship Requests: media@omidyar.com
— Other Inquiries: info@omidyar.com
CEO/Co-Founder: Pierre Omidyar
Co-Founder: Pam Omidyar

CME Ventures

Located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, CME Ventures is currently handling around $3 B in contracts. They are comprised of four different parts: CME, CBOT, BYMIX, and COMEX. The investments generally are aimed at the technology and financial industries, with a specific focus on technologies that could heavily impact current platforms.

Deal Size Range: $15-$33 M
Contact Info:
— Investment Proposals: innovate@cmegroup.com
— Media, Alex Rapoport: alex.rapoport@cmegroup.com
— General Inquiries: corporate.communications.cmegroup.com


In conclusion, some well-known early stage investors post-series A but pre-series B are CME Ventures, Omidyar Network, Nissay Capital, Foxconn, Ventureast, JSW Ventures, and SBI Investment Group. These investment companies have deal sizes that typically range from $3-$15 M. These companies usually operate on a global scale and invest in other markets outside of technology and software like healthcare and finance.

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