Behavioral Science Research Tools

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Behavioral Science Research Tools

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Noldus, D-Lab Software, WizeHire, BehaviorSec, 2Morrow Health, and iMotions are six examples of digital tools (software) for behavioral science research. For BehaviorSec, data surrounding their clients are hidden; however, there is evidence the company's major clients come from the financial services sector. Below are more details on each digital tool, including its provider, name, description, and applied psychological principle.

Digital Tools (Software) for Behavioral Science Research

1. Noldus

  • Noldus provides human and animal behavior research services through software and programs designed to study and record certain human behaviors.
  • The behavioral research tools and programs are created by Noldus, which serves over 50,000 users globally, has invested in over 140 groundbreaking research projects, and is trusted by over 11,000 companies, research institutes, and universities.
  • Examples of companies using Noldus programs and software include AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Ford, IBM, Oxford University, Accenture, Sanofi, Walmart, and Oracle, among others.
  • Its software and programs are based on varying psychological principles, as indicated below.
    • FaceReader — provides data on facial expressions.
    • Viso — helps to capture behaviors and interactions in video and audio.
    • The Observer XT — supports complete behavioral research by coding behaviors from audio or video, and integrating data, such as eye tracking or emotion data.
    • TrackLab™ — tracks research on human behavior.
    • MediaRecorder — supports precision video recording and synchronization.

2. D-Lab Software

  • D-Lab software by Ergoneers helps businesses understand human behavior, especially customers in sectors like automotive and retail.
  • The software integrates third-party applications and sensors, such as wearables, remote eye trackers, physiological sensors, and video cameras.
  • It supports synchronous recording and data analysis focusing on audio, CAN Bus, DataStream, eye tracking, physio, and video data.
  • The psychological and physiological principles behind the software include recording, analyzing, and visualizing human behavior values, including electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), electrocardiogram (ECG), temperature, heart rate, and acceleration.
  • Ergoneers has served clients from all industries, including Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR), plan + impuls, UBC, and Tongji University.

3. WizeHire

4. BehavioSec

5. 2Morrow Health

6. iMotions

Research Strategy

For this research, we leveraged reports by vendors like Venture Radar, which featured a list of behavioral science startups, along with other trustworthy news and press releases by PR Newswire, Business Wire, and Reuters, to identify more examples of brands providing behavioral science research tools. We also leveraged literature and scientific reports focusing on behavioral science to identify more digital tools.

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