Bee-Related Events in CT

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Bee-Related Events in CT

Examples of bee-related events, locations, and stores in Connecticut are Three Sisters Farm, the Humble Bee Honey Company, and Red Bee Honey. Additional examples include Park City Honey, Little Bee of Connecticut, Cedar Lane Apiaries, and Rogers Orchards. This report provides a description of each business and outlines their locations and product offerings.

Three Sisters Farm

  • Three Sisters Farm is an apiary and shop located in Essex that sells honey, handcrafted soaps, lip balm, skin creams, beeswax candles, and bug spray.
  • The company was founded in 1999 by Stasia and Glenn PenkoffLidbeck, who named the business for their three daughters.
  • Its NATURALS line features lip balms, hand cream, body cream, and candles made from the farm's honey and beeswax.
  • Three Sisters Farm prices its products as follows:
    • Lip balm (available in orange, wintergreen, and peppermint flavors) — $3.25
    • Soap bars — $3.50 each or three for $12.50
    • Hand and skin cream — $6.95
    • Taper candles — $7.95
    • Don't Bug Me! bug spray — $14.95
    • Raw honey (available in wildflower or lavender-infused varieties) — $7.95 or $50 for a five-gallon jug

The Humble Bee Honey Company

  • The Humble Bee Honey Company is a farm, shop, and apiary that was founded in 2010 and is located in Watertown.
  • It sells lotions, creams, lip balm, and pure honey both on its website and via local retailers.
  • Product pricing is as follows:
    • Body lotion (available in Cocoa Butter Honey, Rise and Shine, Blackberry Spice, Apricot Frescia, Aloe Smooth, Cool Morning Breeze, and Oatmeal Milk and Honey scents) — $10.99
    • Foot cream (available in either Avocado Ylang-Ylang or Peppermint Avocado) — $12.99
    • Healthy Skin Lotion — $16.99
    • Good Night Face Cream — $7.99

Red Bee Honey

  • Red Bee Honey was founded by Carla Marina Marchese when she decided to quit her job as an international designer to become a beekeeper.
  • The company sells books, pure honey, honeycomb, skincare products, and honey-themed gifts. It also offers workshops and honey-tasting events.
  • Red Bee Honey prices its products as follows:
      • Pure honey (available in 23 varieties) — $8-$10
      • Honeycomb (choices are White Acacia and Farmhouse) — $16-$28
      • Creamed honey — $12
      • Chunk honey — $22
      • Butter balm — $12
      • Lip balm — $5
      • Facial cream — $25
      • Soap bars — $9
      • Body oil — $22
  • The gift shop features items like honey sets, wild bee pollen, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and a honey vial necklace. Prices range from $12-$50.

Park City Honey

  • Park City Honey is located in Bridgeport and sells honey, syrups, snacks, seeds, and compost mix.
  • The company distributes its products through local vendors and offers beekeeping classes for children between ages seven and 12, as well as classes for young adults between ages 16 and 20.
  • It prices its products as follows:

Little Bee of Connecticut

  • The Priore family of Southbury started Little Bee of Connecticut in 2012.
  • The company sells beeswax candles, skincare products, honey, and gift sets both online and via local retailers.
  • The Little Bee Shop prices its products as follows:
    • Taper candles (2-pack) — $10
    • Pillar candles (available in 3", 6", and 8" sizes) — $17-$32
    • Votive candles (4-pack) — $18
    • Lip balm (available in lemon, orange vanilla, and peppermint rosemary flavors) — $6
    • Body salve (choices are Chill, Naked, and Smooth) — $13
    • Sea salt body scrub (available in eucalyptus, honey and lemon, and lavender honey varieties) — $16
    • Solid perfumes (fragrance options are Bella Vista, Dandelion Sun, Devil’s Side, and Sweet Summer Rain) — $12
    • Pure honey — $8-$15
    • Little Bee Gift Tower (contains body salve, a votive candle, and lip balm) — $25

Cedar Lane Apiaries

  • Cedar Lane Apiaries is located in Sterling. It sells bees and beekeeping equipment, as well as honey, beeswax candles, and gift bags.
  • Its products are priced as follows:
    • Pure honey (available in bear-shaped squeeze containers, standard plastic squeeze containers, and glass jars) — $3-$18
    • Seasonally-themed gifts — $8.50-$12
    • Beeswax candles (carved into various shapes including a horse, dog, and sparrow) — $3-$16

Rogers Orchards

  • Rogers Orchards is a family business located in Southington that has been operating since 1809.
  • The 400-acre farm began as an apple orchard. It sells fruits, vegetables, syrups, local honey, firewood, and pies. Visitors can also pick their own fruits in season.
  • Website honey prices are not publicly listed, and the only products available for online purchase are apples and pears.

Research Strategy

We were able to find all requested information excluding pricing for local honey at Rogers Orchards. We first attempted to find this information by looking at the official website. The company does not include pricing for products other than its apples and pears, which are available for online purchase. We then expanded our search to include online commerce websites like Amazon to see if any vendors were selling this product. We also searched consumer review sites like Yelp. This yielded no results, so we conducted a press scan to see if any trusted media publications mention Rogers Orchards' local honey prices. After an exhaustive search, we were unable to find this information.