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Top 100 Companies Headquartered in BC: Rows 2-21

I found the pre-compiled list of top 100 companies in British Colombia on the basis of revenue. Then, I looked for the detailed information about each company individually. I excluded those companies from the list which are not headquartered in British Colombia or haven't published revenue and employee count information. Finally, I compiled a list of top twenty companies on the basis of current revenue, most of them provided by Owler. The list of top companies headquartered in British Columbia on the basis of annual revenue includes Telus, The Jim Pattison Group, and Teck. Telus has 50,000 employees and $10.6 billion in revenue, which makes it the top company headquartered in British Colombia. The detailed description of these top companies is provided in rows 2-21 of the attached spreadsheet.

Key Findings

The list of top twenty companies headquartered in British Columbia along with their revenues are as follows:
1. Telus: $10.6 billion
2. The Jim Pattison Group: $9.6 billion
3. Teck: $9.5 billion
4. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia: $6.6 billion
5. Finning: $5 billion
6. West Fraser: $3.9 billion
7. Goldcorp: $3.5 billion
8. Westcoast Energy: $3.3 billion
9. Canfor: $3.2 billion
10. First Quantum Minerals: $3 billion
11. Methanex: $2.9 billion
12. Lululemon: $2.5 billion
13. Interfor: $1.9 billion
14. Catalyst Paper: $1.5 billion
15. MDA: $1.4 billion
16. LondonDrugs: $1.36 billion
17. CHC Helicopter Corp: $1.3 billion
18. Premium Brands Holdings Corp: $1.3 billion
19. Wheaton Precious Metals: $1.3 billion
20. Turquoise Hill Resources: $1.2 billion


The detailed description which includes total revenue, employee count and company website of each top companies provided is presented in rows 2-21 of the attached spreadsheet.
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Top 100 Companies Headquartered in BC: Rows 22-41

The top companies in British Columbia were identified by searching through a selection of "top" lists. Once each company was identified, we then searched for relevant information regarding their employee count and revenue. These details were sourced from Owler, LinkedIn, CrunchBase etc. Some top companies in British Columbia include Pacific Blue Cross, Taiga Building Products, Kal Tire, Mercer International, and Western Forest Products. Pacific Blue Cross, the top company in this grouping, has 750 employees with a revenue of $1.2 billion. More company details can be found in the attached spreadsheet.


The top companies featured in rows 22-41 of the spreadsheet are listed below alongside their revenue figures. Unfortunately, revenue figures were unavailable for OpenRoad Auto Group, Providence Health Care, Corix Group of Companies, and Paper Excellence. This is likely due to the fact that these companies are privately held and therefore are not required to publish financial data. The numbers correspond with their row.

22. Pacific Blue Cross — $1.2 billion
23. Taiga Building Products — $918 million
24. Kal Tire — $20 million
25. Mercer International — $1.2 billion
26. Western Forest Products — $881.5 million
27. Fortis BC Energy — $975.79 million
29. Canwel Building Materials — $800 million
29. OpenRoad Auto Group — N/A
30. B2Gold — $682 million
31. Tolko Industries — $486.23 million
32. Providence Health Care — N/A
33. British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. — $19.5 million
34. Creation Technologies — $522 million
35. Sierra Wireless — $651 million
36. Corix Group of Companies — N/A
37. Hardwoods Distributions Inc. — $763 million
38. Canaccord Genuity Group — $614.9 million
39. Seaspan ULC — $222 million
40. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers — $578.5 million
41. Paper Excellence — N/A


In conclusion, the requested information on the top companies in British Columbia was compiled in the attached spreadsheet. These findings can be found in rows 22-41.
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Top 100 Companies Headquartered in BC: Rows 42-61

Companies have been identified using the methodology below and further details on revenue and employee data were sourced from Owler, Linkedin, and Crunchbase. The following research approach has been used:
1) We found a list of the top 100 companies based on their revenue situated in British Columbia.
2) We vetted each company based on their headquarters i.e. any city or town in British Columbia (sources provided)
3) If the companies are located in British Columbia, find related revenue, employee figures, and website information.
4) Multiple lists were chosen to find the best data have been included in the sources.
5) We cross-referenced the results to ensure that the correct employee and revenue data was used.

All the information has been included in rows 42 to 61 of the provided spreadsheet.
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Top 100 Companies Headquartered in BC: Rows 62-81

Please find the attached spreadsheet with requested information for the top 100 companies headquartered in British Columbia. The "top" companies were determined by yearly revenue, as determined by British Columbia Business List of Top 100 businesses in British Columbia. Name, employee count, revenue (in millions), company website, and sources have been listed in the requested spreadsheet.
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Top 100 Companies Headquartered in BC: Rows 82-101

Details of the top 100 companies (rows 82-101) headquartered in British Columbia (BC) were provided in the attached spreadsheet. The top companies were determined by their latest annual revenue reported. The final lists were derived from the list by British Columbia Business List of Top 100 businesses in British Columbia and were cross-referenced by Hoovers' database of top companies headquartered in BC arranged according to the highest revenues. I then utilized Owler, LinkedIn, company websites, and other reputable databases to pull out information regarding company size or the number of employees and company website's URL. Sources were provided in column E.

WorkSafeBC — $1,828.98 million
Glentel Inc — $1,600 million
H.Y. Louie Co. Limited — $902.43 million
MFC Bancorp Ltd — $840.14 million
Jace Holdings Ltd — $830.39 million
Panago Pizza Inc — $660.70 million
Ardenton Capital Corporation — $371.20 million
Nevsun Resources Ltd — $356.87 million
Lucara Diamond Corp — $295.47 million
Keg Restaurants Ltd — $244.81 million
Westport Fuel Systems Inc — $224.90 million
Lordco Parts Ltd — $216.13 million
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc — $210.25 million
Taseko Mines Limited — $260.90 million
Copper Mountain Mining Corporation — $217.90 million
Veris Gold Corp — $195.98 million
Western Stevedoring Company Limited — $156.56 million
Village Farms International, Inc — $178.90 million
Money Mart Company — $122.61 million
Great Canadian Railtour Company Ltd — $71.61 million

Please find details of the above-mentioned companies in the spreadsheet attached (rows 82-101).

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