The Battery Show 2018 conference

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The Battery Show 2018 Conference

Some reviews from The Battery Show 2018 conference mention that the show was great, successful, and an opportunity to meet manufacturers, other professionals, and customers. However, some attendees said that the location of the conference did not meet up with their expectations. Below is an overview of the findings.

Reviews from The Battery Show


  • According to William Sarver, Senior Global Industry Consultant at Rockwell Automation, The Battery Show was an impressive and great event.
  • Jim Greig, Global Director of Business Development and Sales at Lord Corporation, commented that the show was fantastic and many people and exhibitors were present.
  • Natasha Banach, Marketing Specialist at Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group, said that there were interesting and new things to learn about at the show.
  • Raymond Malcolm Oei, CEO of Stern, said that the audience of the conference was spread across different industries, therefore, the responses after the conference session were good.
  • According to Jared Kearby, Principle Analyst at Power Technology Research, the EV Tech Expo was "great for networking and collaborating with key partners in the industry".
  • Bruno Samaniego, Engineering Integration at Airbus Defense and Space, said that The Battery Show was a great opportunity to meet people at "high-quality levels" in industries, companies, and technology.
  • Chritian Veit, Director of Business Development at Hongfa Europe, said that there were better and more productive discussions with the customers.
  • Eric Darcy, Battery Systems Technical Discipline Lead from NASA Johnson Space Center, commented that it was an opportunity for the companies to interact with customers.
  • Mr. Günter König, Head of Product Management & Engineering, said that the experience was great and his company made several sales from exhibiting its technology.
  • According to Dr. Limhi Somerville, Advanced Battery Research from Jaguar Land Rover, the event gave him access to challenges end-users face and the companies working with the end-users in mind.
  • Jim Miller commented on Facebook that The Battery Show was a great opportunity to talk to both battery technology and battery management system innovators.
  • Kenyon Kluge commented on Facebook that it was one of the best shows he has attended.
  • Raymond Washburn also commented on Facebook that the show was great, the technology was incredible, and there was ample opportunity to meet manufacturers and engineers.
  • According to Electric & Hybrid, the companies leading the charge in the vehicle revolution did not disappoint in showcasing their products, and the interview with Volkswagen’s CTO, Frank Bekemeier, stood out as he outlined the company's plans to revolutionize its car manufacturing business with pioneering electrification strategies.
  • SOC Fuse Technology said the show was a success, 146 companies and prospective clients visited its booth to discuss over current (OC) circuit protection requirements and it was able to support the needs of automotive, industrial, and commercial electronics companies with their product lineup.
  • Suburban Collection Showplace commented on Facebook that the show was fun.
  • EuroTech said that it met with many fellow professional associates and it was looking forward to pursuing several new potential partnerships that were developed through the trade shows.
  • Paraclete Energy in a video on Facebook said that the show exceeded their expectations.
  • IRISO USA said that participating in the show gave the company an opportunity to gain exposure, a chance to offer a preview of new products and innovations to come.


  • Some attendees of the conference said that the location of the show did not measure up to their expectations.


  • "“There was an overwhelming sense that the people and companies represented there are at the cutting edge, shaping the future of the automotive industry”"
  • ""Fun exhibit from a pass through this week’s Battery Show""
  • ""We enjoyed meeting with many fellow professional associates and look forward to pursuing several new potential partnerships developed through these great tradeshows""
  • ""it didn't measure up to my expectations""
  • ""the show exceeded our expectation""
  • ""Participating in The Battery Show was a fantastic opportunity to gain some exposure for our organization and gave us a chance to offer a preview of new products and innovations to come""
  • ""Our appearance at the Battery Show was a logical step in presenting our expertise around high-voltage batteries, electric motors and power electronics to American prospects. Our cross-industry know-how and broad product portfolio were met with great interest.""