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US Distribution Companies That Sell to Contractors: Basement, Crawlspace, foundation repair, and finishing industry.

Ten mid-sized distribution companies in the United States in the basement, crawl space, and foundation repair and finishing industry that sell supplies to contractors include B-Dry, Emecole Metro LLC, Total Basement Finishing, Crawl Space Repair, Grate Products, Foundation Support Works, Waterproof, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, Ever Dry, and Basement Technologies. Products offered include supplies utilized for basement repair, crawl space repair, foundation repair, restoration, and other products. Each company sells to contractors via the company's own certified contractors or independent contractors, and some companies also offer a dealer network by which customers can locate certified dealers locally. An overview of these findings is available in the attached spreadsheet, with a brief discussion of each company below.

overview of findings

1. B-Dry
B-Dry has 45 distribution points located throughout the United States, and they require contractors to be licensed to use their products. B-Dry offers products for basement repair, crawl spaces, and sump pumps.

This company provides products such as basement repair pumps, drainage products, and waterproofing products for expert contractors and new contractors. They have distribution points across the United States and Canada. Products offered include foundation crack repair kits, sump pumps, battery backup systems, and pipe penetration kits.

This company supplies to contractors through a network of dealers across the United States, and they provide all items required for a finished basement, including the comprehensive Total Basement Finishing System (TBF) as well as individual product components.

Crawl Space Repair provides crawl space repair products for professional contractors, as well as DIY products for homeowners. They supply products across the United States, including vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and liners.

Grate Products can only be purchased by certified contractors but are available throughout the United States. Grate Products offers certifications and training programs for contractors, and products offered include pumps, dehumidifiers, and moisture control systems.

This company supplies and manufactures products and tools for foundation repair and concrete leveling contractors. Foundation Support Works offers a certified dealer network system for customers to locate a dealer in their region. Products offered include piers, jacks, anchors, and levels.

Waterproof supplies a complete selection of waterproofing products for contractors, although there are limited DIY products available. However, the company focuses on providing products to contractors, with distribution points across the United States. Products are organized by purpose, including the Drain-Eze System, Rim-Skirt System, Drain-Main System, sump pump supplies, and more.

This company provides waterproofing systems to contractors registered and certified by Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing. Products offered include supplies for interior and exterior waterproofing, basement repair, foundation waterproofing and repair, and sump pump installations.

9. Ever Dry
Ever Dry provides all products needed for basement waterproofing to contractors registered with the company, and products are distributed throughout the United States. Examples of products include waterproofing supplies, de-humidification supplies, and pumps.

Basement Technologies sells, services, and installs custom waterproofing solutions to certified dealers and contractors across the world. A dealer network allows customers to locate certified contractors in their region. Products offered include supplies for basements, crawl spaces, remodeling, and finishing.


Please find the list of ten distribution companies that meet your requirements on the attached spreadsheet.

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