Bachelor/Bachelorette Planning

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Cool Activities

Cool activities in Palm Springs in June that can be included as part of the bachelor/bachelorette party include a service called Menservants, a pool day at The Saguaro, ATV tours, horseback riding, karaoke, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, hiking at Joshua Tree National Park, spa programs at Westin Spa in Palm Springs, art classes, desert bubble ball, brewery tours, biplane rides, a stay in the hot springs resort, and a sound bath.

Cool activities for bachelor/bachelorette parties

1. Menservants

  • Menservants is a service specifically available in Palm Springs that includes a man dressed in any character with the alter ego adopted based on the group's desires. According to the website, "His Signature Service includes, but is not limited to, pouring drinks, serving compliments and adoration, taking photos, and waiting on you hand and foot."
  • Services of two menservants for two hours cost $575 and can serve between 9 and 24 women.

2. Pool Day at The Saguaro

  • Pool Day at The Saguaro includes a next-level pool party with a private cabana, a private server, a stocked fridge, a TV, and boozy frozen drinks. Food can also be served.
  • This is an ideal activity for groups of up to 10 (either men or women) and costs $200 per cabana.

3. ATV tours with off-road rentals

  • ATV tours with off-road rentals are available west of downtown Palm Springs, and include an ATV ride in the desert.
  • $40 per person includes a 45 minute self-guided ride for any-sized group.

4. Horseback riding in the desert

  • Horseback riding is recommended for bachelorette parties due to plenty of Instagrammable moments guaranteed during an hour-long ride through the California, mainly the Indian Canyons with Smoke Tree Stables.
  • Guided rides can be provided for anywhere from an hour to an entire day, with prices starting at $60 per hour.

5. Desert Hummer tours

  • For those seeking a crazier adventure than horseback riding or ATV tours, Hummer tours in the desert are available through the sand of the San Andreas Fault and Joshua Tree National Park.
  • The tours are offered $1050+ per tour with groups of up to 9 able to fit in the Hummer.

6. Karaoke

  • Karaoke singing is one of the most-recommended bachelorette party activities. RetroRoom in Palm Springs hosts karaoke as well as drag shows (and sometimes a combination of both) and according to partying guides, the drinks are known to be notoriously cheap yet delicious.
  • According to the RetroRoom website, "the welcoming atmosphere is perfect for your bachelorette party celebration. Grab the girls, throw on your dancing shoes and get ready to karaoke! Our lively hosts are here to make sure you sing your heart out, and our karaoke app makes it easy to find all your favorite songs. So you can spend less time searching and more time singing! We guarantee you’ll be out on the dance floor before the night ends."

7. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

  • If the group is looking a relaxing yet slightly adventurous morning paired with an adrenaline high, a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway will do the trick.
  • The tram climbs two and a half miles from the desert to the San Jacinto Mountains in only 10 minutes, giving the whole party a chance to look at the incredible views from the top, while the party squad can get a drink at the cocktail lounge or restaurants on-site. There is an additional cost of $27 for this activity on top of the food and drinks cost.

8. Joshua Tree National Park

  • Joshua Tree National Park is located at less than an hour drive from Palm Springs and is the perfect setting for a group that is looking to walk, hike, or drive in order to explore the natural beauty of the California desert, which includes impressive rock formations and plenty of cacti.
  • The individual entrance fee is $15.

9. Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa

  • Westin Spa in Palm Springs offers spa programs specifically for wedding and bachelorette parties, including a package called "The Blushing Bride" that provides an exfoliating honey body scrub, a moisturizing warm candle massage, an oxygen facial, and a French spa manicure and pedicure.
  • Another package offered is "Beauties and the Bride" that provides head to toe pampering. Packages start at $170.

10. Art class

11. Desert bubble ball

  • Desert bubble ball is a "full-contact sport played in an air-filled bubble" that will have the party laughing, getting knocked over, and laughing some more.
  • According to the website, either the bachelor or the bachelorette party will be having so much fun that they might not even be able to focus on the actual soccer part. The game can be played by anyone, no matter the age, gender, or fitness level.
  • 1 hours of desert bubble ball for 20 players costs $400.

12. Brewery tours

  • CW Brewing Company offers brewery tours for bachelor parties in Palm Springs. The tour can be made private for a price or the party can join a free, already scheduled tour.

13. Biplane rides

  • Biplane rides are offered in and out of the Santa Rosa's and include seeing the best of the Coachella valley scenery. The ride is estimated to last over 30 minutes and costs $299 for two passengers.

14. Two Bunch Palms

  • Two Bunch Palms is a hot springs resort in Palm Springs that includes a hot springs mineral grotto, an outdoor lap pool, and exceptional spa services with two mud baths and two water therapy pools.
  • One room for two guests in the spa for one night costs $225 and offers the use of all the pool and spa facilities plus a free yoga class.

15. Sound bath

  • The Integratron’s Signature Experience is an "unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and introspection."
  • The venue offers a private All Sound Bath that is a 60-minute sonic healing sessions including a brief introduction to the Integratron and its history and sound qualities, 30 minutes of 20 quartz crystal singing bowls played live, and "the balance of the hour to integrate the sound and relax in the sound chamber to ambient music," for $500 for 10 guests, if opting for a private hire.
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Bachelor/Bachelorette Agendas or Plans

Four different bachelorette agendas include an Epic Palm Springs Bachelorette Party plan, the Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide to Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Itinerary, and the Bachelorette Party in Palm Springs Itinerary. Additionally, three bachelor agenda itineraries were also provided, including Plan the Ultimate Guys Getaway in Greater Palm Springs, It's Time for a Man-cation, and Three Days In Palm Springs: The Perfect Long Weekend Getaway.

Bachelorette Agendas/Plans

1. Epic Palm Springs Bachelorette Party plan

  • Epic Palm Springs Bachelorette Party plan was published by a blogger called Everyday Pursuits. Her plan is focused on organizing a large bachelorette party, and features an hourly itinerary filled with activities such as poolside lounging, drinks, lunches and dinners, and dancing.
  • The added feature of the plan are the gift favor ideas and planning tips for booking the stay in an AirBnb.

2. The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide to Palm Springs

  • The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide to Palm Springs was published by a blogger called Leona Marlene. The plan is based on a group of nine, and features a step-by-step plan for nailing down the finances, organizing the goodies, booking activities and travel, and having fun on the spot.

3. A Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Itinerary

  • A Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Itinerary is a plan published on Wedding Wire by Stephanie Weers based on her own personal experience. The plan outlines what to do, where to stay, and where to eat, and includes links to all the places.

4. Bachelorette Party in Palm Springs Itinerary

  • The Bachelorette Party in Palm Springs Itinerary posted by the blogger under the name Traveling Fig features a detailed where to go and when itinerary.
  • This plan accounts for different moods and party interests, and offers multiple options for each activity or idea. For example, in the plan it is instructed that if the bride boujee, the party should stay at The Parker while if the bride is an influencer, the party should try out the Sands.

Bachelor Agendas/Plans

1. Plan the Ultimate Guys Getaway in Greater Palm Springs

  • This plan, published by the Tourism Office for the Greater Palm Springs, offers detailed insight into where to stay, where to eat, where to go to play golf, which casinos are the best, and where the guys can find the best parties.

2. It's Time for a Man-cation

  • "It's Time for a Man-cation" is another plan published by the Tourism Office for the Greater Palm Springs. It offers advice into how to organize a three-day guys vacation in Palm Springs in the summer, listed by time of the day.
  • Recommendations include hiking, biking, swimming, tennis, golfing, casino, brunches, brewery tours, and getting one's cowboy on at Smoke Tree Stables.

3. Three Days In Palm Springs: The Perfect Long Weekend Getaway!

  • While this plan is not specifically designed for a bachelor party, it is written from a perspective of a guys' 3-day vacation. In the itinierary, an hour by hour activities list is provided, as well as recommendations as to where to stay and what to eat during a summer stay.

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