Baby Boomer Job Search

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Baby Boomer Job Search

The most popular service providers used by baby boomers in the US for searching part-time and seasonal work during retirement are the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Job Board, Retirement Jobs, and Monster.

1. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Job Board

  • The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a non-profit, non-partisan, social mission organization which currently has nearly 38 million members. The chief goal of the organization is to disrupt stereotypes about aging and fight issues that matter most to people at the age of 50 years and above.
  • The AARP Job board is focused on experience workers and helps them look for job openings that may match their interests. The board requires the user to enter the name and email address and then redirects the person to the company site.
  • The person can choose to narrow the search with the job title, Industry, position type, location, company, and other features. The site also allows the worker to save their resume, profile picture, references, and cover letter.
  • Although AARP does have a membership fee ($16/year), access to the job board is primarily free. The site also offers tips for resumes and interviews.
  • For employers, the site offers different packages (based on the company size) — Standard, Premium, and Custom. Each package has different features and prices.
  • For small companies, (between 51-250 employees), the Standard package costs $199 which offers a 30-day post, employer profile page, and applicant tracking system.
  • The Premium package costs $399 which offers a 60-day post, employer profile page, applicant tracking system, sponsored employer, featured job function, and a dedicated account manager.
  • The Custom package offers all the premium features plus unlimited job importing, ATS integration, and branding options. The price of the Custom package is revealed on demand.
  • For companies with over 250 employees, prices and packages are only available on demand.
  • The estimated annual revenue of AARP is about $18.6 million.

2. Retirement Jobs

  • Retirement Jobs has 1 million members nationwide and their goal is to identify companies most-suited to older workers and match them with 'active, productive, and conscientious' work that matches their lifestyle.
  • They provide both free and premium options. The premium service ($99/year) gives access to seminars and special content and enables job seekers to identify job openings from employers the company certified or pre-certified as age-friendly. The job search is free.
  • For employers, the company charges $99 per job post and they offer packages for those posting more than 10 jobs.
  • The application fee for the certification ranges from $995 to $1,995 depending on the company size.
  • The estimated annual revenue of Retirement Jobs is about $29.2 million.

3. Monster

  • Monster is an online employment solution for people of all age groups seeking jobs worldwide.
  • Baby boomers can start searching for part-time and seasonal work using Monster by registering for a job search account on their website, uploading the resume, and then setting up job search filters to get notifications for jobs that fit desired criteria.
  • For job seekers, the membership is free and won't cost any money. It also offers lots of valuable insider knowledge such as career advice and job search tips sent directly to the members' inbox.
  • For employers, Monster has a variety of packages available such as Starter, Standard, and Premium which provides different features and varies in price.
  • The Starter package costs $249 per month, which features 1 active job posted per month, unlimited applicants, and 50 resume views.
  • The Standard package costs $449 per month, which features 2 active jobs posted per month, unlimited applicants, and 90 resume views.
  • The Premium package costs $999 per month, which features 5 active jobs posted per month, unlimited applicants, and 150 resume views.
  • For enterprise and pay-per-click employers, individuals can contact Monster at 1-800-MONSTER for custom solutions pricing.
  • The estimated annual revenue of Monster is about $547 million.


Two of the service providers from the previous request was included in this brief. Further, several credible sources were reviewed to identify another service provider used by baby boomers to search for part-time and seasonal work during retirement. The service provider (Monster) that was mentioned in multiple sources were chosen as another 'most popular' service provider.

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