B2B SaaS Companies Using Mongo DB

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B2B SaaS Companies Using Mongo DB

Key Takeaways

  • As a leader in security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), Swimlane enables companies — even those that are understaffed — to maximize their response capabilities. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, this company has offices across North America, EMEA, and APAC.
  • Dataguise has built a strong reputation in its ability to "discover and protect personal data stored across diverse IT systems and environments." After being acquired by PK Ware in 2020, the company's website automatically redirects to its new parent company. As a result, the research team has presented the headquarters provided on the company's CrunchBase profile: California.
  • Silk optimizes data to enhance cloud performance. Previously known as Kaminario, the company changed its name to Silk in July 2020. The details of this decision are further explained in this article by PR Newswire.


This research presents Mongo DB’s customers and partners that are headquartered in either the US or Israel. Each of the companies identified is a B2B SaaS company that has had B funding or above. This spreadsheet provides these details for each company. The write-up below provides additional insight into the services that some companies provided on the spreadsheet.

SaaS Definition

  • SaaS, an acronym for software as a service, refers to "software hosted by a third-party provider and delivered to customers over the internet as a service." The research team has analyzed the services provided by these companies against this definition to identify them among the customers and partners of MongoB.




Recorded Future



  • This company provides a cloud platform that would house applications. This is typically offered to developers that work in various business units.

Boundless Geo


  • This company offers a SaaS solution that addresses connectivity.



  • Cloudera helps large enterprises by providing a hybrid data cloud.
  • This company does not indicate which location is its headquarters on its Locations page. As a result, the research team chose to analyze the information provided on its official social media pages linked within the company website. All these sources indicated that it was within California. For this reason, that is the location we have presented in the spreadsheet.



Lavastorm Analytics

  • This company was acquired by Infogix. The research team believes that this is why the company website results in an error. For this reason, we have presented a link to their LinkedIn profile as an alternative.

Research Strategy

The research team was able to identify a few companies that met the criteria requested. The links to each company's website along with some relevant information have been provided in the attached spreadsheet. When selecting these companies, our first criterion was to select companies that were from the requested region: Israel or the US.

Our next factor was to determine if the company could be classified as a SaaS. Using the definition presented above, we schemed through some information on the company websites to ensure that we have met this requirement.

The next factor we analyzed, if all other factors were met, was to determine if the company has received B series funding or above. Once all these factors were met, the research team included the company and presented the requested information.

All the companies identified were headquartered in the US. Although we searched using the appropriate filters, none of these companies were headquartered in Israel.

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