B2B Marketing Campaigns (Lead Generation)

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Successful Lead Generation, B2B Brands - Part 1

Two US B2B brands who have recently achieved success with a lead generation campaign are Secureworks and Cherwell Software. Secureworks used content marketing to track personas through every step of the funnel and double their conversion rate, while Cherwell Software used influencer marketing to reach their target audience and get sales.


  • Secureworks is a world leader in providing cybersecurity solutions including consulting services and managed security services. It combines human intelligence and machine learning to "detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether." Their clients range from small and mid-size businesses to large enterprises.
  • Secureworks did not have "visibility into end-to-end results" and wanted to make the relationship between marketing and sales more clear. They also wanted to become more customer-centric by improving the customer experience and journey.
  • The brand started from scratch with its lead generation strategy by coming up with different personas for its target customers; then creating targeted content to solve the unique problems of each customer. The personas reflected the pain points of key decision makers such as CIO's, IT and Security managers and directors, and boards of directors, among others.
  • They wanted to first focus on attracting traffic through content marketing, then convert the visitors into qualified leads. Their blog engages these decisionmakers through the use of compliance and cybersecurity resources such as case studies, videos, solution briefs, data sheets, reports and whitepapers.
  • The results of the campaign were as follows:
    • Secureworks doubled its conversion rate from "one out of every 200 unknown visitors to one out of every 97."
    • The brand has been able to turn marketing into a real revenue contributor and improve client experience. They are able to see the performance of each marketing channel and the role of every single piece of content in their program.
    • About 50% of their qualified leads that marketing sends to sales become opportunities.

Cherwell Software

  • Cherwell Software is a technology company that specializes in IT management software. It makes use of integrated, adaptable technology to "improve service experiences across an entire organization."
  • Cherwell was looking for a way to develop a network of IT influencers and increase the awareness of the brand as a leading IT Service Management provider. Given the fact that IT decision makers and influencers are increasingly coming from the millennial generation, the brand developed a content strategy where they ensured that their content would be easy to consume by this target audience.
  • They did research on target accounts and using the insights gained, they were able to identify and engage with 15 influencers to co-create promotions and content on next-generation IT Service Management. Their content included a mix of blog posts, a landing page, paid and organic social content shared by influencers, and an e-book titled "IT Service Management 2020".
  • The results of the campaign were as follows:
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Successful Lead Generation, B2B Brands - Part 2

DivvyHQ and Blue Corona are two additional US B2B brands that have recently achieved success with a lead generation campaign.


  • DivvyHQ is content marketing platform that helps businesses to "automate and simplify their content strategy, planning, workflow, and collaboration".
  • DivvyHQ wanted to enhance its reputation as an award-winning content marketing software firm, actively engage more potential buyers, and generate more quality leads. They conducted a survey to determine the major challenges and insights regarding content planning and marketing.
  • They then implemented five campaigns which included more than 30 marketing influencers.
  • Each campaign focused on a particular subject and featured influencers specific to each content. The subjects included a research report and several video interviews on content planning.
  • The last campaign combined the best content from the first four campaigns into a microsite that is interactive using a "Back to the Future" theme.
  • The channel used in the execution of the campaign was their website blog, which was boosted by paid search and influencer marketing.
  • This led to a 7.25% increase in organic traffic to their blog and a 13% organic growth in Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs).
  • The paid search resulted in 185% increase in MQLs and the paid cost-per-lead was reduced by 52%.
  • The research report had 300% more downloads and the video interviews had thousands of views.
  • They also forged new relationships with key influencers in the marketing industry.


  • Blue Corona is an "inbound web marketing, analytics and optimization" firm.
  • As a B2B marketer, Blue Corona was finding it difficult to establish and grow sustainable leads and they decided to overhaul their lead generation strategy.
  • Most of their funds were devoted to their client services, so they had only three people in their marketing team and a limited marketing budget.
  • Firstly, they analyzed the buyer personas of their target audience and mapped their customer journey.
  • They viewed their website from their client’s perspective and identified where it could cause poor customer experience.
  • This led them to upgrade the technical capabilities of their website, they focused on the speed of their mobile site, made the website more secure, incorporated instant chat, and included calls to action which resonated with their target audience.
  • They then created high-quality content on their blog for their target audience.
  • The channel used in the execution of the campaign was their website blog, which was boosted by SEO.
  • As a result, they were able to grow B2B leads through their blog by 314% within the past three years and experienced a 218% increase in sales.
  • The SEO campaign generated 73% of all their leads and 60% of the SEO leads came from their blog.