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Future of B2B Digital Marketing

We provided a list of eight research papers, two opinion papers, and one white paper that deals with digital marketing in the B2B category. Only papers that proposed methods of dealing with future challenges, that discussed the future of digital marketing in the B2B category in general or that give insight into prospective options were included. Each paper was published within the last year.

1. Towards an Efficient Method of Modeling “Next Best Action” for Digital Buyer’s Journey in B2B

This research paper was written for the International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition. In this paper, the future of digital marketing in B2B context is discussed, mainly about how to track its success and what methods are used to model the "next likely action of B2B customers by observing a sequence of digital actions".

2. b2b social media interaction and co-creation with the technology, consumers of the future

In this research paper, the writers attempt to analyze the adoption of social media when it comes to B2B digital marketing. They conduct a study that tries to understand social media content sharing strategies in order to create the future digital marketing campaigns specifically for the B2B category.

3. The impact of digital technology on relationships in a business network

This paper analyzes the impact of digitalization on B2B exchanges by presenting five different cases in five different industrial sectors. The authors claim that "this typology provides an alternative to analyses based on the nature of digital systems used by B2B companies".

4. B2B content marketing for professional services: In-person versus digital contacts

The authors of this research paper try to answer whether in the future marketing will employ a new role "that is better aligned with the sales force, by adapting content marketing (CM) in B2B professional services organizations".

5. The future of B2B marketing theory: A historical and prospective analysis

In this paper, the power of B2B transactions is analyzed through marketing theory in order to give an overview of prospective future scenarios. The authors explore six areas of inquiry: Innovation, Customer Journey and Relationship Value, Data Analytics, Harnessing Technology, Marketing/Finance Interface and Revenue Growth, and Industry Context or Ecosystem.

6. How Individual Technology Propensities and Organizational Culture Influence B2B Customer’s Behavioral Intention to Use Digital Services at Work?

Authors of this paper conducted a study that examines how people's technology readiness together with organizational culture has an impact on B2B customers’ "behavioral intention toward using digital services in their procurement processes". They conduct a study on a sample of 755 B2B customers of a large Finnish supplier of furniture and interior solutions.

7. Needed B2B marketing capabilities: Insights from the USA and emerging Latin America

In this paper, authors propose a future model which can help companies develop digital marketing plans for different nations and states simultaneously. Their findings include a portfolio of marketing solutions that can be used in practice.

8. Analyzing Customers’ Readiness for Digital B2B Business Models

In this research, a new method of understanding customers’ readiness for B2B digital marketing is presented by identifying "requirements and specifications that must be fulfilled by the customers" and proposing three different business model types that suit them. The research allows for companies to learn strategies that can be introduced in order to individually integrate business customers into the B2B business model.

9. Transforming Intel's b2b digital experience

In this white paper, Intel talks about their B2B digital transformation by explaining their intention of introducing a unified and personalized B2B customer digital experience that will allow their B2B customers to reach their products through one point of access.

10. The future of B2B marketing: ABM and AI

In this opinion paper, Peter Isaacson explains why Account-Based Marketing and artificial intelligence are the future of digital marketing. These two methods of delivery hold big promise for "bringing B2B marketers closer to delivering personal, one-to-one customer experiences".

11. How Millennial Marketing Is Changing The Future Of B2B

In this opinion paper, Kate Talbot talks about the fact that because of Millenials, companies should switch their future digital marketing efforts from white papers, blogs, eBooks, webinars, trade shows, in-person events, email drip campaigns, and web and mobile advertising, etc. to video, events, and influencers.


We identified eleven papers regarding the future of digital marketing in the B2B category. These papers covered the topics of millennial marketing, account-based marketing, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing plans specific to certain nations. They also discussed the impact of technology readiness, organizational culture, the digitalization of B2B exchanges, and more. These papers proposed different ways to confront future challenges, offered insights, and generally discussed digital marketing for B2B.