AWS in the UK and EMEA

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AWS - Marketing Execs in EMEA

EMEA based marketing executives at AWS are Stephanie Lavocat, Patricia Gandit, Tim Wolff, Elisabeth Kurek, Petra Wolf, Massimiliano Galli, Francesca Pilone, Meryl Ghattas, Katrin Kull, and Anja Blank.

Stephanie Lavocat

Patricia Gandit

Tim Wolff

Elisabeth Kurek

Petra Wolf

Massimiliano Galli

Francesca Pilone

Meryl Ghattas

Katrin Kull

Anja Blank

Research Strategy

To obtain information about the AWS marketing executives in the EMEA region, we scanned databases such as LinkedIn and Crunchbase, various news articles and publications and AWS company pages and documents. Since there was no contact information for some identified marketing executives, we used email finder and verifier tools such as RocketReach, Contacts+, and EmailHippo and added the screenshots in the attached document.
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AWS Marketing Execs - UK

Rachel Lockwood

Catarina Bandeira

Ninder Takhar

Rachel Beldom

Samantha Smith

Sophie Eadie

Marieke Scholz

Sara Rosenstein

Lauren Breen

Mike Smythe

  • Mike Smythe is a senior partner ISV (Independent Software Vendor) marketing manager, UKI based in London, United Kingdom.
  • His LinkedIn profile can be accessed via this link.
  • The email address of Smythe is

Research Strategy

As none of the marketing executives provided above have published their contact information online, email verifiers were utilized to identify their email addresses. According to RocketReach, employees at AWS use eight email formats. Based on these email formats, Email Hippo was used to identify the email address for each marketing executive.
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AWS - EMEA Press Scan

AWS is expanding its footprint in the EMEA region. It has launched new locations, closed deals with major organizations and governments, and made new investments in the region. In Europe, specifically, the increasingly competitive landscape could disrupt the company, which is the region's front runner.

Article #1: AWS to Launch New Infrastructure Region in Spain

  • Date: November 2019.
  • Publication: Data Centre News and Amazon (press release).
  • Summary: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching a new infrastructure region in Spain, the company's seventh in Europe. It is expected to open in 2023 and will consist of three Availability Zones at launch. "The new Spain region will also join other Europe regions in Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Stockholm, as well as the Milan Region set to launch early next year."
  • Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, noted that "This investment from AWS will allow Spain to fully adapt to the digital transformation and develop as an international center of innovation and technology."

Article #2: German Football League Adopts Cloud-Based AI To Improve Fan Viewing

  • Date: January 2020.
  • Publication: Data Economy and Amazon (press release).
  • The German football league, Bundesliga, adopted AWS to deliver real-time statistics to predict future plays, game outcomes, and recommend footage across multiple devices. Christian Seifert, CEO of Bundesliga, stated, “Innovation means challenging the status quo. Working closely with AWS significantly enhances the investment we’ve made in innovation over the past two decades, all of which contributes to us being able to deliver a world-class football experience for our fans.”
  • Andy Isherwood, vice president and managing director for EMEA at Amazon Web Services, added that AWS will work closely with the league to help them give football fans around the world a more engaging match day experience and look forward to helping them leverage our deep portfolio of ML and AI services so they can deliver even greater insight into the world’s favourite game.

Article #3: BP to Shut Down European Data Centers, Move Workloads Over to AWS

Article #4: Digital Transformation of Greece Powered by AWS

Article #5: Amazon Web Services Announces New Investments in Germany to Drive Innovation

  • Date: September 2019.
  • Publication: Amazon EU.
  • Summary: AWS opened a new Munich office and hired over 500 people to support the fast growth of cloud computing in Germany. The office counts with new customer engagement facilities, and the company announced organizations would be invited for training, education, networking and collaborations.
  • Klaus Buerg, General Manager — Germany, Austria, and Switzerland — Amazon Web Services EMEA SAR, stated that the new office marks the company’s continued investment in supporting cloud adoption in Germany.

Article #6: Amazon Web Services Launches Middle East Cloud Region In Bahrain

  • Date: July 2019.
  • Publication: TechCrunch and Data Economy.
  • Summary: AWS opened a Middle East Region in Bahrain, following Microsoft launching a Middle East data center in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the previous month. AWS CEO Andy Jassy noted that Amazon is trying to extend its lead in the cloud infrastructure market by addressing emerging areas. Amazon reported that this launch is part of a continuing expansion.
  • It is also launching a new AWS Direct Connect location in the region, which is “the first to be operated by AWS, joining the two AWS Direct Connect locations and two Amazon CloudFront Edge locations in the UAE that launched in 2018.”

Article #7: The war rages on for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud: Exploring the battlefield and strategy for 2020

  • Date: January 2020.
  • Publication: Cloud Computing News.
  • Summary: The article explores the cloud landscape, with emphasis on the European market. The competitive environment in the region is becoming more aggressive, and the significant gap AWS used to have is starting to decrease, albeit it is still the front-runner. Some analysts noted that companies tend to go deeper with Google and Microsoft than AWS due to their SaaS application capabilities.

Article #8: Amazon Brushes Off European Challenge to Its Cloud Business

  • Date: October 2019.
  • Publication: Bloomberg.
  • Summary: France and Germany unveiled plans for an EU-focused cloud following concerns regarding data privacy; however, the tech giant stated the project would probably lack the scale to compete with the industry’s key players.

Article #9: Vodafone Business and Amazon Web Services to Bring Edge Computing Closer to Customers

  • Date: December 2019.
  • Publication: Computer Weekly.
  • Summary: Vodafone is collaborating with AWS to bring AWS Wavelength to Europe. The service provides developers with the ability to build applications that “serve end-users with single-digit millisecond latencies over the 5G network.” The collaboration is intended to provide multi-access edge computing to IoT, developers, end-users, and devices.

Article #10: Amazon Web Services Expands into Kenya with Amazon CloudFront Edge Location

  • Date: November 2019.
  • Publication: Khusoko.
  • Summary: The new cloud infrastructure located in Nairobi will be AWS’s third location in Africa and the first one outside of South Africa. The announcement was made in a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta, following a discussion last year in Washington.
  • Kenyatta added that “Kenya is an innovator in digital financial services in Africa. Having advanced cloud infrastructure in the country will support our ability to flourish as a nation and reach our potential as one of Africa’s fastest-growing digital economies.”

Article #11: The Dancing Robot Encouraging Girls to Consider a Career in Tech

  • Date: December 2019.
  • Publication: Amazon EU
  • Summary: AWS is investing in diversity and inclusion in the EMEA region, as showcased by its efforts in Sweden. The company launched the “Girls Tech Day”, sponsored by AWS, a series of global events taking place in the U.S., Cape Town, Dublin, Sweden, and Sydney, aiming to address the lack of young women pursuing STEM subjects.

Research Strategy

To locate major announcements, changes, disruptions, or marketing campaigns conducted by AWS in the EMEA region, the research team scoured through multiple news articles and press releases. Even with specific research efforts to locate marketing campaigns, we were unable to find any news about direct campaigns (social ventures, such as Girls Tech Day, could be perceived as a marking effort). Regarding leadership changes, CNBC stated that Amazon's leadership remained mostly unchanged over the last few years, including the AWS global executive team. Other significant leadership changes in the EMEA region were not publicly available or did not occur.
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AWS - UK Press Scan

Major announcements specific to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the UK included topics around launching of social initiatives, introduction of new products in the market, and partnership with different brands to promote digital transformation. Below we have compiled a list of 10 major announcements made about the company in the past 12 months.

Article #1: Amazon Web Services Launches ‘AWS Get IT’ to Encourage More Girls to Consider a Career in Technology

  • In this press release, AWS announces the launching of a new program, “AWS Get IT” that aims at making digital skills accessible to Year 8 students who are located in the UK. The program introduces the students to cloud computing and inspires them to venture in technology-related careers.
  • Link
  • Place of Publishing: The article was published by Amazon (London, UK) on May 8, 2019.

Article #2: Amazon Announces Programme to Further Boost Gender Diversity and Inclusion across UK Business

Article #3: Amazon EC2 z1d Instances are Now Available in the UK (London) Region

Article #4: Tandem Bank Goes All-In With AWS and Infrastructure-As-Code

  • The article announces the partnership between Tandem Bank (UK) and AWS to integrate cloud solutions with the bank’s services. The bank and AWS have been working on pilots on cloud usage, particularly around machine learning and data warehouses.
  • Link
  • Place of Publishing: The article was published by New Statesman (UK) on July 3, 2019.

Article #5: AWS Skills Collaboration Gives Rise to Two-Year Pre-University Cloud Qualification

Article #6: Now Hiring! Amazon Opens Doors to New Manchester Corporate Office Creating Hundreds of New Jobs

  • This article announces the opening of Amazon’s new corporate office in Manchester, in the Northern Quarter, which will house 600 new roles in its six floors. Some roles already advertised by the company includes software developers, solutions architects, business development specialists, and financial analysts across AWS and Amazon.
  • Link
  • Place of Publishing: This article was published by Amazon (UK) on January 16, 2020.

Article #7: Amazon Polly Launches Neural Text-to-Speech and Newscaster Voices

Article #8: Experian Offers Its Data Products on the Newly Launched AWS Data Exchange

  • In this article, Experian announces the availability of its data products on AWS Data Exchange, which makes it easy for AWS customers to use third-party data. The data is aimed at empowering users to make critical business decisions.
  • Link
  • Place of Publishing: The article was published by PRNewswire (London) on December 16, 2019.

Article #9: Lancaster University Adopts AWS Chatbots to Support Student Services

  • According to the article, Lancaster University has launched AWS-powered chatbot that enables students to ask and respond to questions as if they are chatting with humans. Most of the questions would be about their tutors, timetable, grades, and perhaps about their societies.
  • Link
  • Place of Publishing: The article was public by Cloud Pro (UK) on March 6, 2019.

Article #10: New Quick Start for Deloitte TrueVoice on AWS

  • In this article, Amazon announces the introduction of TrueVoice to AWS Quick Starts by Deloitte UK. The engagement with the cloud service builds on the existing AWS Deloitte Alliance that was established in 2016 focused on helping customers to transform their businesses using cloud technology.
  • Link
  • Place of Publishing: Amazon published the article on November 7, 2019 .

Research Strategy

To locate some major announcements, marketing campaigns, and/or disruptions specific to AWS in the UK over the past year, our research team conducted information scan on the published news releases on Amazon’s page. We performed a quick search on Amazon (UK) Press Releases page, AWS Press Center, and on AWS in the News. We were able to locate major announcements that were specific to AWS in the UK in the past 12 months. We also confirmed that the identified publications were major announcements since they had been published by other third-party media like PRNewswire, Bloomberg, and Media Post. Although we searched for marketing campaigns and/or disruptions in the specified area, publications on these subjects were not available.

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