Average Cost Per Hour to Clients - Management

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Average Cost Per Hour to Clients - Management

The average cost per hour to clients, by the hour, for PR management, account management, content management, and project management are as follows:

PR management services (Texas-based): $38/hour.
PR management services (Southwest region): $127.50/hour.
Account management services (Texas-based): $27.92/hour.
Content management services (Texas-based): $46.25/hour.
Project management services (Texas-based): $47.25/hour.

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In order to locate information which would could be used to fulfill your request, we first began our research by looking for any preexisting insights which outline the average cost per hour to clients in the field of account management, public relations, content management, and project management, specifically within the Dallas area or Texas as a whole. In doing so, we searched exhaustively through industry reports, surveys, and trusted media sites. However, we were unable to locate information which directly provided these data points. Next, we broadened the scope of the research to analyze the U.S. as a whole. This research method provided us with some insights on the client facing costs of hiring a public relations firm; however we, did not locate any specifics for the other verticals mentioned.

Since preexisting information which directly answers your question was not found, our next research method was to triangulate some estimates for you. To do so, we focused on using Upwork, a freelancer network, to locate individuals working in these verticals. We choose to look at Upwork, because this website has a network of millions of freelancers around the world, and Upwork's search filters allowed us to search the verticals you noted, while isolating the results to freelancers located in Texas. The results also directly presented how much each freelancer charges clients by the hour. We then used these figures to calculate an average for each vertical. It is important to note that there were only a handful of freelancers which were applicable to be used for each vertical. While Upwork returned a lot of results, many of the results were focused on areas other than management. For example, when we searched for content managers, Upwork showed the most relevant candidates up front, and the remainder were working in related verticals, such as content writers. Therefore, we used our best judgment to only include individuals who were clearly focused on the management aspect of these verticals, even if these individuals were offering a range of different services.

Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of our findings and calculations. In order to clear up any possible confusion regarding this data set, please note that some case studies profiled below may not have a role/title which clearly reflect the vertical presented, however UpWork often returned results based on the skills the freelancer had indicated (e.g. a digital marketer with content management skills, as opposed to being listed as a content manager specifically).


Before outlining the findings related to Upwork, we would first like to present the findings of our first research method which revealed results that were not specific to Texas, however these results were within the same U.S. region. A post from Agility PR provided the following results:

Leigh Dow, a PR professional working at the 48 West Agency, located in Phoenix, Arizona, charges clients hourly rates that fall between $120 and $140.

Tami Belt, a PR professional working at Blue Cube Marketing Solutions, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, charges clients hourly rates around $100 per hour, and requires a minimum of 15 hours per month.

Rhonda Rees, a PR professional working in Los Angeles, California, charges clients hourly rates of $150, but may charge upwards of $500 or more for special projects.

Our research findings also revealed that client facing PR professionals/agencies offer clients the option of hiring on a retainer. Generally speaking, these retainers cost between $1,500 and $20,000 per month.

Using Upwork, we were able to locate results for freelance PR professionals located in Texas:

Jena S.
Role: Public relations specialist.
Charge: $35/hour

Ali K.
Role: Press release writer and strategist.
Charge: $60/hour

Courtney M L.
Role: Expert in communications.
Charge: $30/hour

Catherine C.
Role: Public relations and communications professional.
Charge: $45/hour

Linsey B.
Role: Public relations and social media marketing professional.
Charge: $20/hour

Texas PR management freelancer average: $38/hour.
U.S. PR professional via an agency: $127.50/hour.

(35 + 60 + 30 + 45 + 20) / 5 = 38
(120 + 140 + 100 + 150) / 4 = 127.50
*Please note that excluded the $500 figure noted in the above research (i.e. special projects charge by Rhonda Rees), as we only wished to include standard hourly rate charges within this average.


Norma R.
Role: Account management and client services.
Charge: $16.67/hour

Andrew G.
Role: Sales representative.
Charge: $40/hour

Tanya C.
Role: Recruiter, search consultant, and account manager.
Charge: $30/hour

Peyton S.
Role: Inbound sales, customer success, and marketing professional
Charge: $25/hour

Average: $27.92/hour

(16.67 + 40 + 30 + 25) / 4 = about 27.92


Miriam R.
Role: Website manager.
Charge: about $30/hour

Aileen R.
Role: Social media manager.
Charge: about $30/hour

Monica A:
Role: Digital marketer.
Charge: $50/hour

Nathan A:
Role: Digital manager.
Charge: $75/hour

Average: $46.25/hour

(30 + 30 + 50 + 75) / 4 = 46.25


Michelle W.
Role: Project management professional.
Charge: $55/hour

Eduardo G.
Role: Full stack developer and project manager.
Charge: $49/hour

Ishmamul M.
Role: Project manager (web and social media marketing).
Charge: $35/hour

Kamryn W.
Role: Digital marketing director (with experience in project management).
Charge: $50/hour

Average: $47.25/hour

(55 + 49 + 35 + 50) / 4 = 47.25


In closing, we have triangulated existing information in order to calculate the following estimates for the average amount clients are charged by hour for the following types of business services in Texas:

PR management services (Texas-based): $38/hour.
PR management services (Southwest region): $127.50/hour.
Account management services (Texas-based): $27.92/hour.
Content management services (Texas-based): $46.25/hour.
Project management services (Texas-based): $47.25/hour.