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Youth Fashion Trends

We have conducted a visual analysis of recommended children's clothing stores in Southeast Asia. As a sample, we looked specifically at Carter's in Bangkok, Gingersnaps in Manila, and KIDSAGOGO in Seminyak, Bali.

Overall, this analysis has revealed the following overall trends:
- For girls, clothing trends surround lose, flowy styles, particularly dress styles. These styles feature a contrast of pastel and vibrant colors that are used to play against one another using a selection of graphic prints and patterns. Specifically, the patterns shown are either classic patterns, such as checkered patterns, and tropical patterns, such as fruits and jungle prints.
- For boys, clothing trends tended to be a bit more diverse, ranging from casual styles with darker colors, patterns, and graphics to more sophisticated looking styles featuring neutral colors and accent patterns. Patterns typically included stripes, plaid print, and repeating graphics, such as dinosaurs and sharks.

Below, you will find a deep dive of our findings and methodology. You can access visual representations of these outlined trends in the attached document.


In order to fulfill your request, we first surveyed the existing children's clothing market in Southeast Asia to locate retailers specializing in this space. In doing so, we came across a parenting blog post written by Lexi Davey which identifies popular children's clothing stores in Southeast Asia. Lexi Davey is a mother who grew up in various locations within Southeast Asia.

Focusing on the stores identified on this list, we narrowed our store sample down to three stores. These stores were isolated apart from the list on the following basis: they sold clothes online, we were able to identify the target market as being within the 6-12 year old age range (supported by the available clothing sizes, promoted target ages, images of children on the website who appear to be in this age range, etc).

Next, we conducted a visual analysis of the collections made available by these stores, and took note of common themes occurring across fashion items. We looked at visual elements such as styles, colors, patterns, etc. We assumed that these common themes would be considered trends. We made sure to include analysis of boys and girls fashion and accessories.

Below you will find a breakdown of our analysis for each of our sample stores.

Carter's in Bangkok

Carter's has a section for boys and girls clothing in the 4-8 age range.
Visual analysis of Carter's girls' collection, filtered by newest arrivals and most popular revealed the following trends across these items:
- A wide selection of dresses.
- Flowy and ruffled styles.
- Bold patterns (tropical, stripes, repeating graphics, fruit patterns etc).
- Pastel colors mixed contrasted with vibrant accents.

A visual example of these trends can be found on the second page of the attached document.

Visual analysis of Carter's boys' collection, filtered by newest arrivals and most popular revealed the following trends across these items:
- Shirts and shorts combo sets that mix patterns and solid colors.
- Patterns (plaid, stripes, repeating graphics).
- Deep colors (navy, dark red, etc).
- Muscle-tank style tank tops.
- Graphics (especially those of predatory animals such as dinosaurs and sharks).
- Neutral colors (gray, white).
- Button down shirt styles.

A visual example of these trends can be found on the first page of the attached document.

Gingersnaps in Manila

Gingersnaps has fashion collections for boys and girls ranging in sizes 2-12.

Visual analysis of Gingersnaps's girls' collection revealed the following trends across these items:
- Tropical patterns (tropical birds, tropical fruit, jungle prints).
- Dresses and loose fitting styles.
- Checkered patterns behind pops of vibrant colors.
- Pom-pom fringe details.
- Pastel colors played against bold colors.

A visual example of these trends can be found on the third page of the attached document.

Visual analysis of Gingersnaps's boys' collection revealed the following trends across these items:
- Mostly neutral colors (tan, gray, cream, peach).
- Pastel blues and gray-blues.
- Solid colored fabrics with pops of bold accent patterns.
- Collard shirts (polos, button downs).
- Knee-length shorts styles.

A visual example of these trends can be found on the forth page of the attached document.

KIDSAGOGO in Seminyak, Bali

KIDSAGOGO sells clothing for boys and girls up to size seven. For this store, we focused on analyzing style trends for accessories (i.e. hats and hair accessories) and shoes.

KIDSAGOGO hat collection (not divided by gender):
- Vibrant colors (greens, oranges, yellows).
- Patterns (cross-cross, stripes, tropical prints).
- Rimmed hats/sailor hat style.
- Bows, bobbles, and clip styles.
- Hair twists, stretchy headbands, and scrunchies.
- Bold colors (oranges, yellows, blues).
- Patterns (checkered, stripes, tropical).
- Floral patterns.

KIDSAGOGO shoe collection (not divided by gender):
- Bold prints (checkered, tropical, floral).
- Vibrant colors (oranges, blues, yellows).
- Slip-on styles.
- Espadrille styles.

Visual representations of these accessories can be found on pages five, six, and seven of the attached document.


We have conducted a visual analysis of the collections available recommended children clothing stores located in Southeast Asia. We have compiled examples of these findings in the attached spreadsheet.

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Avatar Apps - Southeast Asia


There are many apps that heavily emphasize avatars use in Southeast Asia (Malaysia and The Philippines). Players can change many features such as their avatar's clothes and accessories. After an extensive search on current avatar apps, with focus on Southeast Asian countries, a number of apps have been researched. Lucent Heart, Ragnarok Online and Ran Online are amongst the most popular avatar game apps in the Philippines. These, and others, are listed below along with an overview on each of them.

list of apps focused in Southeast Asia that emphasize the use of avatars.

1. Lucent Heart
2. Ragnarok Online
3. Ran Online
4. Flyff (Fly For Fun)
5. Cabal Online
6. Dragon Nest
7. Grand Chase
8. Elsword
9. World of Warcraft

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is a free to play, 3D fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that is widely popular in Southeast Asia. The game uses zodiac and Greek mythology, and cleverly merges it with anime style characters, so the players' game experience will be influenced by their zodiac star sign. Daily, a personalized horoscope prediction is given to every player, which affects their avatar's abilities, from their battle scores to love connections. The added element of the zodiac "influencing their quests", gives a thrill to the game as each day anything could happen.

Avatars in Lucent Heart have plenty of equipment and clothing available from guns, staves, daggers, wands, and swords. They can choose to dress in normal clothes, mage robes, or battle armor.

In the game, players meet other players, make friends or enemies, and even fall in love. By the influence of the "love-god Cupid", and using compatible star signs, players are matched up. If the avatars fall in love, the players can get married in the game.

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online was released in the Philippines in 2003. It is cited as the Philippines’ most popular game. It was the Philippine’s "first MMORPG that practically created the online gaming market."

The reasons for this medieval RPG's popularity include it's interesting game play with regular new content and appealing graphics. There are ways to personalize the avatars by using clothing dyes to change their outfits.

Ran Online

RAN Online is termed as the number one "campus-themed MMORPG" in the Philippines. The game consists of players in a post-apocalyptic world, who use mixed martial arts to challenge their enemies and find the remaining non-genetically enhanced humans. The avatars can choose to wear their costume or their armour. It was released in the Philippines in 2006.

Flyff (Fly For Fun)

Flyff is a fantasy MMORPG, released in the Philippines in 2005, in which the normal mode of transportation for players is to fly. Players have to reach a certain level before this ability can be used. Avatars can change the physical appearance of items, such as their clothes, weapons and armor.

Cabal Online

Released in the Philippines in 2008, Cabal Online is a 3D, MMORPG. The game is free to play but features a "Cash Shop" which allows players to buy costumes as well as useful in-game items.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is cited as "the fastest online action RPG." Released in the Philippines in 2011, the game allows players to have incredible control over their avatar's movements. Costumes can be purchased via the in-game shop for the avatars. However, the costumes can not be switched between multiple avatars.

Grand Chase

Grand Chase was released in the Philippines in 2008. It allows players to raid dungeons and enter battle arenas with team members. The game features a "coordishop" also knows as an avatar shop, which lets players change the appearance of their avatar's armor but hold on to any skills the armour may have acquired through game play.


This free to play, MMORPG was released in the Philippines in 2013. It features "real-time action" game play. After completing quests, the game allows players to dress their avatar in 11 kinds of fashion items, as well as jewelry.

World of Warcraft

Released in the Philippines in 2004, World of Warcraft is a popular game despite being a subscription game. It allows players to choose their avatars appearance and equip them with weapons.


There are many apps that make heavy use of avatars. The MMORPGs listed above are popular in Southeast Asia, primarily in the Philippines. All these games, in particular Lucent Heart, Elsword and Dragon Nest, allow the players to alter their avatar's appearance and clothing to varying degrees.

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