AV Camera, Radar, & Lidar

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AV Camera, Radar, & Lidar

Velodyne is a key player in lidar technologies. The requested information about the key players in lidar, radar, and camera technologies is included in the attached spreadsheet. Below are our research findings about the key players.

LIDAR key players

1. Velodyne

Velodyne is not a startup, as the company "invented modern three-dimensional lidar over a decade ago." Velodyne is regarded as the leading lidar company. The company is known for its "distinctive spinning lidars [which] continue to be ubiquitous on self-driving cars." Velodyne sells lidars across a wide range of price points, from a "64-laser lidar unit" costing $75,000 down to a $4,000 lidar.

2. Luminar

Lumniar is not a startup because it has existed as a company since 2012. Luminar recently "began volume production of its lidar units" in 2018. Luminar's lidars "use 1550nm lasers" which enable the lidars to see at greater distances. The company has recently entered into prominent "partnerships with Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo."

3. AEye

AEye is a startup because it is referred to as such. AEye makes lidar that "uses a mechanically scanned mirror for beam steering" and 1550nm lasers. According to the company, "its lidar can see as far as 1,000 meters away." Unlike other lidars that utilize "a fixed scanning pattern," the lidar produced by AEye uses what "the company calls 'agile scanning.'"

4. Ouster

Ouster is a startup because it's referred to as such. Ouster makes lidar that operates via "mechanically spinning time-of-flight systems." The lidar units sold by Ouster have either "16, 64, . . [or] 128 lasers." Part of what makes Ouster's work unique is that the company designed a way to include "64 lasers onto a single chip, with a second chip containing 64 sensors to detect the light that bounces back."

RADAR key players

1. Metawave

Metawave is a startup because the company's website states that the company "has raised significant VC funding, thanks to the many visionaries who truly believe in our purpose." Metawave's work includes the development of radar that's capable of 4D vision. Metawave's "has developed an analog antenna that uses metamaterials for faster speeds and longer detection ranges." The radar that the company developed channels "a highly-directive RF beam that can accurately determine the location and speed of all road objects - in all-weather conditions and cluttered environments."

2. Arbe

Arbe is a startup because it's referred to as such. According to the company's website, Arbe's "patented Imaging Radar is the first radar to provide automotive with high-resolution 4D radar picture."

3. Zendar

Zendar is a startup because it's a seed-stage company. According to the company, Zendar is "building the highest resolution automotive radar in the world." Furthermore, the company's "product combines the benefits of radar, such as long-range and all-weather operation, with the resolution of lidar."

Camera key player

1. Mobileye

Mobileye is not a startup because the company has been in business since 2007. Mobileye is working to create its own "camera-based system" for autonomous vehicles, which "has 12 cameras: three cameras in front, two corner cameras facing forward, two corner cameras facing backward, a rear camera, and four additional cameras to help with parking views."