Autonomous Mobility Software/Hardware Providers

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Autonomous Mobility Software / Hardware Providers

The key hardware and software providers in the autonomous mobility field are the following: Quantum Corporation, Navtech Radar, Bosch, Continental, Autoliv, and Valeo. All of the requested details on these companies were inputted in the linked spreadsheet.

We started our research by looking for directly available lists of the top hardware and software providers in the autonomous mobility field. We searched for this information in various sources such as in technical sites such as Capterra, G2 Crowd, Tech Crunch, and similar sites; automotive industry sources such as Auto News, Automobile, and others; business-related sources such as Forbes, Business Insider, and others; press release sources such as from Cision, Newswire, and others; media outlets such as Huffington Post, CNBC, and other relevant sources. Based on this search approach, we were able to find several lists and reports of hardware and software providers in the autonomous mobility field. We then checked the companies that we found to ensure that they were not mentioned in a previous research. We also considered key companies as those who were recognized by their various sources as leading companies in the field.

Autonomous Mobility: Software and Hardware Providers

The Quantum Corporation

The Quantum Corporation offers various products and solutions for autonomous vehicle innovations. The company offers its Quantum R-Series shared storage kit which can capture and store image data even at high speed. It also provides software packages such as the "Vision Reporting Software" that can centrally manage the captured data. Quantum is being used by leading companies from various industries around the world.

Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar is engaged in developing hardware products and software solutions to the autonomous driving industry. It provides radars, sensors and software that can improve the safety and precision levels of autonomous vehicles. The company was recently recognized with an award by the leading protection technology firms in the country. The company is also invited to the "City Transport and Traffic Innovation 2019 Exhibition" as it is considered as a "world-leading innovator, designer and manufacturer" of smart safety solutions.


Bosch is involved in providing advanced products and solutions for mobility-related products such as self-driving vehicles. The company integrates vehicle technology, the data cloud software solutions, and related services to deliver comprehensive mobility solutions. It is ranked as one of the top global suppliers of automotive solutions.

Continental AG

Continental AG offers various products and services that cater to the autonomous mobility industry. It offers components, systems, software, and other solutions that can be used to power the self-driving cars and other autonomous mobility products. The company belongs to the top global providers of automotive solutions.


Autoliv is engaged in developing products and software that can be used for "Advanced Driving Assist Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) applications." Its products include software packages, sensors, radars, brake controls, cameras, and others. The company was included in the top global suppliers of automotive products and solutions.


Valeo provides a wide range of products and solutions that can enhance the comfort and safety level of automated driving systems. Through its acquisition of Gestigon, the company will also provide a "3D image processing software" that is designed for use in the interior area of self-driving vehicles. The company is considered as one of the tech heavyweight providers who are providing solutions for the autonomous driving sector.