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Automotive and Thought Leadership

In 2018, Waymo is to launch a ride hailing service, manned by fully autonomous vehicles, a move which Uber is aiming to achieve within the next 18 months. Tesla is hoping to deliver its electrically powered tractor-trailer vehicles by 2019. Faraday Future has recently released its FF 91 vehicle, whereas Byton has recently released a near production ready version of their all electric SUV. Apple's CEO is predicting major disruption in the autonomous vehicle development fields.

Waymo, Apple, Uber, Tesla, Faraday Futures and Byton are all involved in the development of autonomous, self-driving vehicles. Whether in technological developments or service provision, each of these companies, led by their CEO's, is paving the way in both automotive and thought leadership. All the following information is considered to be "major" news which was perceived as that which made headlines in leading trusted media sites and gained maximum headline coverage. At least 2 major articles for each company were found.


Under the supervision of John Krafcik, Waymo's CEO, the company recently released a fleet of truly driverless cars and transitioned from research and development to operations and deployment. In 2018, Waymo will start its revenue-generating autonomous taxi service. At the end of February, Waymo reported that it's autonomous driving fleet had logged 5 million miles on public roads in 25 cities, putting the company far ahead of any other autonomous vehicle competitor.


Apple's CEO Tim Cook, has acknowledged that the company is working on autonomous systems for vehicles. In 2018, Apple added 12 more vehicles to its fleet of self-driving cars in California, bringing their fleet to a total of 27 vehicles. Such a move signals how serious this company is becoming about autonomous vehicle technology.

Cook also suggested that there is major disruption occurring the autonomous vehicle field due to the development of three different kinds of technology (self-driving cars, ride-sharing and electric vehicles) all at the same time.


In 2018, Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi shared information about Uber's plans for autonomous ride hailing services at the #TheYearAhead event. He suggested that while complete autonomy in their vehicles is far from being implemented, the first Uber autonomous vehicles would be deployed commercially within 18 months. Khosrowshahi also suggested that Toyota and Uber could soon be teaming up to drive technological changes in transportation industry. It has been suggested that this partnership involves the development and distribution of autonomous technology.


In 2018, the value of Tesla exceeded General Motors and Ford Motor company. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, has convinced investors of his vision for consumers converting to electric vehicles. Ruan Transportation Management Systems reserved five of Tesla Motors' new completely electrically powered tractor-trailers for testing and delivery in 2019. Elon Musk revealed these vehicles in November 2017 and suggested that they are capable of going 500 miles on a single charge, even when hauling an 80,000 pound load.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future recently released its FF 91 vehicle at a Global Supplier Summit in California at which Faraday Future's CEO YT Jia provided an inspirational address. The FF 91 is considered to be more than just an electric car, YT Jia is calling it 'a new species' and 'the third internet living space'.


In 2018, the executive team of Byton released a nearly production-ready version of their all electric SUV, one which they're describing as a 'smart, intuitive vehicle'. Byton's CEO, Carsten Breitfeld, said that the company's target is to be the first player in the market that can provide products for smart mobility as part of an overall smart living future.
Byton is collaborating with Aurora (a self-driving technology company) to incorporate Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities in to thier vehicles.


In summary, all six companies detailed here are forging new paths in automotive and thought leadership. Waymo has logged 5 million miles with their autonomous vehicles. Apple has added 12 self-driving vehicles to its growing fleet. Uber's autonomous ride hailing service could be ready within 18 months. Tesla is delivering its electrically powered tractor-trailers by 2019. Faraday Future has recently released its FF 91 vehicle and Byton has recently released its all electric SUV.