Auto Repossession Titling Experts

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Auto Repossession Titling Experts


Based on our search, we have found five possible auto repossession titling experts based on years of relevant experience like back-end knowledge, titling experience, banking roles, and auto repossession procedures. They are Chuck Palazzolo, Randy Mayer, Lee Ann Deaver, Karen Matera, and Tracy M. Talley. The links to their profiles are located in their assigned paragraphs. They're qualified as a basis of discussion for proving or disproving a hypothesis regarding how the automotive titling and repossession process goes and may be able to add insight to your inquiry as well.

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Chuck PalazZolo

He is the President of CARS Recovery, Inc -- a small group of credit union professional created in 1986. Since then, the company had grown. Being exposed to a wide variety of vehicles during his employment, his company provides comprehensive service also including auto repossession.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, the specialties he has nurtured throughout years of experience are as follows: auto repossession, auto recovery, auto transportation, standard repossession, out-of-area repossession, voluntary repossession, medium and heavy-duty vehicle repossession, RV repossession, marine repossession, skip-tracing, auto storage, auto repossession expertise, auto storage expertise and auto transportation expertise.

His contact details cannot be found in his profile. More searches via ContactOut reveals a slightly covered email detail: c*****

Randy mayer

He is the Vice President of Foreclosure, REO, Auto Repossession and Remarketing Manager of the Huntington National Bank.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, he was Auto Remarketing Manager for 19 years for Huntington National Bank which involved roles such as overseeing the grounding and remarketing of repossessed and lease-return assets. At the same time, from March 1982 to the present, he is responsible for overseeing the foreclosure and remarketing of residential REO assets as well as its repossession.

His contact details cannot be found amidst searching via various search parameters. The only detail provided is re-directed to his LinkedIn profile.

Lee Ann Deaver

Based on her LinkedIn profile, she is currently a Title Specialist for the Farm Bureau Bank since December 2012. This position involves perfecting titles on all consumer loans, assembling loan documents, open communication to internal and external members and more. Her years of experience with titles and bank-related role documentations qualifies her in this list.

Her contact details can't be found in her profile.

Karen Matera

Her LinkedIn profile indicates that she is currently the president of Florida Fast Auto Title Service Incorporated for 28 years. Her educational backgrounds include a master's degree in accounting and business management.

Furthermore, her job description involves negotiation, customer service, business development, mechanics liens, lost titles and problem titles.

Her contact email is

tracy m talley

She has a vast experience with titles as a Title Clerk and for being a Titles Senior Representative for almost two years based on her LinkedIn profile.

Her roles encompass maintaining collateral files in value to ensure loan files can be found quickly, processing title history requests, perfecting refinance titles per published guidelines and using online inquiries to perfect title records with applicable guidelines.

Earlier on, she also had experience with checking vehicle titles for accuracy and that these are delivered to the purchasing dealer. She also has relevant exposure to initial and final collateral reviews, mortgage loan document verification including automotives, auditing and clearing exceptions, working knowledge of titles for all 50 states, and auto loans processing.

Her contact details are seen in the link: This requires a membership to be viewed. No other contact detail is indicated in her LinkedIn profile.


Considering qualifications and experience in the field of titling, dealing with auto repossessions, and industry-facing side of the process, the above listed experts may help in giving an accurate picture of the process. Their contact details, if not found in the course of the search, can be accessible with higher tier memberships in LinkedIn and contact detail hunting sights that require business domain emails.