Auto-Repair Website Design

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Auto-Repair Website Design

Three case studies have been compiled which analyze the website design of the following auto-repair service providers: Classic Muscle Auto Restoration, Avalon Motorsports, and Bob's Auto Repair Shop. A deep dive of each case study is presented below.

1: Classic Muscle Auto Restoration

  • Company Description: Classic Muscle is an automotive restoration shop. The business is located in Sacramento, California and specializes in restoring vintage cars, specifically those that were produced prior to 1975.
  • Website Ranking: Since redesigning and launching their website in accordance with the steps and practices detailed below, the business has been able to generate leads from all over the state. Within the first six months of 2020, the company's website generated 278 qualified leads. The business also witnessed a 128% increase in web traffic YoY. The company reports that they are now getting non-stop business and are booked out months in advance. The website ranks #1 in Google for its primary keyword.
  • Navigation/UX: The site has been designed in a way that the shop owner is able to make simple updates on their own without having to call their tech person every time they want to add something (e.g. a new photo). The website is mobile-optimized, which is important given many of the shop's competitors' sites are not. Additionally, the site was designed with an older demographic in mind (likely the core demographic of vintage car owners) so that it would be easy to read and navigate regardless of a person's age or technological ability. Key navigation features of the website include: a top menu that includes an about section, services, section, builds/projects section, testimonials and reviews section, and a for sale/build to suit section. The homepage features an overview of key menu items with a CTA button for each. There is also a bottom menu that contains the same menu items, a privacy policy, and social links, along with the shop's address and phone numbers and a map that links to Google Maps for directions. A contact CTA button is also presented in the top menu, so that it automatically appears at the top of every page of the site.
  • Content: This website was designed to reflect the quality of the brand and how the brand conducts their business. In doing so, the website was designed to reflect the look, branding, and colors that Classic Muscle had already developed. The owner of the company wanted to have an easy way to add new photos to the website, so Facebook albums were embedded into the website, which allowed the owner to add photos via Facebook that would then appear on the website. This was a key element for the website's content and growth, since websites that are updated regularly rank better in search. The website also provides quality content for the shop's target audience; it includes photos and videos that showcase the shop's work. This content helps keep users on the site longer. Key content features of the website include: information about the company, the shop itself, service areas, the parts the shop uses, a list of all services, lots of case study examples of their work, customer testimonials, vehicles and parts for sale, and a contact form. There are numerous photos, which include photos of the inside of the shop, photos of the owner, and photos of projects the shop has done.
  • On-Website Sales Tactics: The shop's owner wanted an easy way to collect information from prospective customers, especially about their vehicles, so a custom contact form was developed, which includes spaces for customers to enter details about their vehicle (make/model/year). Key sales features of the website include: CTA buttons are used throughout the site that link to the contact form.

2: Avalon Motorsports

  • Company Description: Avalon is a family-owned auto repair shop in Denver, Colorado that specializes in German automobiles. The company was founded in 2001.
  • Website Ranking: Avalon's website design helped it win the Motor Age Top 10 Shops in America award.
  • Navigation/UX: Key navigation features of the website include a top menu that features an about section, a services section, a testimonials section, and a contact section, along with a 'schedule service' CTA button. CTA buttons are used throughout the website to prompt users to take actions, such as a 'watch our video' button, and 'learn more' buttons. Scrolling down the homepage allows users to easily see all the most important information without having to browse through the full site and even has a contact form at the bottom of the homepage so that users can fill that in without having to navigate away from the homepage. Every single web page on the site has numerous in-text backlinks and CTAs to keep users engaged.
  • Content: The website states clearly what the shop specializes as part of the website tagline (e.g. 'Denver's German Automotive Experts'). The phone number is presented at top, which provides the user with vital information right away (user-friendly). To build trust, a link to 'reviews' directs to reviews on Yelp, Google and BBB. The company has also put a testimonial section in their main menu and has included a testimonial video from a customer right on the homepage. Other video content is provided that shows a tour of the shop and provides an overview of services. The key value of videos is that is provides a lot of above-the-fold information in an easily digestible and quick format. Farther down on the homepage, the company provides a list of the different automobile makes that they are able to work on. Key content features of the website include information about the team that works in the shop, the shop's history, a photo gallery that features various aspects of the shop, information that speaks to the shop's competitive advantage ('Why Choose Avalon' page), information about German auto repair, a full list of repair services, a link to the company's sales division, information about financing plans, and information performance upgrades. There are numerous testimonials and a contact page that contains an address, phone number, fax number, and contact form. The website also features a few content articles that provide general information about car care. Information about the company's performance (i.e. TopRated score) is also presented clearly on the site. The website also contains information about awards the company has won and the brand's community involvement. There are lots of colorful photos, many of which show real people.
  • On-Website Sales Tactics: A key element of this brand's on-website sales strategy is a 'schedule service' link. This is a button that floats and remains highlighted as the user scrolls down the page so that the CTA is always present. A click-to-call CTA is also used for mobile-optimization purposes. Key sales features of the website include a schedule service CTA at the bottom of every webpage, as well as in the top menu. The top menu also contains a direct link to reviews and a bold-font phone number.

3: Bob's Auto Repair Shop

  • Company Description: Bob's Auto Repair Shop is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The shop has been serving customers for over 20 years.
  • Website Ranking: Prior to updating their website, the shop was struggling to be found in search due to poor SEO and wasn't getting enough traffic. After implementing the website elements described below, the shop is now ranking on the first page of Google for over 50 keywords and their traffic has increased significantly, including 50% more organic traffic coming from Google. Additionally, over the span of 8 months, the shop received 50% more calls from customers and generated 53 organic conversions via their website.
  • Navigation/UX: Bob's Repair Shop underwent a complete website overhaul which included developing a brand new website from scratch using WordPress. Key navigation features of the website include contact information (address, phone number, hours of operation) displayed clearly at the top of the site. A top menu includes an about section, services section, service areas section, FAQs section, news section, coupon section, and a photo gallery. There are also menu items for scheduling and contact. Social links are also included in the top menu. CTA buttons and in-text backlinks are scattered throughout the home page. A side menu featuring hours of operation and a mini contact form is featured across most sub-pages of the site. The bottom menu includes a short list of team members with their years of service, quick links to services offered, contact information, fast facts about the company's history, along with a mini contact form.
  • Content: Competitor analysis was conducted to identify keywords with high search volume and aligned with the shop's businesses. The content was targeting consumers who were in the ready-to-buy stage of the customer journey. Unique content was developed that aligned with this strategy as well as that aligned with the shop's mission and voice. An SEO strategy was implemented throughout the site. Key content features of the website include a warranty guarantee is displayed prominently at the top of the homepage, a military/law enforcement discount offer placed prominently and boldly above the fold on the homepage, following by general information about the shop, directions (link to Google Maps) and company fast facts, a list of services with links to additional information, a quick link to schedule an oil change, embedded customer testimonials with links to more, and blog content highlights. An image carousel at the top of the homepage highlights various features and pieces of important information. The use of photos is minimal. Instead, the site focuses more on written information.
  • On-Website Sales Tactics: Key sales features of the website include a click-to-call CTA for mobile use and contact forms on all pages of the site.

Research Strategy

To conduct this research, our team began by identifying web design case studies published by marketing agencies. These case studies served as a helpful starting point to identify best-in-class examples, as these case studies often provide hard data and other success metrics that show why the website is among the best and also provides insights from the marketers regarding what elements of the website are seen as the most effective. Because the case studies didn't provide the robust level of analysis desired for this project, our team also conducted a firsthand analysis of each website to identify any other information relevant to navigation, content and on-site sales tactics that could be directly identified.